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  • ilovemybuggy
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    I posted this is a blog the other day. My first definition is:


    A very intelligent, goofy female that enjoys reading The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and blowing her milkshake through a straw at her boyfriend's face.

    oh I missed that, sorry!
  • 1. Joana
    An awesome girl! Someone everyone wants to be friends with because she is so amazing, loyal, trust worthy, and all around bad *kitten*! A hard working ambitious girl. She does not take **** from anybody, talk **** get hit. Boys wish they can meet her and would be lucky to have her.
    "Dang I wanna be just like Joana."

    Haha sounds good to me!
  • darls25
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    Darlene 196 up, 64 down
    a girl who loves to party. the best flirt who makes guys drool but is very shy at times. one of the cutest, prettiest, and coolest person in the world. she dresses nice and she's pretty smart. she attracts a lot of boys. physical features include eyes one could get lost in for hours, a smile that can make one melt, and hands that are perfect for holding, along with many other varying features.

    1. A woman who is both beautiful and athletic.
    2. A woman who is extremely comical and often times silly. She usually says things like "YOU CRAZY" or "HELLO."
    3. A good friend to listen, to care, and to goose you as well.
    4. A gooch.
  • SARgirl
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    I can't believe they actually had something for my name!

    A wonderful woman with a lot of power. She controls her family's where-abouts. Filled with love for animals.

    I would say half true:) I am a wonderful woman and I'm definitely filled with love for animals, but I don't consider myself as having a lot of power or that I control my family's where-abouts (although I am the one to generally pick where we go!).

    So cool! Thanks!

    ETA: Quote from site: "LuAnn is such a marvelous person. I wish I could be more like her."
  • LNZimmer
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    1. Leanna 694 up, 152 down

    Extremely attractive girl who can give a guy a hard-on in about 30 seconds, has a nice backside. Can usually be found at parties or just chillin‘.
    dayummm that leanna girl be fine as hell!
    delicious attractive bootylicious sex partyin

    2. Leanna 233 up, 57 down

    a woman/girl who represents all that could be wonderful in life, the epitome of a brilliant and beautiful woman/girl.

    one who smiles and brightens the darkest depths of the earth.

    one who is misunderstood and at the same time easy to read.
    That girl is perfect, she's so amazing, she's so Leanna.

    3. Leanna 97 up, 27 down

    (Gaelic) Form of Helen meaning "The shining light".
    Leanna is a beautiful name.

    ^^That's all so true :)

    EDIT---->>>>Oh crap, I sure didn't read the first part! Whoa thats just dirrrrrrty HAHAHAHAHAHAH
  • chocolateandpb
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    My name is Melissa...

    1. Melissa 658 up, 81 down

    The girl you don't realize your meant to be with. She is the most beautiful person inside and out. When you see her you get a feeling of warmth like no other. She usually is a person that is your best friend before you truly realize that you love her. You would do anything for this girl because she is a true person and never fake, she is honest with you and when she says some thing she means it. She will always stay by your side as long as you treat her right... The love of my life without a doubt.
    My beautiful girlfriend Melissa <3

    2. Melissa 977 up, 128 down

    Someone who leaves your heart paralyzed. And it's not because of how fly she is on the outside but it's because of what she's working wit on the inside. Your heart will drive you insane anytime you look into her eyes. You'll enjoy it though and hope that one day you can feel that again.
    I'm no good at expressing what I feel but I know I'm in love with her because she's a melissa.

    No wonder your trippin you fell in love with a Melissa.

    3. melissa 558 up, 76 down

    cute in a very sexy way, has the best smile, and the nicest personality ever
    she is so a melissa

    4. Melissa 615 up, 83 down

    The most amazing thing that could happen to a guy, a breath of fresh air that will change a guy's life forever, the guy that gets her is 1 super lucky dude that will cherish her forever. A girl that everyone likes. A girl that that stops time when u see her through a crowd. A girl that needs to stretch more. T.I.P Melissa (";)
    Damn dude that’s the girl that I want!
    You wish u could get Melissa B
    Yeah, I do! *wishing really hard*


    Wow, given these definitions, I'm even more depressed now that I don't have a boyfriend. :tongue:
  • fatboypup
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    1. vince
    A term used for drunks. Also used as a verb for drinking way too much.
    Man, he's a total Vince.
    I'm gonna get vinced tonight!!

