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  • I haven't been on MFP for a long time and don't post every day but you may request me and I will help however I can. You are right having someone to talk to does help. i have a wonderful friend in melsdonuts, we message regularly. I would love to with you as well.
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    Hi, you can add me if you like! I can be a yo yo dieter at times but being on here has kept me motivated so far! I log in every day, and my diary is open to friends! :-)
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    I log daily. I think the most important thing is not to work super hard at a diet, but to develop a lifestyle that is healthy and gets you to the weight you want.
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    i update daily. add me, right now!
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    Feel free to add me :) Anyone who wants can add me too
  • Hi there! I log daily ... Feel free to add me :)
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    Hi! I log daily and keep really active on the site. I am also looking for friends to keep me motivated. I've added a couple people but it seems like they've all disappeared as of late. So anybody and everybody that wants to, please feel free to add me! : D
  • Hello My name is Darlene and I am 58 years old. Your journal sounds just like me when I was your age. I would love to log in everyday which will keep my on tract and If I help others that will also help me. Weight has always been on my mind for years. It started with I was 13. I was an Ice Skater 5'6'' and was 129lbs. Looking back at pictures I was perfect. I was not perfect in my own head. I wanted to get down to 118. I would starve myself, exercise like crazy. My pro Ice trainer was alway on my weight. She wanted me to look like a stick. At 16 I joined Weight Watchers and wanted to get to 118. I did and I almost died. I am so very sick of this kind of thinking and I do not think like that anymore. I would say that I am 90 % cured of this weigh issue and soon the body will follow. At the age of 40 I just had a baby boy and was 300 lbs. After giving birth I went down to 220. I decided this extra person has to leave my body, LOL. With in six months I lost 110 lbs and kept if off for five years. Then the guy fell in love with me and I did not know it. I just thought we were just friends. I told him I can't date him because he was so boring. One day in the middle of the day we were shopping and he snapped and tried to kill me. He beat me up so bad, blood was all over the car and my face was all black and blue, yellow and orange. I did not realize how many colors your face can be. After that I moved far away from him, yes he went to jail for attempt murder. I gained 100 lbs in six months and I was not even eating. Ya, people say , " she has to be eating look how fat she is." I do not listen to anyone unless they have the same issue. Today Nov 10, 12 I don't know what happen, my brain turned on and I decided I am going to give it one last time. For me losing wt. is not the issue, its gaining it back. Anyone who wants to be my friend and really chat about this issue, please email me.
    Darlene PS I do not want to pro read, it takes too much time. I know who ever reads this will understand. :)
  • Your beautiful, keep healthy : Mentally, Emotionally and physically. Your new friend , Darlene
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    You can add me if you would like
  • sorry for all the mistakes, I do type fast , but I do not like to proff read.
  • Hello this is my first day on this myfitnesspal. Do they try to have you pay? I would like to email everyday and have a friend that has the same issues I have. My name is Darlene
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    Add me... I am on everyday!
  • I understand your pain, lets keep in touch. I can tell you one thing, if you don't understand why the weight keeps going up and down it only gets worse as you get older. Hate to sound negative, but it is true. Here is an example; me age 13 129 5'5'. age 15 142, could not believe it. Age 18 170. Then I would lose and gain it back. Age 21 around 180. 23 pregnant 300. lost weight after baby 150. 25 195. Age 32 pregnant up to 300. Again trying to lose got down to 150 but it was so difficult to stay there. Age 37 going through a divorce got really thin 138 5'6". Got pregnant at 180 Lbs went up to 300 lbs. After I had the baby lost 150 lbs and was in the Herbalife Magazine. After I got beat up my weight went up once again in 1998 to 230 for awhile then 245 and then 273 and today I do not know how much I weight. I am going to weight myself today and I am not going to weight myself as I lose the weight. I am going to go by my clothes Like a normal person. I hate scales all they do is play mind games. This is the last time I will get the weight off. I am 58 and this time I have a more healthy way of thinking. Love your self today... If someone does not like you because your overweight it is there loss. Thumbs up to everyone, we can do this. I do type fast and probably have many mistakes, but I am not going to proff read any of this. God Bless you all.
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    Feel free to add me if you like :)
  • My first day, How do I add someone? Is this free? or is their a catch somewhere?
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    Go a head and add me as a friend. I'm new to mfp I've only been on here 13 days, I'm trying to lose weight and get back in shape. Everyday I'm on here multiple times, I also could use support. Right now I'm eating clean and exercising everyday with the jillian michaels 30 day shred. Good luck and hope to hear from you.
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    Anyone can add me, I'm on daily
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    I'm on everyday, 95+ days and counting so far! Add me up :)
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