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hidden veggie recipes?



  • LilPepr
    LilPepr Posts: 1
    I blend the veggies I want to include in a meal and use that as my liquid in my meatloaf. My son asked me the first time about the confetti, but I just that his piece looked the same as mine and that was that. Normally I would have added water instead of the veggies. However, please note it will be thinner so you have to add more breadcrumbs. Not a lot more, but enough to soak up some of the excess water. You can add veggies to your spaghetti sauce too. Brocolli can be seen, but the others all blended up just seem to get masked by the red sauce. Good luck.
  • Trechechus
    Trechechus Posts: 2,839 Member
    Chili? Soup?
  • Molly_Maguire
    Molly_Maguire Posts: 1,103 Member
    Pureed cauliflower in scrambled eggs before you cook them

    Pureed carrots in homemade mac n cheese (not only slips in the vegetable serving, but also gives the mac that Kraft "poisonous orange" color that kids seem to love so much!)

    pureed whatever (broccoli, peas, squash) mixed into a fruit smoothie, then frozen into "popsicles"

    pureed whatever mixed into spaghetti sauce

    notice a trend? Puree puree puree! lol If you don't have a food precessor or a "Baby Bullet", I highly recommend investing in one. I use ours more on food for ourselves than for my 6 mo old, it's awesome!
  • DesireeLovesOrganic
    DesireeLovesOrganic Posts: 457 Member
    I hide them in everything for the kids too, my kids are pretty good though, they love broccoli, asparagus, green beans, etc. They say they hate zucchini but they eat it all the time without knowing. I shred it up and put it in lots of stuff, LOL. I do homemade pizza and do shredded zucchini (yellow squash sometimes too) in a layer under the sauce, they don't even notice. I put it in pasta too, shredded.
  • cmeade20
    cmeade20 Posts: 1,238 Member
    Hide them in baked goods
  • HotAshMess
    HotAshMess Posts: 382 Member
    You can google this and get suggestions. Pureed veggies in spaghetti sauce (I like Ragu garden variety....you could puree a jar and they wouldn't know the difference....or puree your own veggies and add to sauce). I didn't do a lot of pureeing, but I did "swap"...making koolaid with half splenda, olive oil instead of butter, buying milk in the bag and mixing half 1% and 1%. I also would add extra veggies to certain foods...like chick pot pie, I would add veggies and cut out an equal portion of chicken...but I'd cut the pieces smaller and so it still seemed like a lot (something about gravy makes veggies do down easier at my house).
  • magj0y
    magj0y Posts: 1,911 Member
    pureed vegetables is a good way to go. If you have a light white sauce, cauliflower is good, especially if it's a cheese/cream based sauce.

    for marinara, pretty m uch everything is fair game. you can disguise suke and carrots in muffins.

    My aunt would also add powdered milk to jack up the calcium.
  • I was going to suggest Jerry Seinfeld's wife too! Totally works!
  • Gidzmo
    Gidzmo Posts: 904 Member
    I have a small challenge. My sons hate eating veggies, raw or cooked. Does anyone have any good recipes with hidden veggies in them? I have been able to hide carrots and sometimes zucchini in sloppy joes, and i use onions and peppers in just about everything. But I need some other creative ways to hide a more variety of veggies.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Some pastas are made with veggies. I've seen green noodles (spinach, probably)....check the pasta aisle next time you go shopping.

    If you've ever made pumpkin bread, maybe the children would like pumpkin muffins.