Do you reward yourself for milestones?



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    Yeah, I'm planning to do Pandora charms for each milestone. Got my first a couple of weeks ago for getting BMI out of the "obese" range. Next one is my pre-1st baby weight, then my wedding weight, then "normal" BMI range. I think the charms will be a good permanent reminder of my achievement and to never go back.

    nicola1141- I hope Pandora makes you as happy as it's made me! It is totally worth rewarding yourself with charms if its your type of incentive. Other people will be inspired as well and compliment your "accomplishments". I think its awesome and I wish you the best luck! Pandora is such an amazing charm company and their charms just keep getting better and better. I have a book and circle all my favs. I have a feeling this will be a great plan to keep you on track! Plus, other people in your life might want to join in on the fun! I have gotten my sister and mom hooked on it and I love planning new charms every few months with them! Best of luck! YOU CAN DO IT! =)
  • WhoWasGivenToFly
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    allowed myself to go cloths shopping after I hit the 20 lbs lost mark. It was awesome to buy pants and shirts in a size lower than last year at this time.
    And I bought jeans.....jeans
    and I didn't have to stuff myself into them like a sausage.
  • eldamiano
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    I give myself a cup of tea and a biscuit.
  • Myrmilt
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    At 15, I treated myself to a new yoga mat. I don't have anything else set up, but have been eyeing a new workout top. Maybe at 30 I will get that.
  • ScottH_200
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    I celebrated my one year anniversary of logging daily and losing 120 lbs to date by buying myself 3 new SIZE L Carhart shirts yesterday. Not 4X, 3X,, 2X or XL, Large. Did I say LARGE?
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    Not originally my plan but recently i had thought about getting a tattoo when i get to Onderland. Main reward is not feeling the pains and aches from before. I guess updating my ticker, charts, logs and checking out the duration trend line of how far i have come feels pretty good.
  • malibu927
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    I haven't been, really, but yesterday I bought myself a new ring in celebration of hitting onederland. When I reach my UGW I'll probably get a tattoo.
  • Francl27
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    Nope, buying a new wardrobe when I got close enough to my goal was $$ enough, lol!
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    Every time I reward myself I end up feeling very guilty. Last night I ate an entire pizza and nearly finished a bag of chocolate AND pint of ice cream. Years of healthy eating cannot quell my sweet tooth!
  • MelanieRBrace
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    This sounds weird but I get a paperclip for each 5 pounds lost. I currently have three paperclips strung together that sit on my work desk. They are a constant reminder of what I've accomplished and how far I have to go. They are my trophy, a personal momento of my hard work. I need visuals and this works for me.
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    I rewarded myself when I hit my target. Joined my local Y, bought some cute workout clothes and bought a Garmin Vivofit plus HRM. When I can run 2 miles without stops, I'm getting a Forerunner running watch.
  • goanothermile
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    I bought new dress pants.

    As a later reward, I had the waist taken in.
  • cincysweetheart
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    I have a list of milestones. And I have a list of possible rewards for each milestone. I don't like it. I actually get a bigger kick of out of just checking off my list than I do actually getting the reward. Plus I don't like the idea that I don't deserve a reward unless I actually hit a particular weight or achieve a particular goal. What is so magic about losing 100 pounds that somehow makes me more worthy of taking a couple of days off work (that's what I currently have as my reward) that I don't deserve it before then? Granted, there are a few things that I have in mind for when I get to my goal… but it's more like I don't want to waste money on a shopping spree if those clothes are going to end up being too big in 6 months than a reward for getting to a specific weight.
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    I do set milestones, but actually reaching them, for me, is the reward.

    Like doing 5x5 inverted bodyweight rows - because at one point I couldnt do 1.

    First time I did 25? Whooping and hollering :)
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    Right now my first milestone is to get out of the 290's. I am so close to it and am so excited. (only two pounds to go) My personal trainer set up my second milestone to reach 275 and as a reward he said he will half his rate per hour so I can affored to see him every week instead of every two weeks. After that I have no clue.