What r your first three things u do after waking up



    PHLLLY Posts: 160 Member
    Sh1t Shave and a Shower
  • nexangelus
    nexangelus Posts: 2,084 Member
    Toilet, feed cats and boil the kettle for a cuppa...
  • MelissaRaeTerry
    MelissaRaeTerry Posts: 397 Member
    1: Pee
    2: Let the dogs and kitty out and feed them
    3: Get ready for work (if I'm on day shift) Otherwise get a little work out in
  • makemewannadie
    makemewannadie Posts: 401 Member
    -Check my phone/spend five minutes in bed reading the bbc news app
    -Go and cuddle/feed my kitten
    -Make a tea or coffee for myself and my boyfriend
  • wifealiciousness
    wifealiciousness Posts: 179 Member
    I'm not sure the first three are that exciting!

    1. Press snooze twice (having pre-arranged by setting the alarm early!) (wonder why there is a claw in my foot, kick the cat gently)
    2. Kiss sleeping husband (trip over cat)
    3. Toilet trip, brush teeth (before getting dressed so as not to toothpaste my clothing), get dressed, hop on my bicycle and ride to the station.
  • 1. Turn my alarm on snooze about 6 times (I'm awful at getting up!! I set 6 different alarms)
    2. Have a pee!
    3. Feed the cats, sort the dog and feed myself usually in a check out line type operation for my morning and all at the same time too!

    Very boring I know but pets are sods in the morning until you feed them! haha
  • 1. Turn the 4 alarms off (6 in the morning it's way too early for me lol)
    2. Check phone/read emails/news while in bed
    3. Pee and brush teeth
  • barbaramitchell101
    barbaramitchell101 Posts: 360 Member
    when I wake to pee in the iddle of te night, I take my thyroid meds, and check MFP
    when the alarm goes off @ 5:30, I pee first, then I go back to bed and listen to the radio till it shuts off an hour later
    then I check MFP before getting ready for work...also in there I shower, and take my morning meds and suppliments, amke and drink my GNLD protein shake

    on the weekends, I pee in the middle of the night, take my thyroid meds

    then sleep, sleep, sleep, getting up to pee and an occasional MFP check

    Also, in there, I take my morning meds and suppliments

    Oh, and I eat whenever I feel like it....LOL
  • KerrieJane86
    KerrieJane86 Posts: 78 Member
    1) Check my phone to see what I missed
    2) turn on music
    3) go to the washroom
  • 1. stretch
    2. straighten hair
    3.do make up
  • 1. Pee
    2. Shower
    3. Coffee
  • SeaRunner26
    SeaRunner26 Posts: 5,143 Member
    1. Hit the snooze button.
    2. Hit the snooze button.
    3. Hit the snooze button.
  • 1Kristine1
    1Kristine1 Posts: 697 Member
    1. Hit the snooze button.
    2. Hit the snooze button.
    3. Hit the snooze button.
    hahah totally. Mine goes off every five minutes and I usually set it half hour before I get up. So I end up pressing the snooze button grumpily x6.
  • thebigcb
    thebigcb Posts: 2,210 Member
    Fumble blindly to find and turn off the alarm
    Stub my toe/toes on the door/bed/shoes
    Swear like a sailor with the pain
  • mrtoaster
    mrtoaster Posts: 90 Member
    snooze, snooze, PANIC!
    2. Go pee
    3. Go skull some water out of the jug.

    On weekends

    1. Go pee
    2. check phone and mfp
    3. Put music on blast and smoke a cigarette.
  • CrazyAnne
    CrazyAnne Posts: 217 Member
    Go to the bathroom
    Brush my teeth
    Wash my face
  • Woodduck2000
    Woodduck2000 Posts: 18 Member
    Turn off alarm,cuddle wifey,go to dunny
  • nickyfm
    nickyfm Posts: 1,224 Member
    1) Check phone
    2) Brush Teeth
    3) Drink a glass of water
  • elektradarling
    elektradarling Posts: 85 Member
    stretch, coffee, laptop.