How often do you weigh yourelf?



  • Kenzietea2
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    Well I had a baby almost 5 weeks ago, and I have lost 33 out of 40lbs so far, so I weigh every day because it is awesome to see the scale change so much. Usually though, I weigh once-twice/week :)
  • fonitoni
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    every day but my official weigh-in is once a month at the gym where measurements are taken as well
  • I weigh my elf once a year at Christmas.....LOL....just kidding. (there was a typo in the subject line and it made me laugh).....

    I weigh every two weeks. I used to be very obsessed with weighing every day. I finally threw away the scale and went "scale-less" for about 5 years.

    Now I'm weighing for the "weigh to win" program where they reward you if you lose weight. Apparently I'm motivated by being paid to lose weight! :-)

    It's working for me along with My Fitness Pal and my trusty pedometer.
  • ciobair
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    Every morning after I pee and naked..:smile:

    This ^^^^ - but I only log the Monday morning result.

    I accept there are temporary ups and downs during the week, but personally, I need to see what's happening...........
  • RedHotHunter
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    I weigh my elf as often as I can catch him. So maybe every 6 weeks or so. He's a quick little guy!
  • Every day Mon- Fri. Sometimes on the weekends.
  • guildwars1987
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    I do it everyday but you gotta remember that it fluxuates on a number of variables.
  • Metspride129
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    i weigh myself every day...usually a few times a day lmao.
  • I'm one of those "every morning after you pee" people but I'm going to try to only weigh in on Sundays so that I am not discouraged by fluctuations.
  • Saiava
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    For me, I try to only weigh myself every Monday morning after I've peed and in my birthday suit (more accurate that way). Once a week is sufficient for because anymore than that and I'll rip my hair out if my scale says I've gained even though I know weight can fluctuate during the day/week.
  • ktweld
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    I weigh once per week (Monday's) and plan to measure once per month. The first 50 lbs (still to go) will probably keep me keen on my actual weight but after that, the size pants I purchase will matter more because at that point - I think from the comments I have seen that more people will have fluctuating weight due to exercise,and muscle water, etc. I can't wait to go down my 1st size - hopefully by 11/1
  • Sarah_Wins
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    Yay, it's been a whole 2 hours since we've talking about weighing ourselves!
  • Once at the beginning of the month and again at the end of the month.
  • In the morning after the BM. If I weighed in once per week, and that weight shows little progress or, god forbid, a gain, I'd lose it! Daily I can chart the fluctuations and see the progress.
  • Every morning, naked.
  • LCgymnast
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    Honestly I think it's a preference. Some people like to see the numbers everyday and some like to see it every so often. I'm the latter. I don't like to see the same numbers day after day, but seeing the numbers decrease every week and a half is a good motivation for me.
  • Once a week
  • SweetCheekszx0
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    if i did it every morning id go insane.. but it a perfect world id actually take my own advice :x lol that being said. i try to do it weekly but outta curiousity sometimes i will step on it 3x a day lol

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  • OMG! I didn't even notice that it said my elf!! Haha I am wearing fake nails so sometimes it feels like it presses the key but it doesn't haha.
  • metacognition
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    Every day. It's really interesting to see how your body adds water on certain days. I've noticed that my weight loss occurs in cycles. The first day I'll drop a pound and a half, and it will be a "preview" for me the coming week. Over the next few days I'll stay at or up to 1 lb above that new low weight, and then randomly 4-5 days later it will go through another sudden drop.