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  • TriumphNow
    TriumphNow Posts: 526 Member
    Wow, such a great transformation! Congratulations on the wonderful changes you've made for yourself.
  • Rebeccawks
    Rebeccawks Posts: 61 Member
    You look wonderful! Definitely a motivation for people like me! :)

  • Congratulations in so many ways! You are truly an inspiration!
  • mzmom82
    mzmom82 Posts: 10 Member
    WOW, what a transformation! thats awesome!
  • FR89
    FR89 Posts: 186 Member
    WOOW! Amazing results.. Love the before & after pics.. well done =) x
  • joecollins9385
    joecollins9385 Posts: 355 Member
    great job. congratulations on your success
  • Sherock8
    Sherock8 Posts: 1 Member
    Great job!
  • bb4886
    bb4886 Posts: 118 Member
    WOW i wish i looked like you"
  • Cathy7794
    Cathy7794 Posts: 223 Member
    Wow! You look amazing! Congratulations. :)
  • Ncdaniel16
    Ncdaniel16 Posts: 56 Member
    Amazing progress!! You look great :) Glad to see that for motivation!! & the drawing is a neat idea!!
  • usteward
    usteward Posts: 112 Member
    wow! you look great! very inspiring!
  • PixEm
    PixEm Posts: 190 Member
    You look absolutely amazing and I totally love how you want to pay it forward. You are such a motivation and I am not saying that because I am trying to win your pay it forward gift, but because you really are a great motivator for others! Congratulations on your success and keep up the amazing work!
  • ranmca
    ranmca Posts: 121 Member
    Wow you look amazing. Very inspiring
  • mrswilson0511
    mrswilson0511 Posts: 132 Member
    you look amazing and what a wonderful, pay it forward type thing for you to do. :flowerforyou:

    what an amazing feeling to be in maintenance mode for this long and you are doing exactly that...maintaining! it really shows me that it can be done! :wink:
  • slimmermomma
    slimmermomma Posts: 82 Member
    That is awesome! You should be so proud - also you have made me feel ridiculously pathetic for feeling too busy sometimes with my fulltime job and one child - you have definitely proven yourself as an inspiration.

    Keep it up you look fantastic - if I can look half that good after 1 baby as you do after 4 I will cry.
  • tomusiakl
    tomusiakl Posts: 225 Member
    Your story is overly inspiring. I am happy that you were able to arrive at your goal. Good luck maintaining.
  • knwitall
    knwitall Posts: 420 Member
    Amazing job! You look stunning! Your story and pictures are very inspirational. Proof that it can be done! Thank you for sharing!!!
  • icandoit203
    icandoit203 Posts: 170 Member
    First of all I would like to say that there are many times that I wanted to give up but I come on this website and read the blogs to see what I can do to keep moving that day. There was a women talking about her PT how he was near his death bed and she went to the gym that day and he was there. Still sick but he was there that night I was not going to go to the gym because I was tired do you know I went without using the excuse that I was tired because of her story. Then today I went to the gym this morning and this post makes me happy that I did you have been on here 2 years and stuck 2 it with your busy lifestyle, teacher, mother, wife, and in school and you have time to take care of you. That is amazing I do not have children at the moment but I do have 2 jobs and go to school part-time I struggle sometime. You have so much determination that is a great asset to everyone here and your family and friends I am sure. Thanks for your story (great back picture by the way). What pointers or exercise routines can you recommend would love to hear it.

    Enjoy your day and again congrats :bigsmile:
  • Izanami66
    Izanami66 Posts: 181 Member
    What an amazing way to show your gratitude. So selfless! :flowerforyou:

    I'm so glad you've reached your physical and emotional goals. You are beautiful, and it's inspiring that someone as busy as you can make it happen! Major kudos!!
  • vgainey06
    vgainey06 Posts: 6 Member
    OMG! You look amazing. You have proven to us all that dedication does pay off. Thanks for sharing your story.
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