    2. Vince
    To jizz in an object, i.e. a toilet.
    I Vinced My Pants.

    3. vince
    the sweetest boy you will ever meet. he's tall, dark, and handsome (; he'll stay on the phone with you forever, sing to you when he's high, and throw rocks on your window till you sneak out. and i love it..!<3
    Vince is so fine he make's gay boys consider being girls !
  • Fun!
    Here's mine:

    1. an awsome person.that everyone loves. tall and skinny. never needs makeup because they are so beautiful. dude i wish i was a melinda there so cool!!!

    2. a really nice person who is sweet and tries to get along with everyone.
    Everyone loves Melinda because she is so nice.

    3. Melinda is a kind of friend that will stick with you through thick and thin. She is loyal and everyone loves her kind nature. She can accomplish anything she puts her mind to, determination is what she posesses. She is a caring nurturing person who loves her kids. She is also beautiful inside and out. Melinda has a temper and it is wise not to mess with her unless you want to be seriously hurt. Some people say she's fake but you will never meet someone as real as her. Melinda is amazing and everyone who knows her is very lucky. By the way she is also the best aunt anyone could ask for. :)

    Yep, I'll take it! #2 is very accurate...I'm nice to a fault. I'm trying to work on it, because being nice is not always in one's best interests :grumble:
  • tigerlinly
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    linda - Someone really amazing with a beautiful personality.
    She'll make you feel alive just by being with her and if you're lucky enough to encounter a Linda, tell her how you feel and don't miss out on the opportunity to be with a Linda! She'll soon be everything you wanted.
  • mitch16
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    Someone really amazing with a beautiful personality.
    She'll make you feel alive just by being with her and if you're lucky enough to encounter a Linda, tell her how you feel and don't miss out on the opportunity to be with a Linda! She'll soon be everything you wanted.

    So... says I'm the fat/ugly chick... "yeah, but she has a great personality..." :/
  • DMW914
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    1.Dina is a born actress. A mysterious, intellegent, beautiful, exotic, sneaky, women. She lives her life leaving permanente foot prints in every ones heart and mind she meets even the ones she hurts, she gets everything she wants and gets away with everything she does. She has a hypnotizing way with people. You just can't get enough of her mystery and beauty even when you know her sexy devilish ways. she's dangerous yet everyone that she passes falls permanently in love with her.

    Ha...I wish :laugh:

    2.A beautiful, flawless young lady who everyone falls in love with. In her spare time, she enjoys being awesome and fantastic. She also enjoys saving the world just by being herself. In addition, she has many friends and is quite popular; in fact, she is part of a famous band that makes great music. Overall, Dina is talented in every aspect. Be jealous.

    3.Real beauty. overflowing with love, humour and insight. clear, consise and understood. A light in darkness, an umbrella in the rain. The only one you need.

    now this sounds more like me ^ :blushing:
  • mitch16
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    linda - Someone really amazing with a beautiful personality.
    She'll make you feel alive just by being with her and if you're lucky enough to encounter a Linda, tell her how you feel and don't miss out on the opportunity to be with a Linda! She'll soon be everything you wanted.

  • Martha: noun used to describe a genuine bad @ss, successful, independent woman, does not take crap off anyone,well respected, everyone she meets loves her and envies how bad @ss she is!

    Love this!
  • ilovemybuggy
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    1. vince
    A term used for drunks. Also used as a verb for drinking way too much.
    Man, he's a total Vince.
    I'm gonna get vinced tonight!!

    oh good, I was starting to think they were ALL going to be nice ones!
  • Monica
    Words can't describe how lucky you are to meet her. She is perfect in everyway, every little thing she does makes you happy. She is incredibly gorgeous has the most amazing personality of anyone I have ever meet. She has a big heart and is always kind and thoughtful. The thought of losing her would be devastating she is someone you want in your life forever.
    I am the luckiest guy in the world because I have Monica in my life.
    1. noun. Name for a strong, highly intelligent and witty woman who has indescribable yet magnetic sex appeal. Often appears bookish, hides an intensity that once displayed, draws you like a moth to the flame. Loyal and trustworthy friend. Most frequently has hypnotic eyes and a great smile that is used to laugh at life.

