What are your "crack foods?"



  • Cheez its, gold fish and biscoff. They just can't be in the house, I lack the self control to not eat those items. I've already decided that I am taking a box of cheez its on the plane with us when we leave for our honeymoon! I still plan on working out and making good choices while we are on vacation, but for those 6 hours on the plane, I'm going to cheez it heaven!
  • HurricaneElaine
    HurricaneElaine Posts: 984 Member
    Chinese/Szechuan food, especially General Tso chicken and kung pao shrimp. Garlic & ginger noodles. Peking dumpling with ginger dipping sauce. Hot and sour soup. (That one's actually not that bad..)
    Chocolate. My fave is Hershey's Special Dark, but I'll go for Dove, Guylian or Godiva.
    Ben and Jerry's Ice cream - Ever heard of the limited edition flavor Schweddy Balls?! :bigsmile: YUM!
    Dunkin Donuts. Lemon, blueberry, "truck tires" I call them - Dunkin's calls them French raised, I think? - Bavarian creme, and Boston creme filled.
    Oh...!!! Fritos Scoops and Fritos Jalapeno Cheddar cheese dip!!!!
    Pear vodka.
  • DontStopB_Leakin
    DontStopB_Leakin Posts: 3,863 Member
    I break my rocks down from $10 to $5 and have all the crack.
    His crack is awesome. I steal that shiz all the time.
  • Lisa1971
    Lisa1971 Posts: 3,069 Member
    My crack food is crack. Seriously, have you tried that stuff? It's pretty addictive!

    Lol! Nope can't say I have!
  • Darkskinned88
    Darkskinned88 Posts: 1,177 Member
    Oreos, you eat one next thing you know a whole row is gone
  • Pepperoni pizza with ranch
  • lglg11
    lglg11 Posts: 344 Member
    peanut butter m&ms and reeses minis
  • Beer

    This! :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
    (And I might add, a burger of any kind)
  • bulbadoof
    bulbadoof Posts: 1,058 Member
    Peanut butter.

    It's worse because I convince myself that everything with peanut butter in it is at least marginally good for you. I bought some chocolate and peanut butter ice cream today following that logic. :cry:
  • Legendary burgers from whitespot or Sushi
  • Twix
    Little Debbie Oatmeal snack
    Ballreich's Potato Chips
    lately---ice cream of any sort

    I limit myself to 20 ounces of Mountain Dew a day.
  • vegmomma
    vegmomma Posts: 19 Member
    Oh my, I am going to be hungry now.....

    Peanut butter
    Chocolate, chocolate,chocolate
    Cake--any kind
    Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
    Chips and salsa

    and Margaritas!!!
  • lalalyn12
    lalalyn12 Posts: 80 Member
    French fries, with cheese and chili and onions
    Reese Cups
    Gummy Worms
  • MamaWalkingBear
    MamaWalkingBear Posts: 49 Member
    Cookies with chocolate and cream....like oreos and chocolate covered graham crackers, mystic mint cookies.:noway: ...I can't keep any of these in the house and know about them. I'm soooo glad they make snack size packages that you can buy. Makes keeping on track much much easier. :tongue:
  • RubyRubixcube
    RubyRubixcube Posts: 259 Member
    popcorn pizza and booze
  • hesn92
    hesn92 Posts: 5,967 Member
    strawberry toaster strudel.

    sugar cookie with frosting.


    carbs in general.
  • Chocolate--milk duds!! (movie style) could eat the whole box, Girl scouts cookies--thin mints, ice cream!!!
  • Jonesingmucho
    Jonesingmucho Posts: 4,902 Member
    I get the shakes when I think about tortilla chips, fresh salsa, and margaritas. I can't stop, so I come to MFP rehab. I need an intervention. LOL
  • KFC!
    reeses peanut butter cups
    reeses pieces
    nacho cheese
    steak (Rare)

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  • You_Can_Be
    You_Can_Be Posts: 26 Member
    ICE CREAM:happy: