what do you put in your coffee?



  • zaithyr
    zaithyr Posts: 482 Member
    Hershey's lite syrup, a little sugar, splash of milk, and cinnamon. It comes up to be 87 calories but I only drink 1 cup a day and I can't stand artificial sweeteners lol
  • 99clmsntgr
    99clmsntgr Posts: 777 Member
    Black. Dark roast.

    Occasionally on Saturdays I'll do a flavored coffee -- Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice coffee is the shizzle, btw -- but that's it.
  • shapeup6
    shapeup6 Posts: 46 Member
    Black - no cream, no sugar. I love the taste of plain coffee!
  • greatsmile71
    greatsmile71 Posts: 12 Member
    Your doctor is right. This is/was like when I was hungry and would drink a diet coke. WOW. Then, shortly after, I became famished. Artificial sweeteners are not good. I drink my coffe with a splash of skim milk. I have gotten used to the change in flavor as I used to prefer sweet coffee, too.
  • jboss1989
    Drink it black! Puts hair on your chest...But seriously, black :)
  • FammaMel
    FammaMel Posts: 293 Member
    Cinnamon and sometimes a little hot cocoa mix.
  • kdiamond
    kdiamond Posts: 3,329 Member
    I usually use Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffeemate, but during the holidays (when it's available) I use sugar-free peppermint mocha or sugar-free pumpkin spice coffeemate.

    This. At 20 calories a tablespoon, it isn't bad.
  • kevokie
    kevokie Posts: 53 Member
    Hot, strong and black is exactly how I like my coffee.
  • niftyfifty47
    niftyfifty47 Posts: 87 Member
    I started drinking mine black when I started my weight loss journey.
  • skeeterrose1
    skeeterrose1 Posts: 11 Member
    I refuse to give up the way I like my coffee Hazelnut skim milk 2 sugars. I have one a day, and it better taste the way I want it to. Nothing worse then giving up something you really want to have, so I don't :)
  • ziggyc
    ziggyc Posts: 191 Member
    I drink mine black. Thankfully for the sake of my diet, I do not like the taste of sugar in coffee.
  • FitFabFlirty92
    FitFabFlirty92 Posts: 384 Member
    I use one packet of Truvia and a little Almond milk -- sometimes Vanilla, sometimes Original. I like my coffee really bitter anyway, so I haven't felt the need to sweeten it beyond that. I went from my morning cup of coffee being over 100 calories with regular cream and sugar, to now being only 15 calories. :)
  • nygrl4evr
    nygrl4evr Posts: 196 Member
    I usually use Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffeemate, but during the holidays (when it's available) I use sugar-free peppermint mocha or sugar-free pumpkin spice coffeemate.

    Me too! Had the sugar free peppermint mocha this morning, yummy!!
  • rsm1972
    rsm1972 Posts: 283
    I put Honey and skim milk or just black
  • magerum
    magerum Posts: 12,589 Member
    1 packet of some artificial sweetener. Call the police!
  • sburde2
    sburde2 Posts: 178 Member
    1 tbsp powdered creamer (love coffee mate hazelnut) and 1 tsp cinnamon sugar
  • homerjspartan
    homerjspartan Posts: 1,893 Member
    I save room in my daily calories to enjoy the Coffeemate creamers. It is my one little treat I love. I deal with giving up anything else, but leave my creamers to me.

    Love this time of the year too. Pumpkin Spice. Sugar Cookie. Eggnog. Gingerbread.

    They do have fat free and sugar free versions, which I do also to help with the calorie intake.

    You can't cut out everything that makes you happy. Use your creamer. Enjoy.

  • kenazfehu
    kenazfehu Posts: 1,188 Member
    2 tablespoons of half and half. It's 40 calories, but worth it to me. I tried black and drinking it with milk - bleh. No go!
  • MSeel1984
    MSeel1984 Posts: 2,297 Member
    For as long as it is in stores, light eggnog and a little half and half (to cut the sweetness). About the same amount of calories as a typical creamer. SO delish!
  • kaylou
    kaylou Posts: 375 Member
    They have a sugar free french vanilla and its just as good....half the calories:happy: