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Plain Yogurt



  • Sabine_StroehmSabine_Stroehm Member Posts: 19,297 Member Member Posts: 19,297 Member
    I ONLY eat plain yogurt. I don't like all the sugar in the fruited kinds.

    I add: blueberries (and kinda mush them)
    Or sometimes I add agave, or stevia sweetened maple syrup.

    Sometimes I add a little vanilla

    Or, sometimes I add peanutbutter and don't sweeten it at all.

    When I'm at work I've been known to add whatever's around... crystal light even. I even tried a friend's "Mio" lol.
  • algebravoodooalgebravoodoo Member Posts: 776 Member Member Posts: 776 Member
    Muesli with dried fruits and nuts in it and maybe a packet of stevia. But I eat weird LOL. :smile:
  • Fenestra13Fenestra13 Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    A f ew tips about plain yogurt. I've noticed that, at least in the nongreek kind, many of the plain yogurts have pectin in them, which make them taste MORE sour. Look for a brand without it. In my experience they store brands tend NOT to have it, and taste less sour. Among the greek yogurts, I find Fage to taste less sour than Chobani,

    I've grown used to it and don't sweeten it. I often put in cinnamon and pecans (you could do walnut or almond) or cinnamon and grapenuts. A small bit of vanilla extract can help the taste, but remember that vanilla extract ISN'T sweet, and too much of it makes things taste terrible. Just add a very small amount at a time. I know mant people add honey for sweetness, but because I don't like honey, I've sometimes added maple syrup with blueberries or agave syrup with the vanilla extract. It's pretty good.
  • SharonksSharonks Member Posts: 926 Member Member Posts: 926 Member
    I like the full fat greek plain. Since I'm diabetic I put splenda or sugar free syrup or SF Toranis in to sweeten. In the winter I put frozen berries in and stir it up a bunch. It gets kind of freezy like ice cream. I put any kind of fruit I have in. I use it as a dip or dressing by throwing in whatever herbs sound good, in general I put a clove of crushed garlic, some oregano, some basil, pepper, maybe a pinch of salt, sometimes some chile powder. I also use it in place of mayo for tuna salad or potato salad. I make smoothies by blending 1/2 c yog, 1/2 c almond milk (you could use skim but I'm milk intolerant), 2 c fresh spinach, and about 1 c of whatever fruit I have on hand. I sometimes throw in some ground flax seed. Sometimes I sweeten it. You could also put in protein powder or peanut butter if you want. When I used to make home made yogurt for my kids I would put some flavored jello powder in it to give it a thicker texture and flavor it. I suppose you could mix some SF jello with a little hot water and stir in the yog then let it set.
  • verptwerpverptwerp Member Posts: 3,713 Member Member Posts: 3,713 Member
    Wow ..... all great ideas !

    I usually just stir in some sugar-free jams & jellies :drinker:
  • ShaneOSXShaneOSX Member Posts: 198 Member Posts: 198
    Trader Joe's Non-Fat Greek Yogurt, which I add strawberries to or put in a smoothie.

    Dannon Oikos for stuff with the fruit already in it.

    Trader Joe's Tart Frozen Yogurt OR Frozen Kefir for a treat.
  • Christy6191Christy6191 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    I add strawberries and granola to plain greek yogurt.
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