What are you having for breakfast?



  • sgmomma
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    That's a beautiful and yummy looking breakfast!

    Mine is coffee always and then i kinda rotate through the following

    2 eggs scrambled on 90 calorie toast
    90 calorie toast with 2 tbsp peanut butter granola with banana (its new from planters and its amazing!!!)
    smoothie with almond milk ice banana cinnamon and peanut butter
  • addictedtoglitter
    addictedtoglitter Posts: 29 Member
    1 cup of snap peas, 2 hb eggs and 2 clementines. Delicious
  • MackieMotivation
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    This morning I had half a white grapefruit followed by 2 homemade oatbran pancakes (made with egg white, oatbran and natural yoghurt) toped with 1 egg plus 2 eggwhites scrambled and 200g of peeled plum tomatoes.

    It was a tasty breaky indeed! I have poridge oats made with water and dried fruit every Tuesday and Thursday so tomorow I'll have porridge with dried apricots :)
  • ThatSoundsHard
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    Breakfast is hard to eat a lot of the time.. Today It's a smoothie consisting of: orange, banana, mango, strawberries, spinach, blueberries a touch of yogurt and almond milk. And coffee.
  • MandaJean83
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    I had my usual: Plain chobani with 1 tbsp of nutella and a tbsp of mini chocolate chips! YUMMO!
  • TheNavet
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    25g müesli, a small bowl full defrozen berries, and a low cal vanilla yogurt! And post workout, a quarter of a german protein bar and a kiwi alongside coffee with a teaspoon of sugar :D
  • endoftheside
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    Today, it was a bacon and lettuce sandwich.

    Yours breakfast was very cheerful looking, and that kind of cheer only happens on the weekends around here.
  • HoneyCashew
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    Amazing and yummy display! Love it. I had egg and cheddar on a whole wheat slim roll with coffee and a banana...pretty much the same thing every day but it keeps me going!
  • kklemarow
    kklemarow Posts: 167 Member

    1 so delicious vanilla coconut yogurt
    1 cup strawberries
    1 small banana
    1 tbsp chocolate chips crushed

    Layer ti up!

    That sounds so good! I'm adding coconut yogurt to my shopping list this week!

    I had a vanilla protein shake (vegan) with some strawberries blended in, pumpkin seeds on the side - quite boring in comparison to all the breakfasts on here.
  • Ashshell
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    I had string cheese in my car while rushing to work :smile:
  • WOW! That's an awesome looking plate! Even if I stayed home everyday, I doubt I would have the energy to make such beautiful presentations. My breakfasts have to be portable and quick so I alternate between home made oatmeal (old fashioned oats, not the instant kind with hardly any fiber and tons of sugar! I make a big batch of mine on the weekends with Stivia, vanilla and cinnamon) with a cup of mixed berries (which was today). And my alternate breakfast is a home made breakfast wrap, either in a sprouted grain tortilla feat. turkey sausages and veggies or in a low carb whole wheat tortilla with turkey sausage, veggies and cheese. Again, I make 5 of these on the weekend all wrapped up to go so I can grab and go on my way to work.
  • jen_zz
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    ok wow i'd be so happy if i wake up to a table of breakfast as the one you prepared!
  • fatboy235
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    20 oz black coffee, 1 scoop of Dymatize mint chocolate with banana and 1/2 cup forzen blueberries mixed in a smoothie
  • HaleyxErin
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    pumpkin pancakes super yummy!
  • Nothing. I'm not hungry and it just reduces the size of my dinner.
  • lithezebra
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    Chocolate and brie. I have to give a presentation today, and that means no cooking.
  • amaysngrace
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    Kashi Black Currants and Walnut Cereal with 2% milk and coffee with french vanilla creamer and no sugar.
  • weinbagel
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    My favorite meal of the day by far. I'm a little set in my routine so always looking for new ideas.

    Here's my breakfast today..


    Don't make fun, I think food tastes better when it's pretty..Boyfriend said he compromised his masculinity by eating it..:laugh:

    Forgot to add: It's 2 eggs with feta cheese, honey baked ham, 3/4 cup goat milk yogurt with almonds and chia, fruit salad

    So what'd you have today/are planning to have?

    Wow, beautiful display! It would be perfect on instagram haha.

    I had three hardboiled eggs, some cherry tomatoes, and salsa! And of course, coffee :)
  • ryry_
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    Coffee w/ Half and Half
  • SF2514
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    Honey cinnamon grits and an apple lol.