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  • SW 149 GW 130 CW 134.8 -1.2


    I need some help. I posted a topic about this elsewhere but talking to you guys is more like asking friends for advice. I am having trouble toning my stomach and thighs. I have lost 23 pounds and only lost about 1.5" in my waist. It is so frustrating. I weigh less than I did before I got pregnant with my daughter yet my waist is still large. I mix cardio, strength, and weights. I eat pretty good and only have moderately bad food days a few days a month. I have read in Women's Healthy about doing really low carb for 4 weeks to burn fat. I just don't know what to do. I have felt really down the last few days. I am only a couple lbs from my goal of 130. I thought at this weight I'd be more toned. I don't expect a 6 pack but would like to get rid of the "pouch". Now I am wondering if I need to go down to 120. I have always had a muscular toned figure at about 135. By the way I am 5' 3" tall. Any advice?

    Some of you may have seen me ask this in my other groups. I am hoping to get lots of suggestions to try.
  • Hi everyone. I started a blog to document a 4 week challenge I am trying. Check it out.

  • Hey,
    For those of you interested in my writing. Here is my web site http://amandacrossley.com/. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  • pamh5555
    pamh5555 Posts: 191 Member
    Well, It was a fun weekend. lots of snow and not enough exercise. Defintely binged a little over the weekend.

    But it is Monday, and I am back on track.

    Starting Weight - 215
    Current Weight - 203.5
    Mini Goal - 190 lbs on March 1
    Final Goal - 125 lbs by Dec 1 Maintained.

    Did 20 minutes of ea active on Low
    Did 2 miles of 5 mile fat burning walking away the pounds with 2 minutes boosts
    Did 1 mile of walking away the pounds dvd for abs.

    Had a very sensible breakfast: 1 cup of special k, 1 small banana, and 1/2 cup of whole milk.

    Started on my water: 1 bottle during workout,

    Put in scheduled food for the day and under calories so far.
  • mistydcox
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    Hey ladies,

    So I have been way too busy filling in at school for the secretary full time and dealing with sick kids. So I am back as of tonight and will be logging my food after missing it for 3 days. My time of the month so not weighing in until next week. I need a kick in the butt though with staying on track with my eating.

  • Hey,
    Its been an odd week. I got a call on Monday no school due to a water main break. Now we have no school today because they have to flush the system and check the water. So I'm been using the extra time to write. I'm doing well I got four chp edited yesterday and then five chp of correction typed in. I hope to do at least that much today. We'll see. I would love to be more than half way through by Presidents day.

    Any how in exercise news I have been doing 30 min every day and yoga class twice a week (Friday/Sunday) and a water aerobics class (Sat). I realized that I was only maintaining during the holidays, which was good but will not help me loose the other 30 lbs. So I am trying to be proactive and up the exercise level because I don't want to cut back on food any more. I think once my one yoga class is done (one more week) I may look into joining a studio near by. We'll see. I don't like conventional gyms, they are too competitive and very male oriented. I went to a curves for a while but doing the same thing day after day got old so we'll see I'm sure I will find a balance in time.

    Have a great week.
  • SW 149 GW 130 CW 132.8 -2lbs
  • Sw 246 Gw 175 Cw 243 = 3 pounds lost

    I was weary I would have no weight lost this week with everything going on, I only exercised twice this week. But it feels great to have still lost weight such a motivation! I know next week will be much better, I'm getting back on track! I too would like advice on how to lose inches, I've lost almost 20 pounds so far and just an inch in my waist! It is frustrating, are there any exercises I could try to lose more inches?

    Have a great day everyone!! Keep losing weight!
  • pamh5555
    pamh5555 Posts: 191 Member
    Well, Finally back on track after gaining when husband was sick. I do not think that I will make my mini goal this month but I am okay with that. I am just happy that I am losing it.

    I am loving the EA active exercises. I do these every Monday - Friday on low. After this month, I will move up to Medium for two months and then to high after that. The reason i will be doing medium two months in a row is that I will be on vacation for over 10 days and i am not looking to hurt myself.

    Starting Weight - 215 lbs
    Current Weight - 201 lbs
    Lost Weight - 14 lbs.

    I am trying to lose 11 lbs by March 1. We will see how close I can come to that. I am happy with the way things are progressing.
  • mistydcox
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    Hey everyone! Cyndi and Kelli where are you ladies at???? So still during that time of the month but I weighed today and was the same still at 9 lbs lost which is I think probably a good thing possibly I lost some weight and will see it on the scale next week. I am really hoping so been really good lately on the food thing. Looking into joining the YMCA here for our family. That way I can do some water aerobics and not kill my back again. After some weight is off I plan to do the group classes for cardio kickboxing and spinning. So doing okay just hanging in there. :) Sounds like you all this week are doing really well. Great job everyone! See you next week sometime! :) Have a great Valentines day weekend!

    Misty :)
  • sorry i missed the weigh in. The power was off here for 2 1/2 days due to broken branches from the snow. So I'm just going to start fresh on Monday.

    Have a great Holiday.
  • pamh5555
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    Yeah me, I finally broke the 200 lbs mark.

    Starting Weight - Dec 1 - 215
    Current Weight - 199.5

    Trying to lose 9.5 lbs by the end of the month.

    Also, just had to let everyone know. I found sugar free tropical pops in the freezer the other day. OMG. I hate sugar free stuff because of the aftertaste. but this had none. Tasted like it was made with juice and only 15 calories. Perfect end to the evening.

