Say no to Friend Collectors



  • salmon5516
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    Im a complete newbie have only been logging my food diary for the last week but if you'd like to chat feel free to add me :)
  • sofievb
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    I only started yesterday but I'm looking for active & supportive friends, as well. Adding you!
  • Timmyttt418
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    I am on everyday, feel free to add me. or anyone else that reads this.
  • ImperfectedBeauty
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    Insanity rocks!.. I got it for christmas last year but decided to use it more dedicatedly once i get into better shape. Btw- you have my dream body... so fricken jealous.
  • fatboypup
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  • _JR_
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    When you have around 400 friends and nobody comments or speaks with you, it's a weeee bit annoying. But hey, that's just my opinion.

    You had 400 friends, and you're telling others not to be "friend collectors"???
  • I agree , if we are all gonna be friends on here we need to be supportive friends & not talk about what we went shopping at the mall for yesterday lol, but instead about ways we can support everyone through our weight loss journeys. Feel free to add me if you'd like.
  • nikinyx6
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    I only have about 70 friends.. Most of them say crap as stupid as I do.

    They're the best.


    As long as when I see a friends username, I can relate it to SOMETHING, a picture, conversation, etc...they're good :)
  • I think we can still all be friends while supporting each other through our weight loss.
  • wow!
    after reading all this i must say the power of a post is interesting..Lol!
    guess suiting your needs and the needs of others varies from person to person.
  • wrevhn
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    When you have around 400 friends and nobody comments or speaks with you, it's a weeee bit annoying. But hey, that's just my opinion.

    it is a bit annoying. esp if you do put time in ppl and still no response. or god forbid your life get hectic and you miss a few days. i'm not perfect, so i like friends who are supportive without asking so much from me. I have a few great loyal ones.

    I'm 5'4 too. if i go to chiroprator reg, I get 5'4.5. lol
    long torso, long waist.

    140 currently, highest about 200 after quitting smoking, etc. lowest 105. aiming for...your weight actually. then after that ..we'll see.

    i like cardio kickboxing, zumba, hiit, p90x, wii fit plus, etc.
  • UncleMac
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  • Cliffslosinit
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    Are you in a gang or do you Rap?
    If not pull your pants up dirty girl.
  • Mummyadams
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    I am on everyday and trying to lose around 10lbs and then maintain. Into heavy lifting & Crossfit. Friend me, I will coment if I think it's worthy and kick your a** if you need it - please do the same to me - only motivators need apply :smile:
  • amvh2008
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    VERY TRUE!!!
  • dr2k12
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    I actually have no friends, I kind of like just hanging out with whoever is talking up something interesting...
  • Deipneus
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    Age: 19

    I hear you. I accept just about any friend request but at 59, I don't send them to 19 year olds...
  • urloved33
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    I am with you, everyone is welcome.
    I'd rather just friend whoever wants to be friends, without having requirements. Sometimes people just want to look around for motivation, and either they're too busy to interact a lot or they are shy. I see these same kinds of posts from people a lot, and I always wonder what the big deal is.
  • margieparkins
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    hello all, I am new on here and love reading recipe ideas,added a couple of people and they are only concerned about themselves, which i understand but they like the support but dont give any hmmm, anyway keep up the good work and maybe myself might try adding some more encouriging people, if your interested add me, I am 57 and live in Australia.:bigsmile: