81 pounds and 5 vacations later!



  • Congratulations!!! You are looking fab!
  • momma2kas
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    WOW! You look stunning! Great job!
  • faefaith
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    Congrats! :drinker:
  • EmilyOfTheSun
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    MAJOR difference! Keep it up girl :)
  • Karrie262
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    Beautiful! Did you notice you got younger too? Way to go!

    I thought the same thing, lol.

    GREAT job :)
  • dp1228
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    haha i hope i do inspire you to take a vacation. two a year ;)
    lol...you make me think I should schedule a vacation...You are looking fantastic!:)
  • dp1228
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    haha so you know what i mean! i wouldnt even TAKE many pictures. was tired of not being able to relax and take pictures while away! thanks!
    Hey MFP pal you are looking great...it too ramp it up for vacations because I am tired of croping out half of my body just to make myself feel better...keep up the good work!!!
  • LesaDave
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    WOW!! Fantastic!! You look GOOD!! Congrats on the more-than-80-pound loss!
  • dp1228
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    thanks! i couldnt imagine not being able to get away! take one!
    You look fabulous. I haven't take a vacation in more than 5 years. Thanks for the motivation!
  • trance79
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    looking good girl!
  • dp1228
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    thank you so much!! the thing that was most important was my health! besides pictures, what really scared me was I could feel my health starting to decline. pressure on my chest. not being able to walk far (imagine that living in new york!) and the list goes on and on. and my father has diabetes. i really had to make a change. thanks so much again :)
    AWESOME! WTG! Beautiful, you did an outstanding job with Discipline and Determination, Dedication, Denying and Tears and now look Success this has yielded so many things not only in size, how you feel, self esteem has probably increase and by all means all medical numbers have did a complete change..... and now it paid off.. Constant change has daily progress... You look stunning... keep it up and off you've done a great job.
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    Many congratz on the weight lost and I'm sure you're giving the guys whiplash these days.
  • Establishedn1986
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    Really beautiful job!
  • holy transformation, you look amazing!
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    You look absolutely FABULOUS! Congratulations on your great work!
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    This is so inspiring, you look wonderful. Hardwork, and dedication pays off!
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    You look stunning! Like a movie star~ Very glamorous! Congratulations!
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    How Awesome!!! You look fantastic!! Too many more vacations and a healthier you!
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    You are beautiful! Congrats on your progress.