• juncture
    juncture Posts: 129 Member
    Currently I'm a full time student studying for MSc in Science Communication with about 4 weeks left to go, and I work part time in a library.

    In the future I hope to work in a job related to outreach and engagement with science, possibly in a museum or for a university :)
  • Rannybanani
    Rannybanani Posts: 98 Member
    I have a very small home fragrance store and also an online store.
  • BobbieLee1959
    BobbieLee1959 Posts: 608 Member
    Digital Literacy Coordinator in a public means I getta play with all the new techie gadgets and teach staff and patrons what we have and how to use it! A great job!:happy:
  • HeidiYolanda
    HeidiYolanda Posts: 7 Member
    Hi, I'm new to MFP! I'm a graduate practical nurse getting ready to take the NCLEX-PN and hopefully get a job after that will pay for me to become a RN!
  • malabaugh
    malabaugh Posts: 130 Member
  • SalishSea
    SalishSea Posts: 372 Member
    im a cocktail bartender in Madrid Spain :D

    I love my job. But this would be my dream job!
  • SalishSea
    SalishSea Posts: 372 Member
    I now have an investment income but before that I was a staff photographer and picture editor on a number of UK newspapers before running my own news agency on Havana, Cuba for most of the 1990's.

    Wow! Another cool job job! If you don't mind, what was your investment income from?
  • lhughes404
    lhughes404 Posts: 42 Member
    I am a distributer for It Works! Since I sell products to help with weight lose and to lose excess skin from weight lose it has helped with my losing weight.
  • alodell89
    alodell89 Posts: 36 Member
    I'm a propulsion performance engineer for commercial airplanes!
  • hmparkin23
    hmparkin23 Posts: 91 Member
    I'm an administrator at a national museum in London, UK. I organise lending our historical objects to exhibitions around the world - a bit like an air traffic controller for artefacts, as someone described it earlier this week!
  • budru21
    budru21 Posts: 127
    Hello everyone!!! I am a Gang Officer (Staff Sergeant Rank) for the prison system. ;-) Good times. Nice to meet everyone.
  • Marll
    Marll Posts: 904 Member
    IT Manager
  • neekosmith
    neekosmith Posts: 55 Member
    Not to make anyone too jealous or anything, but I work full time in the super exciting world of Accounting. I am the freight & distribution Accountant for a major manufacturer of plumbing products.
  • Tonise
    Tonise Posts: 1
    Hello MFP's I'm a Learning & Development Coach, coaching/developing teams to be the best they can be in providing quality customer service. I'm now coaching myself to be how I used to be's hard but aim to get there.....

    Positive thinking and success to all...:blushing:
  • SGMyles
    SGMyles Posts: 4 Member
    Senior System Test Analyst

  • DargoMack
    DargoMack Posts: 75 Member
    I'm a Registered Sales Assistant for Financial Planners.
  • harleydall76
    harleydall76 Posts: 586 Member
    I'm an administrative assistant in an accounting office.
  • Chrysy87
    Chrysy87 Posts: 56 Member
    I'm a paraplanner for a wealth management company. :P
  • Sox90716
    Sox90716 Posts: 976 Member
    Investigator/State Deputy Sheriff (Full time)
    Pre-trial Diversion Officer (Part time)
    Private Security (Part time)