Goal of 20 lbs down by Christmas...any joiners?



  • count me in..... i need all the support and help i can get... weight at 230....
  • Fat2Fit145
    Fat2Fit145 Posts: 385 Member
    Hi everyone,

    Just recently getting back at this after an extended summer off. Was doing really well until our family vacation and now need to set a goal for myself to get back on it. The goal is to lose 20 lbs. by December 25th. Looking for others who may want to do this as well. If you are interested let me know and leave your starting weight and goal weight. Thinking of weigh-in's every 2 weeks. Looking forward to it.

    Lauren - Starting weight 172.6, Goal weight 152.6

    I'm in.... we we're arund the same SW.... I'm 172.2....
  • hauer01
    hauer01 Posts: 523 Member
    Me too! I am on my last 20 lbs and would love to have that gone by christmas.

    ST: 236
    CW: 176
    GW by December 25th: 155
  • khagberg87
    khagberg87 Posts: 10 Member
    I'd love to join! I'm 192 now, so 172 by Chistmas! My ultimate goal is 135.
  • I'm in! im 260 now and my goal is to be 240 or under... wish me luck
    Blessed be )O(
  • kimmy6779
    kimmy6779 Posts: 21 Member
    i want in!!

    I am 230 now
    goal by christmas 210
  • Juliawiatr
    Juliawiatr Posts: 24 Member
    I'm in!

    153 now, would love to be 133!
  • hi3cho
    hi3cho Posts: 26 Member
    I will give it a try, I lost 20 over about 3 months in the spring but I gained most of it back over the summer. Would love to get down to 180 by Christmas and then work on building muscle through the rest of the winter and spring. It might be tough though during the holidays and also during football season. I am planning on starting insanity again on sunday.

    Starting Weight: 201
    Goal Weight: 180
  • rudegyal_b
    rudegyal_b Posts: 594 Member
    i wish!! im lucky if i hit 20lb for this whole year!!
  • Absolutely:
    Starting Weight 177
    Goal Weight: 157
  • Im in!!
    Current Weight : 166
    Goal Weight :146

    Good Luck Everyone!!!
    ROCKNMIMI Posts: 36 Member
    I'm in there... Height 5' 4" CW 186, GW 166 by Christmas.
  • ladybug114
    ladybug114 Posts: 39 Member

    Current Weight: 174.6
    Goal Weight is 145, but 20 lbs would be awesome! :tongue:
  • mightdomightnot
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    count me in....i'm doing well with my new exercise regimne but not so well with sticking to calories...and weight loss...maybe this will help me with that.

    now 280
    dec 25 260

    thanks for organising :)
  • sh3lby03
    sh3lby03 Posts: 193 Member
    I'm joining for ten pounds. Starting weight 139.8, goal weight 130:-)
  • crushers57
    crushers57 Posts: 3 Member
    I'll join!!!! I need to set a goal......currently 167/170...would love to get to 150 by Christmas........:happy:
  • JosephVitte
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    I'm all over this. Ironic too............I just joined MFP this month and I submitted my goal weight lost at 25lbs. I have not did the official weigh in yet, but have already lost 5 pounds (I will submit soon) So really, I have exactly 20 pounds to go (for starting). Since seeing your "thingy" here, I just decided this would be a great goal, since my only goal was losing the weight, no time frame, I think this is realistic for me, especially with the type of work I'm doing at the moment, until half way through December. The last 2 weeks might be the hardest for me personally. I'm on board, would love the motivation of a time frame, and possible support???? Sign me up, what are we doing?

    245lbs- current

    220lbs- by Christmas
  • Sounds reasonable to me... Starting weight 242, currently 238,, so right at about 220 by christmas. Im trying to stick to paleo diet and crossfit exercise routine. Anyone else doing one or both of these?
  • I'm in!!

    Current: 159lbs

    Goal: 139 :-)
  • RiverMelSong
    RiverMelSong Posts: 456 Member
    I'm in!!
    CW: 183
    GW: 163