    Did Cardio Monday - friday.
    Water was 4 out of the 7 days
    Was about 1/2 on under calories.
  • Hey,
    Not doing so well with the way in thing lately. I didn't get to it Friday and had to work all day Sat. Unusual for me being a teacher. On top of that I fell at work on Monday down three concrete steps to crash on a landing. Fortunately I managed to turn so I didn't face plant but that meant my shoulder too the brunt. Its still sore. I think I'm going to have to go to the doctor to just to make sure I didn't tare anything. Also I go spacer put in so I didn't really eat much food with texture last week. That is better but today they are putting on my bottom braces so it will be another three days or so before I can chew anything. I have tried to work our as much as my arm would let me but it has not been close to the usual. I gained 1 lbs but all things considered I'm not too upset about that. I have hopes that this week will be better.

    Have a great week.
  • Hey guys. It's been awhile. I've been busy. We are hopefully going to be moving in the next week or so. Just waiting for the final ok. I'm down a few more pounds. I'm at 138 now. Officially less than 140. Feels good. I re did my BMI and I'm now in the healthy range. I'm at 24.4. It feels good. I haven't measured since the day after Christmas. I might be doing that later tonight since it just occurred to me how long it's been. I bought a bathing suit the other day and I'm in a medium ladies size. The top fit good. The bottoms though I had to keep pulling up... I might have gotten away with a small. I was even able to fit into a medium shirt that I found at the Goodwill this weekend. It looks really good. I'm doing pretty good. We went down to Kentucky this past weekend and went atv riding. Well the boys did, my friend and I went and did some shopping and some swimming. We went and got our nails done and got a pedicure. It was nice. Other than that, nothing else is really going on. I'm still watching what I eat. I really don't eat red meat a whole lot anymore and it's helped out a lot. We went to Tumbleweed Saturday night and I really over did, I was in pain that night and the next day. It was a over full feeling. It was gross, I hated it. I have not done that in a very long time. Well, I'm tired. I'm trying to catch up on some of the post reading.

    I've also lost 15 inches... I just measured...
  • pamh5555
    pamh5555 Posts: 191 Member
    Well, did my weigh in today.

    SW - 215 lbs
    CW - 198.5 lbs
    Lost - 16.5 Lbs

    Cardio - 4 out of the last 7
    Water - 4 out of the last 7
    Calories 4 out of the last 7
  • SW 198, GW 130, CW 164= 1lbs loss

    I'm a little disappointed in myself. I seem to be out of sync and not getting the most out of my work outs. I'll try to focus better next week.
  • So I'm really agrivated with my shoulder. When I fell two weeks ago I though that I just banged myself up a bit. BUt its not really getting better. I have taking time off work to go to the doctor but I'm starting to think that I did something bad to it and need an MRI. I hope that I'll go and he'll say that its just badly sprainded but I don't know. In the mena time i can't do half of my Asanas well because I can't really put a lot of weight on that arm. I know that it will work out but its a pain.
  • pamh5555
    pamh5555 Posts: 191 Member
    Been a rough couple of days. I had the stomache flu come through the house but luckily it passed me by.

    Starting Weight - Dec 1 - 215 lbs
    Current Weight - 199.5 lbs
    Total Weight Lost so far - 15.50 lbs.

    Countdown to vacation - 17 days. Yeah me. here I come mexican riveria.
  • guidosgal
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    Great Job Pam :flowerforyou: I have been stuck for 3 weeks now. Hey at least the scale is not move upwards :bigsmile:
  • Well Helllloooooooo MFP Friends.

    Well as you all know haven't been around for a while...cause I made a deal with myself that I wasn't going to come here until I was sure I was going to get serious about making a Life Change for better health. So on that note - for the past two weeks I have been working hard at exercising everyday by doing some cardio for 25 minutes on my gazelle...I know some of you may think the Gazelle isn't the greatest...but it is all I have other than my gym membership and just not ready to go there. So my attitude is better something than nothing. Weight wise...not sure what is going on as I have decided to not weigh myself till after TOM which is due in 2 days. I feel I won't get a true weight measurement with TOM on the way...so once it has been here and gone...going to weigh in so probably next Friday - March 12th for me.

    Eating wise, not eating the best that I could but will say eating better. Need to still cut back but again with TOM on the way my appetite is just crazy...but I try to eat healthier stuff. Plus I am finding with the cardio I am doing my appetite has picked up.

    Other than that all is getting better here...had a bit of a rough time last mth at the beginning as my hubby's appendix ruptured and then he came home one day and the next day I had to put my dog down. Then my son came home and informed me his wife and him are splitting up - that was the day after I put the dog down...I was devastated. So first 2 to 3 weeks of February is past us now and we are into March and I am onto better things in my life.

    I have been taking some real positive steps in my life to improve the quality of my everyday living. Reading spiritual books and learning new things about myself. One thing I did learn from these books is how I have neglected myself health wise and physically. So one of the other reasons for getting back to a Life Change. I come to realize if I don't do it..it isn't going to happen.

    Well enough blabbering....I haven't read any of your posts as I see there is about 4 pages and don't have the time to read them all...so on that note..hope all is well with my old MFP friends and welcome to any newbies. Hoping to stay more in touch as I start to progress.

    Take care all...and hugs.