    Yeah I get that a lot. :blushing: :laugh:

    Edit: I found my nickname too:

    A short girl of Mexican descent who frequents book stores, coffee shops and craft stores. Enjoys scrapbooking and diagramming sentences. Likes to bake, watch the History channel, have long conversations, discuss philosophy, preach atheism, correct grammar, abuse exclamation points, take pictures and rob banks.
    I saw Moni at the book store yesterday.
    Moni's here for her white choclate mocha.
    I got a page in Moni's scrapbook. Cool!
    Moni won't stop taking pictures; what a nerd!

    WTH!!!!!! :laugh:
  • Laoch_Cailin
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    A girl who is awesome in every way, can be shy at times and crazy (especially when she is sugar high) the next, but is always a fun person to be around. She likes to make lists and keep everything in order. She loves to be creative with her stories she writes, and takes too many photos on her camera. She loves to hang out with a group of friends at all times. Reading is her favorite pastime, and she barely ever misses a tv show. You will never regret ever meeting a Laura. She likes to keep everything in order, and makes sure everythings in its place, except not really :). She loves to make up one syllable words and languages out of these words. Her favorite number is 4 and she is really good at remembering numbers. Best Traits: can keep secrets when she wants to, can always cheer people and friends up, knows the right moment when a friends in need.
    You cant live life without a Laura there to cheer you up.

    Ha alot of that is so true
  • LuckyAng
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    The name Angela is given to people who are kind and sweet to others. She is very friendly and easy to get along with. Amazing personality. Sometimes sadness can get the best of her but to see her smile is like having the sun shine bright. But watch out just because she is fun and nice doesn't mean she can take care of herself she will put you in your place fast. She has the most amazing dark wavy hair and mysteries eyes. She can be hard to read at times but don't worry she is very trust worthy. She is smart, hard working, and a all around good person. She is also a friend to the four legged furry creatures. She is a friend to all.... :)
  • srhershey
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    Shannon 887 up, 219 down
    Shannon: A goddess of beauty and love descented from the heavens. Was created by the gods to make all things on earth happier. She is known for her amazingness, beauty, sex appeal, her stunning smile and bedroom eyes. Is a great friend, lover and will make any man proud to have on his arm and to call her his wife. Loves her family and friends. Has charm, confidence,grace and is very flirtacious. turns all heads when she enters a room. Men want her and women idolize her. She is a rockstar in bed, there is nothing she won't do or try......She will leave you begging for more.If you ever get to know a Shannon consider yourself lucky she will be by your side at all times and love you with all her heart and soul weather it be your her friend,lover or soulmate. She is truely unique and wonderful to know!!! She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Very artistic, hard working, caring, adventurous, hilarious, glamous. Make a house feel like home. She is sometimes shy or quite, sometimes closes up like a delicate flower if one should hurt her. But why would anyone want to hurt her?
    Shannon is comparable to Aphrodite the Goddess of love & beauty
  • runbyme
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    Kathy is a word to explain one amazing person.the shiz net of all friends. One of the most beautiful and gorgeous people. also one of the kindest.

  • OkieinMinny
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    1. Rhonda

    A nice,down to earth,good looking woman. She is one in billion. She is a crazy girl in all the right ways. The most beautiful wife a guy could ever have. No one tops her.

    3. Rhonda

    A strong, opinionated woman who lives for the day.

    AND this one hahahahah

    8. Rhonda

    A useless *kitten* who stinks like crap , she sleeps with married men and is a brokedown ghetto hoodrat , she lives in places like , lakewood or lynwood you know places with lots of cheap apartments project type living chic . Very hood , dumb , fat , sloppy , easy and plain out ugly ! Comes from a bad family with absolutely no class and money , they are predators of those that are better than them .