Pizza alternative?



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    I absolutely do not believe in depriving myself of anything I want. If it fits into your daily goal, then why not have it? Google for healthier recipes if you want, but I eat pizza when I want it.

    This. One slice will not kill you or hurt your long-term goals.
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    I want pizza pretty badly right now. I haven't had it in a month (though I've eaten plenty of other unhealthy things this month). I had a whole wheat English muffin for breakfast, and then did weight lifting for an hour and a half, and had a couple of slices of cantaloupe. I'm planning on having baby spinach with carrots, and chicken and onions for lunch.

    Did I mention I really want some pizza right now?

    Can anyone recommend a healthier (healthy-ish) alternative for pizza that might more or less satisfy the craving?

    I have a recipe all homemade where half a pizza is 500 calories. Message me if you are interested. :-)
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    Make your own! Get a loaf of whole wheat freezer dough - defrost and let it rise a bit. turn you oven on to 500 Take a quarter to to third depending on the carbs you want. Roll it thin - you can use parchment paper if you want it wont burn in the oven just brown a bit - add fresh tomatoes or salsa then some shredded cooked chicken breast , add lots of what ever fresh veggies are in season or at hand and then measure you cheese before you add it so you know the calories. Add you favorite pizza or italian spice Pop in the oven for about 10-15 minutes -keep an eye on it so it does not burn.

    Enjoy, whats not to like - pizza can be healthy! Good carbs, good protein, low fat, lots of veggies - a complete meal in your hand!
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    I use the Joseph's flax wraps. Toast in the toaster oven, then spread 1 lite laughing cow cheese (either sundried tomato or creamy swiss), 1/4 c of pizza sauce, and whatever toppings you like (I like spinach, mushrooms, and sometime turkey pepperoni). It's tasty and won't hurt you calorie wise.

    Wrap = 100 cals
    Laughing cow = 35 cals
    Pizza sauce = 35 cals

    If you are crazing a certain pizza, order it...maybe try thin crust instead of regular and ask for light cheese. You will fill your crazing but save some calories :)
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    A found a California Kitchen pizza link that was posted on this site before at I've had their Margarita pizza before and it's pretty good.
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    I use the Flat Out brand wraps for a crust. They are 90 calories and I think they taste great with a little sauce, some cheese and a little 97% fat free ham. Yum :)
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    Just made cauliflower pizza again today. It is fantastic who would have thought!!!!

    1 cauliflower shred it microwave or steam it 8 mins in the microwave add 2 eggs an a cup and a half of shredding cheese mix it up good and spread it on a baking sheet sprayed well with Pam 450 for 15 mins and bang crust is done.

    Put your favorite toppings on and broil for 3 mins less than 100 calories per serving and little in the way of carbs.

    Pizza is now a healthy option. Honestly try it even my 3 year old loved it
  • Put some low fat mozzarella on those english muffins with a little sauce. :)
  • I use Flatout flat bread as the 'crust', top with low-sugar pizza sauce, low-fat mozerella and TONS of fresh veggies! My teenage daughter actually prefers this to the greasy take-out we used to get :)
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    I'm probably the only one who will say, "eat the pizza and enjoy it".
    This is a lifestyle change and you need to learn how to treat yourself without blowing your calories. So budget your cals. for the day and enjoy the food you really love once in a while.
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    I make my sauce by blending a can of tomatoes, reducing it down with mixed herbs and a small touch of sugar if the tomatoes are a bit tart. You can add garlic if you like. A small spread of this on a pitta bread, topped with a little mozarella cheese and choose slices of olives, a little ham, anchovies, mushrooms, onion, peppers, tuna....whatever you want to add calorie wise. Just bake in the oven. It's delicious and one is temptation to cut another slice because there's no more there. Most of the toppings I use are veggie so the pitta is the main calories and because of the size even the meat calories would be kept low - you can't fit too much on. Delicious though!
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    I had pizza for lunch a few days ago. Bought a package of those 7" pizza crusts, some pizza sauce, fresh mozzerella and added italian herbs and garlic powder on top. was SO good!! Definitely will be having it again soon. So easy and you can add anything on top you want.
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    I normally get a thin crust veggie pizza with lean ham when I'm craving pizza.
  • the lean cuisine pizza's are pretty good. and still very healthy for you. try those. they are low calorie and they will satisfy your pizza craving.
  • 1 english muffin
    Pizza Sauce
    Green Peppers
    Lunch meat (if you want)
    Mozzarelle Cheese

    If you have a toaster oven that would be great. If not, just make a little pizza on your english muffin and stick in the oven for about 10 minutes. They taste awesome!!!
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    I take a whole wheat wrap and use it for the crust. It's low in calories and gets nice and crispy, yes it's thin but I love it. Make sure your sauce is low in sugar, cheese is low fat, than add veggies. Yummmmmm yesterday there was a recipe for pizza crust made from cauliflower, you could do a search for that. :glasses:

    YES!!!! i do this 1 as well (mom got it from weight watchers) tastes really good, not great for calories but much better than normal!!

    Talking about cauliflower, mash some up and add it to mash potatoes, lowers the calories per volume and i think it tastes better than normal
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    I made zucchini pizzas earlier in the week and they were a big hit! I halved a zucchini with skin and everything and laid it skin down on a sprayed cookie sheet. I put pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni, and low fat cheese on top and baked it 350 for close to 30 minutes. I kinda had to scoop some of the cheese back on that tried to slide off but other than that they were perfect, and delicious! My 6 year old even liked them!

    Good luck, I know how those pizza cravings are :)

    The calories came out to 192 for 2 halves the way I make them by the way.

    This sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing :)
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    I make a flat out pizza that is pretty damn tasty. I'm not sure what your fitness goals are but this on is low in calories.

    I buy the flat out bread in the deli section of the super market. I dice half a tomato and add salt pepper, garlic and basil, and stevia. Just taste it to see what you like. Then I add light pepperoni and light provolone. Then cook it like you would a pizza. Taste wonderful.
  • I absolutely do not believe in depriving myself of anything I want. If it fits into your daily goal, then why not have it? Google for healthier recipes if you want, but I eat pizza when I want it.

    ^ This !! Moderation is key :) I refuse to give up anything I know I will at some point eat again.
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    Lunchables cheese pizzas!