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Cant do this alone

Wanna_be_sexyWanna_be_sexy Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
My name is kathy, I'm 32 and about 100 lbs fluffy. I have type II diabetes, high blood pressure, PCOS, and recently sleep apnea. If that isn't enough to do something, I don't know what is.

I'm lazy and a big slacker. I need friends to stay on me and motivation all around! Please help me!


  • jcjsjonesjcjsjones Posts: 571Member Member Posts: 571Member Member
    Hey, Kathy! My name is Crystal and I'm 65# down, and hopefully will lose another 35 by the end of the year. I also have PCOS and I know the first thing doctors tell you is that it will be very difficult for you to lose weight. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!! You CAN do this if you want it bad enough.

    You are not alone! We are all here to help encourage each other!! I'll send you a friend request! :flowerforyou:
  • caseye83caseye83 Posts: 15Member Posts: 15Member
    Kathy! I am Casey and I am 29 and about 80bls fluffy. My last doctors visit my doctor said I was in danger of type 2 diabetes and I do have high blood pressure! I understand completely what you are facing. I am here for support! Best of luck!
  • lemonmouse67lemonmouse67 Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Stay positive and know you can do it! I take it one meal at a time - especially at work when there is so much junk floating around. My goal today is to walk on my 15 min. breaks and at least get a 1/2 hour of exercise in. Small goal but totally doable. Keep your chin up. I have like 90lbs to lose myself. :smile:
  • tbetts23tbetts23 Posts: 320Member Member Posts: 320Member Member
    Hey Kathy! Keep you eye on the prize! Find you motivation from it. You can make the family you want happen. This site is a great start:flowerforyou:
  • martin1973usmartin1973us Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Here a good start ,if there is a grocery store a mile or less from home walk to the store every
    morning to get breakfast,lunch, and dinner.i ride my bike to get
    groceries for the day.and anywhere else that is less than 2miles
  • dirty_blondedirty_blonde Posts: 74Member Posts: 74Member

    You don't have to do this alone.
    Glad you are reaching out to others here on MFP. I have found that this community is very helpful. I love my friends here and they inspire me every day. Since we are already friends why don't you send some friend requests out to some of the people on my list
  • lizk710lizk710 Posts: 36Member Member Posts: 36Member Member
    Hi Kathy! I'm new here too since last week. 35yrs and I need to lose about 40 lbs. I too have high blood pressure, circulation issues, and a too fast heart rate that I'm on medication. I hope to get off of the medication by losing weight, eating right, and exercising... a lot!

    I will add you as a friend! You can do this!
  • silver_arrow3silver_arrow3 Posts: 1,388Member Member Posts: 1,388Member Member
    You can do it! For me, it's taken a lot to override my desire to go home after work and veg, but I'm doing it! I'm 25 and I need to lose 40-50 pounds. I have only been diagnosed with PCOS and I am hoping to get my weight in control before any more diagnoses are made. I've been here for a while and haven't made any friends yet, but I am more than willing to help motivate anyone who needs it. :)
  • Wanna_be_sexyWanna_be_sexy Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Thank you all for such a fast response. I'm looking forward to getting to know each of you! I'm limited to access while at work and most active in the evenings. Here's to a great day, hump day at that! ;)
  • aholly70aholly70 Posts: 577Member Member Posts: 577Member Member
    Hello & Welcome it will take time to get in a routine,but it 1 day at time,baby steps this is what i did.Feel free to add me if you wish,i will be there to support you.
  • mom2handh1975mom2handh1975 Posts: 224Member Posts: 224Member
    You aren't doing this alone. We're all here doing it with you! I've found the MFP community to be both encouraging and motivating. You can do it!
  • amallia921amallia921 Posts: 51Member Posts: 51Member
    Hi Kathy!!! WELCOME TO MFP!! No one should have to do anything alone! Feel free to add me and anyone else too! I am always happy to motivate other people!!
    <33 Allie
  • frandofrando Posts: 588Member Member Posts: 588Member Member
    welcome to add me! we can get rid of our respective 100lbs together!!

    It'll be hard at first but once you've got going you'll gain so much more energy (especially when you change what you eat like I did) and you'll crave gym days (I do now!) :3
  • BryGuy2BryGuy2 Posts: 244Member Posts: 244Member
    You're in a good place! There are so many motivating and supportive people on here. Feel free to add me as a friend and good luck to you!
  • boonedock27boonedock27 Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    Hang in there Kathy~ I was on myfitness a year and half ago and did super. Then stress of life got the best of me, moving, family deaths etc.. And gained everything back plus. Im here for your support as well. We can do this.. What is easier for me, is doing the every few hours eating something, so Im never hungry. And I always fill in my dinner first, so I know that I get to eat at the end of a long day. I work from bottom up, instead of breakfast down. lol.. I know weird, but it works for me..
    ♥ Hang in there ♥
  • boonedock27boonedock27 Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    Your right, Great People and Ideas on this website.. :happy:
  • kritikkritik Posts: 110Member Member Posts: 110Member Member
    Hi Kathy! Welcome to MFP! One day at a time...YOU CAN DO IT! :)
  • Luciabella07Luciabella07 Posts: 205Member Member Posts: 205Member Member
    Hi Kathy, I'm new here too. You don't have to do it alone - you know what they say, there's strength in numbers! Feel free to add me :)
  • BSBgirl337BSBgirl337 Posts: 119Member Member Posts: 119Member Member
    You can friend me. I am trying to get re-motivated and eat better! I log in whether I have a good day or a bad though, and friends help! :)
  • mellabytemellabyte Posts: 193Member Member Posts: 193Member Member
    Hi Kathy! I'm 34 and I was about 60lbs too fluffy (working on the last leg). I also had/have a lot of the same health issues you do, but I've reversed a lot of it. (You can check out my profile for info.) Feel free to add me if you want, I would be happy to help motivate. :)
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