Pole dancing for fitness?



  • Punkedpoetess
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    I would love to try Pole dancing one day, looks like a lot of fun but hard work to me. I say go for it and try out a class. I think I am going to look into trying one also.
  • FH36251
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    Massive, massive pole fitness fan here. I train 2/3 times a week if I can, with both classes and jam sessions. It's awesome for all-over body toning. Don't worry if you have little/ no muscle or fitness when you start - it will come, and very quickly.

    Yes, you bruise, lots - but that's what Arnica (and bragging) is for! I've trained for about 4 years now, and honestly cannot imagine my life without pole. I think most of the enjoyment is from the awesome group of ladies and gents I train with. We're like a big, happy bruised family!!

    Go for it - Good Luck!
  • Determinednoob
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    I'd burn calories just watching.

    Light bicep and tricep isolation along with grip work doesn't burn a lot brah
  • CountryMom03
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    It is one of the BEST workouts in my opinion!! You workout, use and strengthen muscles that you never thought you even had with it, on top of it just being plain fun to do!:) Wish I could afford to do some pole classes but right now its not in the plan....would LOVE to buy a pole sometime to put in my home so I could do it anytime I wanted...some of my family may get the wrong idea or tweak their eyebrows at me for it but who cares??!! LOL Its an awesome workout for your body, strengthens you and you have a blast at the same time:)
  • iamluce
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    i started pole dancing on friday and i've never been this sore in my life. it's so good! i could definitely feel all my muscles working at the same time
    and it was so much fun!
    granted, it's really hard and i still can barely swing around the pole
    but it's really good
    i definitely recommend it
  • NormalSaneFLGuy
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    For the record, I completely endorse and encourage this style of workout for all women.
  • this was the post i needed to read! I'm going to my first class on Wednesday night!
  • Yes, Please.:smile:
  • lori_en
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    I've been obsessed with pole dancing since I started nearly two years ago!

    I go to classes once a week and also practise at weekends on my own at home. It is a fantastic workout and my arms and legs have never been in such good shape (still got a lot of work to do on my stomach lol)
    I also find it is a confidence builder too and if you go to classes you can make some close friends as well

    Yes you do get plenty of injuries, like bruising and pole burn, but you learn to smile through it and the ahcievement you feel at the end of a session far outweighs the pain you'll be in in the morning! ;)

    Warning though, if you decide to go, be prepared to become as obsessed with it as everyone else that has tried it!

    Let us know how you get on! :)
  • Jugie12
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    It is a killer workout! Definitely go for it!
  • n25philly
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    It should certainly get the blood flowing. Yours too!
  • terri0527
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    Always wanted to try it! It would be worth it, if just for the entertainment value of seeing me bust my *kitten* til could get the hang of it!:bigsmile:
  • fueledbychange
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    I really want to try it!
  • lacewitch
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    definately do it
    yuo will need shorts and you will get bruises in strange places but you are generally having so much fun that those bruises are badges of honour / signs of aceheivement as a new move gives bruises in a new place.

    if you are worried about not having enough arm strength just go you will build it up very quickly and almost every beginner will be in the same boat. i would definitely recommend going to classes especially initially to learn safely but i do also learn things off YouTube - taking each new trick very slowly

    i went to a taster had fun signed up to level one - and then i was hooked and now go twice a week and have my own pole!
    i definately recommend giving it a go - it won't be for everyone but you will find you get stronger ( esp arms and core) and you have more confidence as you teach you body to do amazing things. I am not sure how sexy i am in terms of dancing but i feel great when i am hanging upside down off the pole!
    ( i think more Carrie from King of Queens ( you tube it if you haven't seen it) than "bendy kate" - also youtube! ) but for me that doesn't matter; I feel amazing doing it and it really helps me. and if i wanted i'm sure i could put together some sexy routines rather than focssing on hanging myself off the pole in wierder and harder ways1 :wink: also i have abs!! i never new i had abs and the still have a layer of jiggle on top but i HAVE ABS!!!

    you can get out what you want from pole dancing! strength, sexiness, weight-loss, confidence and more ...
    (e.g. read this article about one one woman;s experience:

    in-terms of pole i would recommend X-pole they are costly but good quality. never ever fun a fun pole / hen night pole or lap dancing pole as it will not hold your weight!!!
  • Keylarakat
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    Its a fantastic way to work on getting in shape. And as someone else posted, it doesn't matter who you are, what you do, your experience, how shy or outgoing. I've been doing it for a little over a year now and the studio that I go to, is fantastic. The instructors make the studio a "safe" place. So if you are self concious, it doesn't matter because chances are there are others there like you.
    No upper body strength, horribly flexibility? No problem. Warm ups, practices and cool downs plus the practice and routines themselves all work on this! I was fairly flexible but if I had to do a chin up to save my life, I'd be saying goodbye! Currently we are working at climbing the pole, but we've been working towards this so it isn't as difficult as I would have thought! Our instructors work our abs, arms and legs because you need them to be solid in order to dance.
    But starting from a level one, as my studio does, means everyone there has never done this before. So they show you grips, how to leverage your weight, show you how to do a simple spin. Once you master the mechanics, then you work on making it "pretty" and controlled. Like anything, the more practice you have, the more fluid and graceful you become.
    In the end, I love it. I feel so much more confident. I've lost weight, I've toned up. People see my arms in a tank top and compliment me all the time.
    One poster mentioned sore muscles. True with any sport or fitness. Bruises, definitely a badge of honor! In our studio, you can show off a bruise on your shin, but hey...you pulled off your first invert! So awesome :)
    I highly recommend giving it a go... !!
  • amy1612
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    Lol, arnica is a polers best friend, and hot baths! Bruises galore, I once slipped out of a gemini handstand and caught myself on the pole with my bikini line. Mothereffer that was paintful!
  • FH36251
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    Lol, arnica is a polers best friend, and hot baths! Bruises galore, I once slipped out of a gemini handstand and caught myself on the pole with my bikini line. Mothereffer that was paintful!
    Ouch!!!!! We have "not before date night" moves... Screams of "Ow my f-ing foof!!" are commonplace at the studio!! (Hoop seems to be far more dangerous than pole for this kind of thing though!!)

    One piece of invaluable advice - the better you get at pole, the fewer clothes you will find yourself wearing. I train in a mixed group, and can well recommend the wearing of multiple pairs of pants to both mitigate injury "down there" and to lower the risk of accidental flashing... :/
  • Emagali74
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    I started pole dancing classes four weeks ago. I absolutely love it...... it is amazing...

    Really good workout for your core and arms......and really fun and makes you feel a lot better about yourself....

    My only problem is that i have no pole at home to practice on........ :0(

    I would highly recommend it and there are women of all shapes and sizes in my class...

    Makes me feel empowered and cant wait for the lesson to come round every week - go for it I say... !!!

  • amy1612
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    . I train in a mixed group, and can well recommend the wearing of multiple pairs of pants to both mitigate injury "down there" and to lower the risk of accidental flashing... :/

    Lol, at our studio we call these 'safety pants.
  • lindsy721
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    LOL!! Safety pants. I love it!! I can definitely attest to the fact that as you become more advanced, you'll find yourself wearing less and less. I think I've gripped the pole with nearly every inch of skin on my body that wasn't covered (not always intentionally, LOL!!) But yeah soooo true.

    I'd like to know what kinds of moves everyone is working on. I'm focusing on stuff to get into from shoulder-mount, at this point.