What do you do for a living? Do you like it?



  • Tattoo artist, LOVE IT!
  • gbbhey
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    I'm in the military, working to support victims of Sexual Assault. I don't love that the job has to exist, but I love helping those that need it. It's the most amazing thing seeing someone make the transition from victim to survivor!
  • stained glass artist. I work from home,and also SAHM to 2 wonderful boys. I love it. Well actually it is my hobby.
  • Clinical administrator, running three small clinics on three different islands in the middle of a vast ocean. I love love love my job. A new challenge everyday and bosses who give me what I need and let me do my job to help my patients by all means necessary. It's what healthcare is supposed to be about.
  • Nuclear Department in the Navy. Working down in the power plants of aircraft carriers.
  • Before going back to school I worked as a behavior therapist at a private clinic for young children with autism. Now, I'm back in school to get my Ph.D in school and behavioral psychology. I'll be a board board certified behavior analyst as well and would like to do aba therapy with children on the autism spectrum among other developmental disabilities as well as teach at the college level and be involved in research and do consultant work with schools. I LOVE my field! You get to see real live applied science and research in action and make such positive changes in the lives of some wonderful kids.
  • Abaiz
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    Currently a jeweler, don't love it, but it pays the bills. I'd love to get back into law enforcement...test coming up next month.
  • Stay at home mom for 2 kids. Pregnant with my next. Used to be a Massage Therapist. Loved it. Love being a mom too, you know the rare times when their not driving you crazy or pulling your hair out for you. ^_^ lol
  • coolness
  • 1Kristine1
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    Im a graduate nurse.
    And no I dont overly enjoy my job, but that could just be the stress talking. I am sure once I find an area I like I will be much happier.
  • i work at costco part time hate it, but good pay
    i also work with kids and adults of special needs LOVE IT , crappy pay
  • Lisa1971
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    I design all of the plastic packaging that everyone loves to hate...you know, the stuff you have no idea how to open without completely destroying the plastic, thereby removing just about any hope of ever returning it.

    That's me. ;)

    I curse you guys every time it's Christmas or one of my kids gets birthday gifts! The packaging of toys makes me crazy!
  • DawnieB1977
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    I'm a secondary school French teacher and I love it (most days!). I work part time as i have 2 young children.
  • DG82
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    I'm a senior accounts payable specialist... there's days that are ok and days that are very stressful. Overall it's ok, not my ideal job but hoping to move up the ladder! The worst part for me honestly is the lack of flexibility with my work schedule I find it hard to get a decent balance with work/life. :-/
  • GamerGurl729
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    I'm a graphic designer and marketing coordinator. For the most part I love what I do, I just wish I made more money. My current wage is less than I made in college. :(
  • Angie_Fritts
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    Criminal Investigator at a Juvenile Correctional Facility. Depends on the day.
  • Cytotechnologist - LOVE it, don't love the fact that i see so many people getting cancer. Also don't love that our hospital is broke and can't give me minions to help me or at least more cash :/
  • HeikkiLaukkanen
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    Airline pilot and Coast Guard reservist. I generally like my jobs.
  • alyssa92982
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    Labor and delivery/mommy/baby registered nurse. Love the job but can be very stressful with certain situations, dr's , and long hours!
  • Kimjanebrooks
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    I'm an Estate Agent and hate it!!!!! My ideal job would be anything involving looking after and rescuing animals.