new to running..underwear?



  • misskerouac
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    I have 2 pairs of lululemon underwear which are my favourite as they are super thin, don't bunch or slip and are moisture wicking

    If not those then I wear a thong.
  • Liz_Mfp
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  • Focusedjessy
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    After posting this yesterday and getting most answers saying no undies. Well I took off the undies. I walked, ran and did ripped in thirty. No issues! I even had company over and I was in my work out clothes and I felt better with no undies because there wasn't any ridiculous lines
  • Crochetluvr
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    i wear thongs and they never fall down, but i wear thongs normally too so the comfort thing is not an issue with me

    Same here.
  • sweetpea03b
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    I have found that the more stretchy lower rise (so it stays below my tummy the whole time instead of creeping down as i run) work pretty well. The stretch in them keeps em snug - I like St.eve from Kohls - my preference :)
  • chubbard9
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    No undies! It honestly is the best way to go!
    Underwear's usually just a pain in the butt(literally) for me when I run or work out...
    And it's just too damn comfortable! Plus it's one less thing to wash!