Short girls- What is your goal weight?



  • I'm 5'0 and am aiming for about 38kg - I think that's about 84lbs.

    That's a BMI of 16; that would be impossible to maintain.
  • I'm 5'2, and I want to reach 120. I really just want to be happy with the way I look.
  • I'm 5'1 and my goal is 140-145. Anything less and I wouldn't look right.
  • fit_librarian
    fit_librarian Posts: 246 Member
    Somewhere between 125-130lbs. I'm 5'2.5".
  • nadiarrxo
    nadiarrxo Posts: 4 Member
    i'm 5ft 4 and currently weigh 125lbs. i'm aiming for 119lbs which is 8 and half stone! i think this will be a nice weight for me and not look to 'skinny' (love my curves). i just plan to do lots of strength and muscle training after that to look more toned!
  • HappyandToned
    HappyandToned Posts: 49 Member
    I'm 5'2 and I want to get back down to 106-110lbs. :D
  • perpetuallyengaged
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    I am only five feet tall. According to all the calculators, my ideal weight is something like114. BUT, I am also 42 years old. The last time I weight that little or less, I looked anorexic. I think 120-125 is a reasonable healthy weight for ME.

    i looked at the military body fat calculator on fat2fit and it projected my ideal body weight as 114 lbs. Are you nuts? I am almost 5'6" tall. Those calculators are ridiculous. I would look positively GAUNT at 114 lbs. Craziness.
  • ucfgirl941
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    I'm 5'3, currently 110. goal is 100 or a little heavier (just until I lose the extra). I'm 22 and have small bone structure.
  • CAG164
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    I'm 5'3". the aim is 145 or so. Always been on the heavier side and this was my most comfortable weight so that's the ultimate goal.
  • MemphisKitten
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    I am 5'3" and my first goal weight is 125 lbs. After I reach that, I'm going for 120 lbs. My ultimate goal is to look muscular, so as long as I am happy with my muscles, I will be happy with my weight. :bigsmile:
  • miss_ally08
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    I'm 5'2.5" and my goal weight right now is 120lbs. I used to want to be 115lbs but that was really hard to maintain, so I'd like to just be 120 and have muscle :) Fit and toned!
  • ptak1sm
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    I'm 5'1" and my original GW was 126. I currently weigh 124 and I'm happy but I still want to cut some more.
  • shaynak112
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    5'1" and goal is 140. I'm heavier than that right now and don't look obese, I just look a bit chubby. I can't imagine going down to even 130 let alone 110-120 lbs ... I feel like I'd be practically nothing then. That just would not work for me. Everyone is different! :P
  • sonyashine
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    i'm 5'4" and would be happy with a healthy 145 if I can only get there...
  • ShyCat
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    Just under 5'2" and just under 60 yrs old. Goal now is 110-115, as I'm 136 lbs now and it looks & feels like just too much on my frame.

    About 10 yrs ago I was super motivated & got down to 102, and at that point didn't feel good. A few pounds more at about 105-8 I felt much better -- those few pounds mean more for us shorties! (And THEN I moved to a part of the country famous for its food!)
  • I'm a little over 5'4", not sure if that's "short" or not. :P

    Apparently a healthy weight for me is anywhere from 111 lbs to 150 lbs. I'm really not sure where I want to end up at yet. Somewhere in the middle, I think.
  • vicki9168
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    I'm 5'2 and should be around 60kg, would be happy with 65 (143 pound).
  • grausch09
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    125 lbs! I think that is a healthy weight even though it told me much lower!!!! I don't think I have ever been 125 lbs so it would be nice just to see that number! :laugh:
  • I am 5'2 and my goal weight is 130. I don't want to look sucked up, I like a little meat on my bones. :-)

    This is me too! I'd be ok with going lower, but will feel really successful once I'm at 130
  • I am 5'1" and 49 yrs of age. I would love to be around 135-145 but feel that might be too much. My first goal is to reach 165.