18 years old and down 50 lbs (Pictures inside thread)



  • 4Munckins
    4Munckins Posts: 15 Member
    Wow!! You look incredible!! Way to go girl you should feel so proud of yourself!!!
  • caseythirteen
    caseythirteen Posts: 956 Member
    You look remarkable!! Huge contratulations to you for changing your life and doing it at such a great time of your life. Keep up the healthy lifestyle!
  • staceyGO
    staceyGO Posts: 376
    WAY TO GO!! You look super, its good to know 3 times a week is enough, to keep you in check. By the way I thought the second before was an after, you are stunning!!
  • Meenu05
    Meenu05 Posts: 1
    You look AMAZING! I know you must of heard it so many times but i had to say my part! Im also 18 and after seeing you i have so much confidence, just need to have more patience with weight loss!!
  • Nic620
    Nic620 Posts: 553 Member
    Well done! You look awesome!! And I'm digging the hair color ALOT!!!!!
  • MB_Positif
    MB_Positif Posts: 8,898 Member
    You are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on your weight loss success!
  • Eve23
    Eve23 Posts: 2,352 Member
    You look wonderful. Well done
  • DG82
    DG82 Posts: 105
    Wow girlie you look great!! Congrats on the huge accomplishment! I hope I can get where I want to be and exude that confidence as well!! :-)
  • Dub_D
    Dub_D Posts: 1,760 Member
    You look amazing and I freaking love your clothes in your after pics!
  • Keep up the good work! And I love your new hairstyle, too!
  • rubyautumn4
    rubyautumn4 Posts: 818 Member
    Great job! You look fantastic!
  • aylawill
    aylawill Posts: 65
    You look amazing! Awesome job!
  • WOW!! You were beautiful before but you just SHINE now! I can tell you're feeling more confident by your bodylanguage :happy: !

    AWESOME JOB!! :flowerforyou:
  • VanessaGS
    VanessaGS Posts: 514 Member
    Big difference. Great job.
  • reashamoriba
    reashamoriba Posts: 121 Member
    you look great
  • PixEm
    PixEm Posts: 190 Member
    Absolutely stunning.
  • AnninStPaul
    AnninStPaul Posts: 1,372 Member
    your "before" picture looks much older than 18. now you look 18 and hot, and I'm jealous.
  • chunkylover22
    chunkylover22 Posts: 162 Member
    WOW! Great transformation! Truly an inspiration. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • garayjoh
    garayjoh Posts: 24 Member
    EXCELLENT choice of words: "It clicked for me the moment I realized that what weight loss is, isn't a diet or some special formula."
    Congratulations on your success in changing your life around. The chemicals in foods today literally turn them into an addiction. Congratulations on saving your self from future health issues.
  • Molly182
    Molly182 Posts: 406
    amazing job!!
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