Where were you 11 yrs ago today 9-11



  • Jffok
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    Just got home after working the night shift. Watched the horror on TV and prayed .
  • emmiexjay
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    I was at school by my science lab who had the radio on and it came on and i remember when i was heading home i rang my mom and told her to turn on the news.. she didn't believe me at first.. i was 12 years old so i would of been in my second year of secondry school - highschool for americans (:
  • gorbygirl
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    I was at home with 3 sick kids. My exhusband was getting ready to get on a plane in SB, IN.
  • Poods71
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    In the office when I could see people looking quite concerned and staring at their computers when I went over to see what the fuss was about I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Even though it has been 11 years, every time I see footage on TV it still shocks and saddens me.
  • happilyeveractive
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    Sitting in my English class. I was a freshman in high school and it was the first week of school. My dad was in NYC. It was heart wrenching. Living so close to NYC I knew so many people who lost their lives that day.....
  • Willthemedic
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    I was on a ambulance working. They made us fuel all our units up for any kind of threats. We had to stop transporting to Shreveport because the Army had blocked off the interstate due to Air Force One landing at Barksdale.
  • I was in my Junior year of college. I woke up at my boyfriends house and was craming for an economics exam. One of his friends called us and said we were being attacked. Everyone thought it was a joke and just an unfortunate accident until the second plane crashed. We were watching it all happen on tv.

    God bless..............
  • Softrbreeze
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    I was sitting at my desk at work listening to the radio DJ's announcing the attack. At first, I thought they were telling a sick joke.
  • Alexstrasza
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    I was a 7th grader in middle school. I couldn't understand the actual implications of what had happened. I remember making some joking comment and my teacher flipped out on me, and rightfully so. It wasn't until she started yelling at me that I realized how serious this was. She was a teacher who was always very sweet and calm and collected.

    I started paying attention to the tv and it all started sinking in. I still didn't quite understand but I knew it was bad.

    Later that afternoon I was outside with my best friend watching the cars all line up at the gas station and when I looked up I saw the presidents jet flying above us.

    It was a strange day......
  • stylistchik
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    Second period english. The news was on when we walked in and we didn't understand what was going on. Every class we went to that day we just watched the news. It was a little much for a 13 year old to take in.
  • tonybalony01
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    I was asleep. I worked 11-7 shift at the time and I didn't find out until about 5pm when I got up and heard my mom talking to my girlfriend at the time on the phone. After she told me I went and watched the news for a bit. Work was pretty slow that night.
  • I was in my Psychology Honours class when my best friend sent me a text telling me what had happened
  • ashlinmarie
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    I was in my 4th hour History class before they told us what was going on and let us watch the news. The school was trying to hide it from us and keep us going to classes, but so many parents called in freaking out that they let us go home after lunch. I was in 8th grade.
  • I was at work when i first heard the news of a plane hitting the WTC. At first i thought i was a small jet plane that hit it, and not a commercial airliner. Then we put the tv on and watched the horror unfold right in front of us. Just seeing the second plane hit, and then both towers collapse will be ingrained in my mind forever. We were then told to go home after that happened, and then we went to pick up my son from daycare (he was 4 months old at the time) and stayed home the rest of the day. Seeing those people on the news asking and praying if anyone has seen their friends or loved ones, really upset me. I actually went to my bathroom and cried for them. Never have i experienced sadness and horror like that in my entire life! Hopefully we never will.....

  • ekz13
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    In the Air Force driving through the base gate in Germany when I heard it on the radio, then I went into the power zone to see it on the TV’s..

  • KellyBgetsfit
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    I was in college. My old roommate called and woke me up to see if my dad, who lived in D.C. at the time, was okay. He was. I spent the day on the couch with my roommates watching the news, crying in disbelief.
  • G_iulia80
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    I remember clearly that day. I was in front on the TV and caught the moment when the first plane approached WTC and crashed into it. I was 21 years old and I was a student. I can't believe that 11 years passed since then.
    I'm very sorry for the tragedy that America suffered.
  • Class just started as the second plane hit and the teachers announced to an entire elementary school there was an attack on the USA and our area might be the next target. The school got into some trouble for telling a bunch of 5-11 year olds that our area was going to be hit next.
  • jenn_may
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    I was taking I-STEP my Sophomore year of high school, so we weren't even allowed to watch the coverage except on breaks. Pretty hard day to take tests all day.
  • I was on leave from boot camp after I joined the Navy, saw it on TV and got a call to come back to VA to be shipped out