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  • Hey all. I hope everyone is recovering after the holidays. I hope everyone who is sick is getting better. I have convinced my boyfriend to agree to getting a wii. It'll be a while until we get one, we are planning on moving here in the next month or two. After that we're going to look into getting one. We've been living with mil so once we get out we gotta stock up on food and cleaning stuff. I can't wait. I look forward to getting back out on our own. It's exciting. We turn in the paper work Friday I think to see if we are approved for an apartment.

    I've got back to eating less. For some reason I am just not that hungry. I usually eat a late brunch then if I work I don't eat again until I get home around 7. Some days I have to force myself to get my calories in. Hopefully it passes soon. I don't want to go into starvation mode. Not cool.

    Well, I need to go do some dishes now that the water is back on. I guess we had a water mane break. But it's back on now.
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    Got in a great workout after work - 20 minutes with Jillian on Wii and then 20 minutes on the Gazelle and 10 minutes yoga for some good stretching.

    Ate well - under cals, but didn't get it logged in - it's all in my notebook though so I'll put in the mfp log tomorrow - right now, it's night night time for me.

    You guys are the best! I am loving everyone's posts!! See you tomorrow :)
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    Good Morning Team,

    Haven't started back to working out I am waiting until after my MRI of my lower back tomorrow night, although I am eating healthy and drinking my water.. I will get to the exercise after my MRI...

    I am so glad to be back on here and Thank You all so much for getting me back here.. I needed it :-)

    taking my grandson to the Dr. I will post later I just wanted to stop in and say good morning

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    Okay, fine. How do I let you people talk me into stuff like this. You know, all this accountability crud?? I'll go for 8 pounds. Happy?

    wuwu, no comment:laugh: :wink:
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    Back to work after I don't know how many days off .... What a mess.. Oh well I shall just do what I can do and toss the rest, and yes when I say toss, if there is stuff I don't want to do I throw it in the trash...

    I really overslept this morning.. I have to set the alarm so I have time to work out in the AM... But for tonight I will have to do it ....

    Off to trash stuff...

    Have a great day all..

  • Good Morning Team,

    Haven't started back to working out I am waiting until after my MRI of my lower back tomorrow night, although I am eating healthy and drinking my water.. I will get to the exercise after my MRI...

    I am so glad to be back on here and Thank You all so much for getting me back here.. I needed it :-)

    taking my grandson to the Dr. I will post later I just wanted to stop in and say good morning


    Good to have you back...
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    Well Team, It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... Since September I have gained 15 pounds :-(... I went to the Dr. Today and he said that will everything that has been going on he can Handle me gaining 15 pounds... I told him about the Valentines Challenge and he said that is awesome... So my goal is at least 10 pounds by valentines day I think that is a good number for me.. I really thought I had gained more since I was drinking so many of those Carmel Frappies from McDonald's... I got my shot today at the Dr. in my arm's and I go for my MRI on Thurs night so come Monday my behind will be at the gym... Thanks guys for getting me back into gear... I need to set my goal for April.. what do you think is a good number for the first of April ??? I am hoping to be in Jamaica for easter...with hubby and the kids.. well that is my goal anyway...just need a good number to lose by then...

    my son has the Wii but not the Wii fit... maybe i should look into that...my niece is really good at hula hooping :-) maybe she can teach me he he he...

    Thanks Cyndi and Anita.. It is what it is and it wasn't as bad as I thought...but now its time to get back on track and move on...

    Check back in later I have to go back an read some post... Lots to catch up on :-)

    so here is my states I started last year March at 329 I lost 50 pounds by August and took a break starting in Sept and I have gained 15 pounds back so now I am curently at 290 my goal weight eventually is 150 so I have 140 pounds to lose..

    SW 329/ GW 150/ CW 290 glad to be back


    Sheila, nice to meet you! That is awesome I am truly so proud of you! I love to hear success stories like yours. You are on your way to your goals, of course there will be ups and downs but you sound like you are right on track. You can do it!! :)
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    Hi team!

    Well, I literally havent had a chance to sit down and post until now. A good friend of mine and I went for a nice long walk today.... 6 miles even! We found a new trail that is wide and paved and has mile markers so you know exactly how far you have gone. We did 3 miles to the end then turned around to head back to the car. It took us and hour and 45 minutes, but thats because we were stopping to take in nature along the way. Lots of ducks and geese and of course, her little dog had to pee.. LOL I couldnt take diego with me this time. The walk I took him on on Monday made him sore and he wimpered the next day a few times and hasnt wanted to do the stairs at home. Im gonna have to only take him on short walks so he doesnt get hurt. With his previous back injury it scares me..so just short 1 mile walks for him from now on.

    After the hike, we grabbed lunch, then hit Trader Joes and the grocery store. I had to stock up on a few snack things and we didnt get back home until about 6:30 tonight.. then I had to make dinner. 200 calorie sloppy joe casserole from my butter busters book and it was pretty good. Hubby really enjoyed it.

    I did manage to get in all my water (and yes sheila, Im floating away also)... and now that Im sitting down I realize just how sore i will probably be tomorrow.. LOLOL No pain, no gain.. err loss right??

    Oh.. and I almost forgot... today is my 1 year MFP anniversary. :0)
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    I am getting better at logging my food. I completed 2 days this week so far and the other days I got all but my dinner logged and I didn't know how to log that so I didn't. I got my 4 glasses of water in every day this week though and I am proud of that. I managed to hurt my back this week and have hurt so bad that i am living on pain pills and trying not to be on the computer much. I think I hurt it by being ON the computer way too much this last 4 day weekend. I spend many hours on the computer playing on my 4 day weekend and I think looking down at my laptop strained my neck and shoulders. With having problems with fibromyalgia and my muscles already it made this even worse. Anyway I will post more then I can deal more with being on the computer. I spend 8 hours a day on the computer at work so I can't do tooo much at home til it heals. Love you all and so glad to see so many of you come home. I am so proud of you for all coming back. I am looking forward to weighin for the first time in weeks
  • Hey Everyone...wow...been a busy week for you all. Not going to lie here as I must say already off track..more so because I am just having hard time with some things personally. Excuses excuses...I know....not acceptable...and trying not to use them. Kick Kick. Cyndi...hit me harder with that slipper....LOL.

    Anyways, not giving up. Not going to weigh in tomorrow..but on a good note going to go work out tomorrow. I just need to have a few days away from work so I can get myself on a schedule and then go back to work with myself organized. So since I am off for 3 days every week...figured tomorrow would be a good time to put myself into a schedule.

    Anyways, enough of my whining....glad to see so many of us return. Hey Lulu, Anita, Cyndi, Kelly, Debbie and anyone else I missed plus to all you newbies...hugs to you all... Keep kicking me. I am not giving up...just not sure how hard I will get going at this. Think I am going to be a bit slower than the rest of you.

    Well I am going to have to take some time tonight and read all the post before they are all gone again tomorrow...and see what this Wii fit and Valentines challenge is all about. I have to get ready for work now...so not time at the moment.

    Will catch up later...take care,

    Button...signing out.. Chow!!!!!
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    Hey ladies,

    Just wanted to say that today I turned 30!!! and school got canceled because of ice so I'm home for the day. Worked out this morning for a half hour and then went for a short (20min) walk with the hubby- he's crazy to want to walk when its so cold but I went with him in anticipation of birthday cake. I got a tattoo yesterday of a turtle on my inner left ankle, I really like it. I've never had a tattoo before but it was definitely the gift this year. I'm very happy to be done with the twenties they were not the kindest. Any how how a great day see you at the weight in tomorrow
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    Happy Birthday Manda.......

    I'm off to a good start.. Exercised already and now were going shopping.....

    Nice to see everyone loggin......

    Have a great day......

