what is up with starvation mode...



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    I have been wondering .....???? Now if a person has a lot of extra fat..like me ..then if I eat lets say mmm..1100 cals a day and my body is burning the remainder fat for my fuel..then whats the difference between eating food for fuel and burning fat for fuel? Either way its fuel for the body to run right? Now if you say that i cant get enough nutrition in vlc diet..I beg to differ..as I take natural vitamin powders everyday.

    I tried eating 1200 cals at first when I joined in March ..well I was exhausted..so i upped it and read many posts which said eat more and i didnt lose weight after upping cals..So i lowered my cals now and i am not tired and am losing? I prefer eating less now..

    who knows whats going on?
    Yes, body fat contributes to the inside of the energy balance equation. It can represent about 30cals per lb of body fat. Basically someone that is obese, lets say they weigh 200 lbs with 35% body fat or about 70lbs that can represent 2100 calories for energy requirements which ultimately will depend on the deficit. Same weight, 200 lbs with 10% body fat can only generate 600 calories and the reason why the depth of the deficit and how much body fat a person has effects a metabolic adaption/slowdown when the body dips into lean mass reserves for any extra energy.......

    ^^yep. There is a maximum amount of fat your body can oxidize each day.

    What happens if you are in a calorie deficit greater than that?

    It depends on how depleted you are, but it can some from muscle or other tissue.

    That sounds like a Bad Thing™.
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    A pound of muscle only contains 600 calories, so if you have to dip into muscle tissue to supply your body with energy, that's bad over time.

    That happens in small amounts every day, but long term is very bad.

    Edit: And I do agree with the OP, starvation mode is severely overused here.

    Fact, most people suck at counting calories.