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My name is Antonio, I'm new and looking for friends



  • MrsAFRMrsAFR Member Posts: 105 Member Member Posts: 105 Member
    Could defo do with more *kitten* kicking!
  • ninisez30ninisez30 Member Posts: 101 Member Member Posts: 101 Member
    I could use the extra motivation to keep me on track, feel free to add.
  • smilesalot1969smilesalot1969 Member Posts: 392 Member Posts: 392
    Welcome to MFP :) feel free to friend me if you'd like :smile:
  • LaMujerMasBonitaDelMundoLaMujerMasBonitaDelMundo Member Posts: 3,648 Member Member Posts: 3,648 Member
    Jajaja me encanta tu sentido del humor. Please feel free to add me as your friend.
    I love to be kicked on the *kitten* too, lol.
  • hollyNhollywoodhollyNhollywood Member Posts: 454 Member Member Posts: 454 Member
    If you're still needing more friends, add me. I'm always looking for motivating friends :smile:
    Im on here logging food & exercise everyday.

    And welcome to the site
  • hollyNhollywoodhollyNhollywood Member Posts: 454 Member Member Posts: 454 Member
    Greetings Antonio!

    Welcome to MFP! I'm sure you will drop those last few lbs without a problem. Me on the other hand, totally slackin' lately. I could really use a drill sarg to keep me in line. And I'll return the favor with some humor!

    Thanks for welcoming me!

    Girl don't be slacking!! Your doing this for you, right? You want to get healthier for you, right? If this **** was easy everybody and their mama would be healthy, but its not easy, its hard, it requires you to be strong every day, and if your not well we're here for you to give you that push, that kick in the *kitten*! Do this girl!!!

    Wow, Antonio wasn't kidding.. He's already motivating others in his newbie email :happy:
  • cemithballstarcemithballstar Member Posts: 13 Member Member Posts: 13 Member
    Welcome! You look great!
  • cowboysfan82288cowboysfan82288 Member Posts: 99 Member Posts: 99
    Welcome to MFP bro! My name's Mark. You're going to find lots of support here. Feel free to add me if you'd like. I still have almost 50 pounds to go.
  • citygirl4evercitygirl4ever Member Posts: 125 Member Member Posts: 125 Member
    Welcome!!! I have been on here is Jan but got serious in March. I have lost 13 pds and need another 60 pds to go. I have the eating thing down packed but this exercise stuff....Let just say I need a hell of allot of motivation in the workout department. I have this mental block about working out. Feel free to add me.
  • Antonio_1Antonio_1 Member Posts: 19 Member Posts: 19
    Its nice meeting so many new friends on here, thanks for the welcome :drinker:
  • Antonio_1Antonio_1 Member Posts: 19 Member Posts: 19
    Mr Popular I see :wink:

    As are you Miss Popular, aka Miss Sexy :drinker:
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