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    My name is Misty I am a 32 year old SAHM of two daughters ages 4 and 11. My hubby is a programmer and owns a software company. He and I decided to change our lifestyle but eating healthier, exercising and less alcohol which we all know is a calorie killer! I lost 40 pounds last year and have gained it all back and a few extra pounds. I am 6 feet tall and will need to weigh myself to see where I am. I was feeling sooo good before, healthy, able to work out easier. Then my back went out in the middle of all this. I ended up with steroid epidural shots so much fun and my back is still not doing well. So my exercise part is going to be a challenge. I know how to eat right. Last year a salad a day and all my water really got me losing weight. I am not a huge salad fan but learned to love it. Now with my change in eating habits and drinking too much wine I am now feeling horrible about myself and very uncomfortable. I want to feel like I did before. So joined because my friend Cyndi is on here and I have seen her weight loss success. I hope I can get going and lose it this time for good! Hope to meet you all on here soon!

    Misty :)
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    :flowerforyou: Hey Bunco buddy misty ole pal!! Glad to see you here!!! You'll love this group....we keep eachother going!

    Every week there is a new thread for the group, you'll be able to find it at the end of the thread for the previous week. Typically it gets re-started on Fridays when we weigh in and post our weight for the group.

    I did another 4 miles of walking today... so for this week that 14 miles total since Monday. I fought a migraine this morning to get my butt out the door, did my hour fifteen, came home, ate lunch and crashed on the couch till the kids came home from school. I didnt sleep too well last night....my bladder kept telling my brain it was too full..:angry: Between that and hubby's stupid c-pap whistling when it got bumped sideways I was lucky if I got 5 hours. LOL

    On the plus side.. I made irish oatmeal from trader joes in the crockpot last night. OMG..it was incredible! Just the right consistency! I dropped in a handful of dried orange flavored cranberries, some honey and a splash of milk... WOW! Im having that every day!!! There is 1 other thing I got from trader joes that has my tastebuds spinning. Mini meringues! I bought the vanilla ones and they taste like the marshmallows in lucky charms.. LOL They are deadly good and sweet for that occasional sweet! 100 calories per 100 meringues (which takes a while to eat cuz ya kinda have to suck on them) and 0 fat! Doesnt get much better than that.. oh wait.. yes it does.. they make chocolate ones too.. uh oh!!
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    Glad you got a day of rest and what ya wanted for your big day!!
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    good evening team...

    Today has been a crazy day... It is snowing so bad we are getting 6 inches... so I had to drive to the Gyno Dr. which I hate going there anyway .. I so wanted to call and cancel cuz of the weather.. but I didn't I drove all the way there and sat for a hour and a half when they finally called me back and asked what I brings me to my visit and i said its my yearly appt.. the girls said oh it says a follow up!!! I said yeah a follow up yearly appt... she goes out and the Dr. says she dont have time to do a Pap smear today... I am soo pissed at this time my appt was at 1pm I got called back there at 2:30 and now its going on 3 grrr... I was like forget it I dont have time for this ****.. the roads are already getting bad and i have to drive 40 minutes home on a good day... I didn't get home until 5:30 ugh.... and had to cook dinner... Then the MRI people called and cancelled coming to get me cuz of the roads.... i so didn't have to go out in this crappy weather....grrrrr okay the good thing is I did't go over my caloies :-) i have two left lol

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    I forgot Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Manda Happy Birthday to you... Hope your day went a lot better then Mine :-)


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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDA hope all your birthday wishes come true :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • Happy Birthday Manda. Hope it was a great day.

    I like snow...but I hate working in it.
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    Hi all,
    Hope everyone is having as great a start to the new year as I am! Count me in for the Valentine's day challenge, I WILL lose 7lbs:) I have almost all my cardio done for the week, have completed 202 minutes out of my goal of 210 minutes for the week... And I STILL have 60 minutes of cardio to complete tomorrow, plus workout with my trainer:)