Do you reward yourself for milestones?

I find its really helpful to set mini milestones for your weight loss/fitness. Like for example, if you go to the gym every day (except rest days) for a month, maybe you buy yourself a personal training session... Or after the first 10 lbs you get new gym shorts or something. My end goal is to get myself a brand new iPhone, and for me that's pretty big incentive. But to make it even more worth while (since I struggle with maintaining my goal weight) I've promised myself something else I've been wanting for years, if I stay at or within a reasonable weight 6 months after I get to my goal weight.

What's your milestone reward system like? Any suggestions for rewards? How often do you make milestones?


  • majope
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    I was rewarding myself every 5 pounds, but that got old because I'm only trying to lose half a pound a week, so it was a couple of months between my first and second reward. So after I hit goal #2, I decided to switch to a reward for every 2 pounds.

    My first reward was lunch at Popeye's, which is my favorite fried chicken in the world. After having none in our city for years, a branch opened a couple of months ago near us. I'm never going to stop eating Popeye's, so I made it something I had to earn.

    Second reward was a book.

    Next reward will be lunch at another place, a local restaurant that's a bit expensive to go to very often.

    After that, I haven't fully decided on the next few (possibly a massage and earrings), but my final reward for reaching goal weight is going to be a retro bikini with a high waist (to cover my stretch marks!)--my first 2-piece swimsuit since the '80s. Don't know if this picture will work, but this is the one I have in mind:
  • livingfortheone
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    I collect music, rare recorded music. For every five pounds lost, I buy something like that. A treat for the ears, instead of the mouth,
  • ChristinaR720
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    I, too, have set mini goals for myself, but I don't reward myself with things. Just achieving those milestones, and reaping the rewards in doing so, have been more than enough for me. However, once I reach my UGW, I am hitting the mall and buying a whole new wardrobe! :)
  • ItsCasey
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    I reward myself every day for one reason or another. I should stop doing that probably.

    For real though, I like to buy new workout clothes and gym equipment (I have a home gym), and I also put money aside for a vacation when I do something awesome, whether it's losing a certain amount of weight, hitting a new PR on a lift, or whatever.
  • cwolfman13
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    Not really...I just like checking the milestones off and moving on to the next one.
  • I plan to reward my self when I finally go under 200lb I collect vinyl and plan to go up to a Market stall in Cardiff and treat myself to about £50 worth of vinyl

    Then a smaller reward every 10lb or so.
  • acogg
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    For every 10 pounds lost I would allow myself to eat at maintenance for a week. I would usually only go a few days until I was eager to get back on my weight loss plan again.
  • SunKissed1989
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    My incentive is to get my 3rd tattoo when I reach 140lbs (+/-2lbs). Since I reached the 140s on monday, I'll be booking the tattoo pretty soon - planning to get it in July/August this year :smile:

    Picture of my tattoo is on my profile - getting it on my back, slightly to the right hand side :smile:
  • Mexicanbigfoot
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    So far, I have bought myself a new Pandora charm for 10 pounds and 25 pounds lost. I have a long way to go, I am getting a new tattoo at 50. Haven't decided what to do between 25 and 50 but maybe a new book or a personal training session. I love the idea of rewarding myself with non food items because, honestly, I've worked hard to achieve these goals and I see nothing wrong with treating myself :happy:
  • _kannnd
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    Hubby made me a deal of a pair of shoes for every 5lbs lost. That has worked out fabulously!
  • jen10st
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    I'm planning on rewarding myself for each stone (14lb) lost, my first stone reward was getting my ears re-pierced. The next one will be new trainers and if I feel comfy in them by then gym shorts for the summer.
  • For every 10 pounds I lose I buy something for my house.

    when I hit 160 I'll buy my Vanity Desk
    150 is the mirror
    140 is a new bedroom set
    130 is a new bathroom set
    but when I reach my GW I will buy a charm with the number 100 so I always can see how far I've come :)
  • sarahthin
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    I try to wait until I have lost 5 pounds to have a day to myself. Sometimes it's a pedicure, massage or just window shopping. Of course that might include a little lunch and since the only thing close are fast food, it is usually a jr size sandwich at Arby's or just a single cheeseburger( Happy Meal Size) at McDonald's. No fries or anything other than unsweetened ice tea. There has been a shopping trip for some new clothes. The biggest reward is the way I'm feeling That's what it is all about.
  • nicola1141
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    Yeah, I'm planning to do Pandora charms for each milestone. Got my first a couple of weeks ago for getting BMI out of the "obese" range. Next one is my pre-1st baby weight, then my wedding weight, then "normal" BMI range. I think the charms will be a good permanent reminder of my achievement and to never go back.
  • ftballmom9296
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    Cute Swim suit Majope you will get it and it will look amazing on you.
  • krissydawn16
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    New water bottle, new sports bra, new socks, new phone case, new wristlet, and I think my ultimate goal reward is going to be a canvas print of my wedding picture.
  • sarahmoo12
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    I got a a large upper thigh tattoo :D and plan to get more added on when I hit 9.5 st :)
  • JTS_go
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    I'm going to get new glasses after our fitness challenge is done (next week). I haven't had my eyes checked in 3 years, and it's been something I've put off because new glasses can be so expensive.
  • lej91
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    I haven't met my first real goal yet, but for when I do there's already a bunch of jewelry on etsy I've got my eye on! I don't set small goals, because they don't really work as motivation for me so there's really no point. I just know that after I've officially lost 30 pounds it'll be a big enough reason to give myself something special. 9 pounds to go!
  • 1PearlyMargaret
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    I have developed a Pandora Charm fetish. I reward myself every few months if I have been doing good on my diet and exercise. I even attempted to cut out all alcohol out of my diet to clean up my eating habits and after one year sober (not an alcoholic but I was surely abusing wine) I bought a reward charm. I am recovering from an eating disorder and I will be rewarding myself with a charm at my 3 month mark (in 8 days). These little incentives are big rewards to me, especially since I used to believe a reward equated a few margaritas, a big cake, or even (not so comfortable the day after) comfort food. I feed my jewelry fetish with rewards I can take on the cusp of my wrist. The cool thing is, people often compliment my charms which allows me to rave over my accomplishments. This encourages me stay on track - even at those rare moments Tiramisu is staring me straight in the face =)