Most embarrassing "fat" moment....



  • Temporalia
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    I get the pregnant comment at least once a month from complete the elevator, at work, at the store, name it. Even if I would like to say it doesn't hurt me anymore, it does and I want to hide myself under a rock after...

    The worst comment was at the movies, seeing a movie that was not out yet, they check your bags and check you with a metal detector. Moron in front of us (in the lineup) decides that i'm pregnant and starts saying that they'll make sure the baby doesn't have a camera, that the baby will be scanned too, watch out little baby and all the excitement that goes with it, like feeling like you're so funny but I want to crack your skull funny. I froze, bf froze, the guy didn't get it and wouldn't stop, got in the room as far as I could from it and cried.

    I usually reply with the 'I'm just fat" comment.
  • hoemann7
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    My embarrassing moment was at a Christmas party that my husband and I were invited to at a company where a lot of my husband's friends worked. They had the usual food/drinks and had cafeteria tables set up for eating. I had to squeeze between my husband and another younger girl and my tummy was too big to fit so it prevented me from sitting fully on the seat. I started to teeter backwards and had to grab onto my husband and this young girl to avoid hitting my head backwards on the concrete floor. All while my husband's friends were watching. I was never so embarrassed.
  • caraiselite
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    I was on a date (years ago) we went to a concert, we were late. We couldn't find ANY parking, so finally we found a spot we had to park real close to another car. He got out and walked around to my side. I couldn't fit out the door, I climbed into the back seat to try the back door, still wouldn't fit, we had to go find another parking spot, and that took like 15 minutes. I could tell he was irritated. I wanted to D I E E E E E E E E E E.

    I still get embarrassed thinking about it, Omg! Depressing.

    why didnt he let you out, then park the car?
  • kmm7309
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    Thankfully I've never gotten the pregnant comment.

    I don't know how I avoided it, except that I don't carry my weight on my stomach like I do my thighs and hips and bust.
  • Neeser926
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    Sitting in the medical clinic holding my hospital records with the words MORBIDLY OBESE stamped in bright red letters about two inches high on both the front and back of the records. (This was pre HIPA days in a military clinic)
  • AllyCatXandi
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    I was hanging out with my friend and her family. One of her relatives said to another (right in front of me), "Wow, her friend's become so fat!"

    They didn't realize I understood Chinese.
  • dandaninc
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    Everytime I look in the mirror.
  • MellyMcMichel
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    After having ankle surgery I had left my crutches in the car and was using one of those motorized carts at the grocery store. An employee approached me and asked me to return the cart as a person with a "real" medical condition was in need of one. Mortifying.
  • camrunner
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    One time my dad and I stood in line for a ride at Disney World for at least two hours only to be told that we were BOTH too fat. I was 13 or 14 at the time. Hard to believe.
  • saragato
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    was told "we don't carry your size in this store" when I was shopping with a friend.

    I had something similar happen just yesterday. I was looking in a local shirt shop and the girl working the register was glaring at me in a look I've come to coin as the "you're too fat to be here" look.
  • bigdawg025
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    Easily... sitting in a recliner drinking a beer and having my roommate's female friend say I looked like Homer Simpson. :frown: :embarassed:
  • saragato
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    One time my dad and I stood in line for a ride at Disney World for at least two hours only to be told that we were BOTH too fat. I was 13 or 14 at the time. Hard to believe.

    I hated going to parks because of that. When I went to Epcot last year and rode the Imagination ride, I sucked in my gut because I wasn't about to be told to get off when I'd waited a half hour. I looked stupid but at the time I didn't care. When I was younger I actually liked being too big sometimes because my dad liked to drag me on the most horrifying roller coasters and at around that same age I started being too fat for the bar to click down and I went away happy.
  • smaugish
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    The closest call was when I nearly had to ask for a seat belt extender on the plane to Talinn, Estonia last year. To be fair, we were going on a super cheap airline that has tiny seats, but part of me thinks that mentality is just trying to make an excuse.

    But probably having to get off rides because I couldn't fit (or was told by the crew, once I'd paid AND GOT on, that I would have to get off because I was too fat. They wouldn't give me a refund, ever, even though I was in tears and they'd said it loud enough for EVERYONE to hear. You could have thought they would give me a quiet word when I got to the front of the queue, no?
  • adnol_2
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    Being to heavy to get on a treadmill because of its weight limit
  • When I was 320 lbs (70 lbs away from my heaviest) I was on a flight, buckled in (the seatbelt barely fit - was digging into my waist) and from the front of the plane the flight attendant yells, "Excuse me sir? You in the black shirt, did you need a seatbelt extender so you can get buckled in?"
  • Wolfe1759
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    I have several, because why stop at just one?

    1. Wearing a smock dress and being asked when I was due, and trying to bluff my way through it, I picked a date that would have had me gestating for 11 months.

    2. Sitting on a friend's dining room chair after a dinner party and having the chair collapse under me in front of 6 of my friends and their spouses/partners. I was so embarrassed I cried all the way home in the car, and the next day resolved to begin exercising. Whenever I want to keep motivated I think back to how I felt at that moment in time, and I keep on plan. The fact that it was a cheap IKEA chair and my friend didn't put it together correctly doesn't change the fact that I was the one who broke it.

    3. I only found this out years later, but my partner's nephew apparently said "she has fat legs" the first time he had to sit next to me at a family dinner. Out of the mouths of babes...
  • When my husband asked me why I wasn't wearing my wedding ring. I was 110 when we married 30 years ago and I was 175 when I came to this site. I had to tell him why and he just looked at me. Those rings will fit me again in a few months.

    Had to get my ring sized up twice. Very embarrassing.. Keep at it though, now I have to make sure my ring doesn't slip off :D
  • I wanted a wii fit so bad, but was over the weight limit. Now that I am well under that limit I have an xbox kinect that has no weight limit. Go figure.
  • I went to vertical world and they had these swing ropes.. Long story short I got one of those ropes tied on me, climbed to the highest step on the ladder, jumped and my weight was so high that the guy on the other end of the rope "the tamer" was the one flying and I was standing. Embarrising but true.
  • angelraguel
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    was in my maths exam and had to sit on this aweful examination chair (ones with bony legs that fold up in half) and it did nothing but squeak the whole way through the exam and i was trying to hoooover above the chair as much as possible thro it cos i felt like it was gonna break. after i saw my maths teacher and explained how off putting it was and she said she would get me a diffo chair for my next exam but wow the shame!