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How much do you pay for your gym?



  • Lina4LinaLina4Lina Member Posts: 738 Member Member Posts: 738 Member
    Thanks for all the info. I'm thinking of joining Lucille Roberts on a no contract deal - it's about $45 a month that way - it's a bit of a distance, but they have 6 zumba classes a week. Today I am going to a free trial at New York Sports club for a Zumba class. I have to listen to the pitch first, but they are $79 a month and only have 2 zumba classes a week - I could try spinning though. It's around the corner from where I live.

    Just a warning, the SC gyms (I have a WSC nearby) are heavy pick up joints. I didn't even the one near me because I'm more interested in working out than seeing people flaunt their stuff.
  • jaysonhijinxjaysonhijinx Member, Premium Posts: 663 Member Member, Premium Posts: 663 Member
    I'm a member at KGV in Sydney and pay about $12 a week (after Corporate discount).

    Originally I started going there to play basketball which was $5 for court entry and I went there twice a week. Figured I could use the gym a few times a week too and now only pay an extra $2 a week to get access to the gym and all group classes including Zumba, Body Pump etc.

    I'll definitely echo what people have said about lock in contracts - avoid them!
  • ciobairciobair Member Posts: 69 Member Posts: 69
    We paid around $130 a month for the 2 of us to be members of the Alaska Club.
  • heytherestephyheytherestephy Member Posts: 356 Member Member Posts: 356 Member
    I live in Ontario, Canada but I was paying $52/month for the YMCA membership which included pool, classes (there were some that weren't included but most were) and the gym/weight room.
  • rfsatarrfsatar Member Posts: 593 Member Member Posts: 593 Member
    £70 a month and I am going to use the hell out of it now!!!!
  • wazzuteacherwazzuteacher Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    FREE! I bought all of my equipment on Craigslist! No need for a gym. Just another chance for people to bother you when you are working on yourself.
  • Perfectdiamonds1Perfectdiamonds1 Member Posts: 347 Member Member Posts: 347 Member
    I join the YMCA oh my I was so surprise. It has everything: aqua aerobice, aqua zumba, regular zumba, a weight room, pool, RPM classes, yoga, body pump, inside track, lots of machines,and much more. I'm just loving it. Oh yeah it also has locker rooms for males and females (large locker rooms) with a TV and wet and dry sanuas basketball and racquetball courts and they have personal trainers there. I pay $28 per month
  • RUNN3RmomRUNN3Rmom Member Posts: 441 Member Posts: 441
    We pay $72 for our local YMCA. It has tons of classes, Zunba, Les Mills, TRX, etc. They have child watch, summer camp, swimming, etc. Full pool, locker rooms, saunas, and hot tub.

    We have a family membership, single was around $25.
  • MitchIsBeastMitchIsBeast Member Posts: 8 Member Posts: 8
    30 bucks a month in cali.
  • KrazyAsianNicKrazyAsianNic Member Posts: 1,238 Member Member Posts: 1,238 Member
    I have 24 Hour Fitness. My dad bought me the 2 year membership from Costco for my graduation. It was less than $300 and takes care of all your enrollment and everything for 2 years.
  • wattsj56wattsj56 Member Posts: 94 Member Posts: 94
    I have my own apartment so I work out for free :)
  • kiminikimkimkiminikimkim Member Posts: 746 Member Member Posts: 746 Member
    I pay 120$ per month for bootcamp classes ($15/class)

    I once had a gym membership and it only cost 80$ a year. But 4 months later, I stopped going and got fat. I've been doing the bootcamp since June 2011, I made new friends and my trainer is quite motivating. It is different every week.
  • astheygrowupastheygrowup Member Posts: 188 Member Member Posts: 188 Member
    They are more expensive here in NC too. Our local gym (the only one in town) is $78 a month, and if i want daycare (with a 4yo i will need it) it will be $83!! I don't think i will be joining anytime soon :(

    Yep. I'm in NC and for a month it's $60, plus daycare at the gym is an additional $25 so $85 a month. I got it for the summer so the kids could use the pool but can't afford to renew it. I just workout at home.
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