Short girls- What is your goal weight?



  • californiagirl2012
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    I am 5'2" and my goal is 115. What is yours?

    I like the range my doctor agreed with from my Venus Index manual:
    HEIGHT IDEAL RANGE Number for the Minimum Calorie Equation*
    5’1” 99 – 128 Lbs. 115 Lbs. ( 1,150 Calories )

    I got down to 109, and I hover between 116-125 for over a year now. It's pretty hard to just pick a weight and stay there, it will drive you bananas. There are too many fluctuations. If you do a variety of exercises especially weight lifting there is re-composition. There are so many variables for the scale; water retention, digestion, hormones, allergies, sodium, carbs, water intake, DOMS, inflammation, the list goes on. People mistakenly think they lose or gain fat when they eat more or less because of these fluctuations.
  • 5'2" and inbetween 115 (what i'd like to see) and 119.5 (what my wii fit told me was healthy)
  • trospert
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    I'm 5'2" and I current weigh 135, give or take, so my "ideal" weight is about 125-130. Not tooo drastically different in numbers but it does show on my frame quickly since I'm short.
  • jenypri
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    I am 5'4 but I am shooting for 175lbs, I like being curvy, a size 10 is my ideal size
  • Kimber415
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    I'm 51 and 5' 1 1/2" and my goal weight is 115. Not sure I'll want to get that low but that's what I'm saying right now. Currently at 153.6 (down 23.2) and NO I have a lot more I want to loose. So seems realistic thus far.
  • kayc06
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    I'm 5'2 and weigh 150. I would like to get down to 120. What is your calorie intake for the day?
  • Damnityell
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    I'm 5'2 and I'm looking to be about 125. I'd like to keep some of my booty and chest.
  • fleur_de_lis19
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    5'3 and my goal weight is 145.. maybe a little more from there but nothing lower than 135. I like having boobs and a butt
  • I'm 5'4 and weigh 134...I'm at a healthy weight so now I just want to get shredded.
  • El_Ivers
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    I agree. I am aiming for 140-145 at 5'4. At my lowest weight after college I was 130. It was so hard to stay that weight. My face looked gaunt and I was basically only eating salads and grilled chicken while working out 2-2.5 hours a day. SO not healthy! I am just not built to be that small.
  • misfitswayoflife
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    I'm 5'4 and my ULTIMATE gw is 120
    but my first goal is 140
    second goal 130
    third goal 125
    And we will see what I lok like at those weights. 120 may be impossible for me I won't know until I've made progress
  • Katanthus
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    5'2" 48 yrs old and goal was around 125, but depends on muscle. I will be happy 135
  • Iron_Feline
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    The one where I look like LorinaLynn. :flowerforyou:

    HA ha me too - I'm 5'2 and aiming for 125 - but I wanna start lifting heavy so looks more than weight will be the end decision on what weight I get to when I decided to stop. :bigsmile:
  • I'm 5" tall and 46 so right now I'm aiming for 140 but when I get there I will reaccess and probably try for 130. Depends how I look and feel.
  • mwaggoner
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    I'm 5'1 and goal weight is 107 - Curious, how many calories do you short girls eat to maintain? Subosedly my BMR is 1100 but I think that is too low!
  • autumnk921
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    I am 5'2 and my goal weight is 130. I don't want to look sucked up, I like a little meat on my bones. :-)

    Agreed! :)

    Exactly what I wanted to say as well - I am also 5'2 with the goal of 130lbs. :happy:
  • HypersonicFitNess
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    5'2" - Goal is 115-118; I'm 120 now. I'm not real focused on weight so much is making sure my size 2s fit perfectly. They fit nice now, so I'm really good, but I want a little more tone on my booty and thighs (so I could lose another 1/2 " or so off those areas and I'd be jazzed). I was 117-118 before and think I looked good (and I'm 43).
  • Iron_Feline
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    I'm 5'1 and goal weight is 107 - Curious, how many calories do you short girls eat to maintain? Subosedly my BMR is 1100 but I think that is too low!

    You need to eat at TDEE NOT BMR - BMR is the calories your body need to keep itself alive in a coma! I'm eating 1500 a day to lose weight. :bigsmile:
  • HypersonicFitNess
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    When I went on maintenance I was eating 1500-1600 and that's what I'll probably go back to (I was previously on eDiets)
  • Cherylh842002
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    71 lbs!! What an accomplishment! Great work :)