Height Pros/Cons



  • jcstanton
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    To clarify as a guy there is no pro to being shorter....Only cons. Unless you are SO tall you look like a freak of nature next to most women. As in You Ming 7'7 tall.


    As a guy, you want to be a minimum of 6'0".

    I am just below that, and while I am taller than most women, there are still women (about 5% of the population) that will deem my height insufficient. I tend to focus my efforts on women 5'7" and under for this reason.

    Actually, anything between 5'10" and 6'4" works for me. I'm 5'4", so as long as they're at least 6" taller than me, I'm good. In some cases, 6'5"-6'6" is nice if he has enough meat on his bones to offset the height.
  • artbkward
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    I'm 5'3"

    Pro: I get a calf workout anytime I kiss my 6'2" boyfriend
    I can hide in small spaces
    I can wear any heels I want without towering over people

    Con: Low calories on MFP
    I can't reach top shelves
    I can't see anything in a crowd
    The back hem of my jeans frequently frays
  • kwin91
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    I'm 4ft 11.5 inches.

    My husband gives me piggyback rides and carries me easily:)
    Short people have little feet, so we can always find shoes our size
    Hide and seek was always fun fitting into anything
    I can always find pants, sometimes to long but one roll up will do it
    Everyone thinks your cute lol

    Can't reach a damn thing
    short jokes
    when you gain weight you look really chubby
    It took me a long time to get to this height, so before I couldn't ride a lot of rides
    slow at running(for me anyways) I have more torso then legs
  • ndblades
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    Pro: My mom is tall too - so it was always easy to find her in the shopping malls if we separated. (she is a shop-a-holic)

    Con: Nobody notices the 16 pounds I've lost so far :(

    Pet Peeve: When in a store shopping, and you ask "do you have this in tall" and the answer is this:

    "NO, but you can order it in tall ONLINE" -- IF I wanted to shop online, I wouldn't be in the store! UGH!
  • biggreenjk
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    Pro - The air is fresher up here

    Con - I frequently bump my head on lights that hang down to 6' and it hurts like heck
  • chivalryder
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    I'm 6' and I love it. Wouldn't have it any other way.
  • SafioraLinnea
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    I'm 5'3.5"

    I can meld into a crowd better than my tall friends
    I can enjoy spending time with kids on their level
    My weight distributes well because people always underestimate my weight. (not sure if this is because of my height or my build)
    I'm nearly always the shorter person in a relationship (I like my partner taller than me)
    If I trip and fall (and I do, I'm accident prone) the ground isn't as far away!
    I never have to worry about being too tall to do XYZ or having to duck when entering a lowish entrance. Pretty sure I've never been too short for something either.
    I personally view myself as more feminine because I'm short (not that I will ever say that someone else is less feminine because they are considered tall)

    Neither pro nor con:
    I am often viewed as being younger than my biological age because of my height. Getting carded - great. Being treated as if I'm immature/unintelligent/should still be in high school - not so much.

    My family of 5'9" + people have a bigger wingspan than me and I regularly lose at keep away.
    Sometimes I wish I could look more people in the eyes rather than having them look down at me or have to look up to see faces
    Stepladder to reach things in the top cupboards in my kitchen. Sigh. Keep away game once again. My family lovingly tease me about needing a ladder/chair to get things.
  • I'm 5'10"

    Pro: people think I weigh less than I do, and I can reach everything.

    Con: I'm taller than my husband, I will always weigh more than I'd like to because of my height, and it seems to make actually losing weight more difficult.
  • carriann2012
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    5’10” Well…I would have to say all Pros for me  I use to have cons when I was a teenager because in high school all the short boys liked me and the tall boys liked the short girls ~ Strange ~ but I am over it ~ my husband who is 5’8” he loves it that I wear my 3 or 4 inch heels when we go out!! If it does not bother him then it does not bother me ~
  • esjohnson03
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    Pros: Picked first in basketball (and ridiculed when they find out I'm horrible), but much easier to spike a volleyball which I can do!

    Cons: Will never EVER fit comfortably in those little sportscars... have to be aware of ceiling fans, chandeliers, not-so-low hanging tree branches. Finding "tall" sizes in stores... finding size 14-15 (depending on the brand) shoes that don't cost a fortune...
  • I agree! I hate trying to find shirts long enough!
  • OMG yes forgot those cons..... NO I DONT PLAY BASKETBALL OR VOLLEYBALL....and .... can we start making shirts for women with LONG TORSOS please!

    I agree! I hate trying to find shirts (or dresses) long enough
  • clobercow
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    I have a wide frame so I don't look tall. Can't wait to be lean and muscly!
    Frickin Cabinet doors are right at temple level. Ever hit your head on the corner of a cabinet. FUUUUUUU!
  • TBoom915
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    pros- I can date a pretty wide range of guys
    I look insane hourglassy cause of my shorter torso
    Easier to tell when I've lost weight

    cons-Harder to carry weight, if I gain 5 pounds it shows big time.
    People using me as arm rests

    This...Exactly...I'm 5'2
  • Jeeenjohnson19
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    Pros- Looking lighter than what I weigh, being able to eat more haha!

    Cons- If I wear heels i'm taller than my boyfriend, however I don't even own heels because of my size 8/9 (UK) feet! So main con is shoe shopping takes twice as long.
  • hpsaucette
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    Cons: I always thought I was a plain 5'7 but recently discovered I'm just that lil bit shorter and now have a thing about it.
    Whenever a guy is within inch or two of my height for some reason I think I'm taller and immediately subconsciously find him less attractive.
    Always wanted to be that lil bit taller, preferably in the legs.

    Pros: A least I can be considered vaguely tall.
    Still get told I'm cute despite me assuming I'm gargantuan.
    Can wear any style of shoe and get away with it.
  • myth4ever
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    6'4 Tower of Power

    Pros..... limitless

    Cons....EXPENSIVE...can't get the bargain furniture, clothes, cars, I really wanted a smart car..but until they make a SUV I am screwed!
  • _Christine_
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    5' 8"

    This site makes me feel short. Thanks guys, thanks a lot. :grumble:
  • DontStopB_Leakin
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    6'4 Tower of Power

    Pros..... limitless

    Cons....EXPENSIVE...can't get the bargain furniture, clothes, cars, I really wanted a smart car..but until they make a SUV I am screwed!
    Tower of Power. I effin' love that. I'm totally stealing that,
  • I'm 5'8
    Pros: at a healthy weight, I look like a tall, blonde, busty... well, everything that's stereotypically envied/wanted. I was like Jessica Rabbit 60 pounds ago. I never appreciated it when I had that body! Can't wait to reclaim it. I've never had a problem finding tall men to date, they seem to appreciate women who aren't tiny.

    Cons : know how hard it is to find cute size 11 shoes that don't look like hooker/tranny heels? Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with prostitutes or fabulous cross dressers, but that's not the look I'm going for. That said, I feel great in heels, tall, statuesque. Just need to cut back on the Rubenesque part.

    One more con - I have very short legs for being as tall as I am. I'm all torso. This means normal jeans fit me fine, but I have the damnedest time finding shirts that don't ride up, especially with the big boobs. Dresses also never fit me right, the waist of the dress hits me mid-boob. My cons would be moot if we were all nudists!