First world problems..



  • cNhobbes
    cNhobbes Posts: 235 Member
    i have one of those under-the-skin zits on my chin that won't go away for like 2 months. and i have first date on saturday.
  • BeeElMarvin
    BeeElMarvin Posts: 2,086 Member
    Third world starves. I'm still fat.
  • maab_connor
    maab_connor Posts: 3,927 Member
    i have the blues b/c i'm not on vacation this week too.

    i went to go get The Avengers... they didn't have any Blu Ray copies.
  • MinMin97
    MinMin97 Posts: 2,676 Member
    Missed my spin class this morning b/c I didn't want to wait for the late instructor.
  • Tilran
    Tilran Posts: 626 Member
    computer dies while enjoying a good porno.

    that is the worst...ever.

    Sounds like time for a new computer....because without'd have a SERIOUS First World Problem
  • VelociMama
    VelociMama Posts: 3,119 Member
    The body shop that fixed my truck screwed it up so I can't put a tow hitch on it, so now I get to scream at them tomorrow.

    Yeah, FWP.
  • vodkoffee
    vodkoffee Posts: 160 Member
    My living room is full of clothes that are too big for me, which friends said they wanted, but never picked up.
  • wolverine66
    wolverine66 Posts: 3,779 Member
    the printer is out of staples, so now i have to staple these packets together myself

    Can't you just replace the staples?

    Oddly enough, it actually takes ordering a cartridge of staples rather than using your regular, run-of-the-mill staples.
  • nturner612
    nturner612 Posts: 710 Member
    i spent my "spending money" on a brand new purse, instead of a i still dont know how much i weigh...bummer ill have to b 0lbs lost for a little longer :(
  • theblitz
    my jeep keeps beeping at me because the window washer sensor is bad.
    and my favorite kind of apples are way more expensive than all the other kinds.
  • elprincipito
    elprincipito Posts: 1,200 Member
    awaiting for a certain e-mail contact...
  • MissAnjy
    MissAnjy Posts: 2,480 Member
    My diamond shoes are too tight.
  • yoovie
    yoovie Posts: 17,121 Member
    my purple pen ran out of ink.
  • BrettPGH
    BrettPGH Posts: 4,720 Member
    5 minutes late for my lunch 6.
  • BriskaPacojame
    I don't have the cash to buy midol today :explode:
  • _Timmeh_
    _Timmeh_ Posts: 2,096 Member
    I HAD to press 1
  • MaraDiaz
    MaraDiaz Posts: 4,604 Member
    Our old dog is having digestive issues, so it now takes longer to prepare her meals than it does to prepare my own, since we put three medications in it and mix canned food, puppy chow, and regular dog food together.

    I swear, the canned food looks better than some people food I've eaten in the past, too.
  • squirmmonster
    squirmmonster Posts: 98 Member
    I bought 6 bottles of wine last roommate drank 2 of them without telling me.
    :mad: :mad:

    oh HELL NO.....

    Pretty expensive wine too.
    I was pretty upset when I saw that she left the 2 empty bottles on the counter

    Tell her they were pricy and that you expect any further bottles to be replaced. That'll keep your wine marginally safer, if she's not one of those insane moocher people with no sense of remorse.
  • Cliffslosinit
    Cliffslosinit Posts: 5,044 Member
    i have the blues b/c i'm not on vacation this week too.

    i went to go get The Avengers... they didn't have any Blu Ray copies.

    That sucks!!!! I got my copy. First time I watched a blu-ray movie.
    New PS3......YAY!! Now back to the sad *kitten*.
  • Charlie003
    Charlie003 Posts: 1,333 Member
    Siri will not tell me a joke.