Do you have stretchmarks too?

Tonight, my stretchmarks are depressing me far past a level they ever have. Before I was pregnant, I had them just a little in between my thighs. Not very much. At six months pregnant, I got one and by the time I was 10 months and 2 weeks being induced, I was COVERED and I mean COVERED all over my stomach. It's to the point I feel like crying. Whether I lose weight and get fit or not, I'll ALWAYS have these disgusting, repulsive, ugly, hideous stretchmarks. While my boyfriend can have the best body and not one stretchmark, I'm stuck with these. I know he doesn't find me attractive without clothes on anymore. It's breaking me down. Do you have stretchmarks? Has anything other than time helped them? How do you deal with them?


  • mallorygp
    They make creams to help stretch marks, like Palmer's Cocoa Butter. I have them too, and I hate them, but EVERY woman has had them or will have them at some point. You're not alone. You are beautiful, and those are just battle scars from being a mommy!
  • liviilooseweight
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    I personally don't have stretch marks, but I do have some cellulite on the back of my thighs!! I use vitamin E oil at night, and that seems to help a lot! Maybe you should try that, or Palmers Cocoa Butter?
  • hloftin32
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    Honey, your body is not ruined. Your a tiger who earned her stripes. I hate mine, but I embrace them. My bf loves me and thinks my body is rocking so I'm not going to dwell on something that you can't really change. You can use the cocoa butters and it will firm them up a bit and minimize the appearance, but probably never go away. Your beautiful and a mommy, LOVE YOURSELF!!!
  • bradphil87
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    Mine were so bad! I use coca butter. Also tanning has seemed to help oddly enough
  • metacognition
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    Don't worry about them. Most women have stretch marks.
    Think of how the average man or woman on the street appears. From your avatar picture you are naturally blessed with great looks!

    The stretch marks will fade over a year or so and be less noticeable. They disappear faster if you lose weight in those areas, as well. If they are still red you can have lasers remove them over several treatments, though it is expensive.

    Consider yourself lucky for only having stretch marks during pregnancy.
    I have never had kids and have them on my breasts,inner thighs, hips, stomach, and arms. It runs on one side of my family, and it started when I was eleven years old, and not even heavy. You are very fortunate.
  • BossReyes
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    They will fade after a year or two. It just takes time. I hardly notice all of mine anymore. I used to weigh 450+lbs so I know what a stretch mark is haha. Just something we need to deal with. Takes time to accept it.
  • daniel7121
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    I hear that Vitamin E cream works great on them. Some of that on there daily will really help.
  • shorty35565
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    I've never been pregnant, just fat. Yes I have them on my belly, lower back, triceps, breasts, inner thighs. I'm covered. I dont do anything for them, because I'm pretty sure nothing works. I dont want to waste my money.
  • RunMyOregonBunsOff
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    I'm 5'2" with a short torso to boot and had two kids via c-section. My first was 10 lbs even and I didn't have any prego stretchmarks until about 8 months...then BAM in a not good way. I was induced 11 days past due and yeah, I've got stretch marks from a couple inches above my belly button to half way down the inside of my thighs. The stretchmark/c-section combo has left me with some body issues that I'll always have no matter how low my body fat percentage is. I guess it's just life. You're not alone though!
  • kestrel359
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    mederma makes a stretch mark cream that is supposed to work better than cocoa butter, but it's $30 a bottle so I've never tried it.
  • NaturallyOlivia
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    Yes I do. They are everywhere, I mean everywhere! Even in my shoulders! Have you ever heard of such a thing?! I have had them since I was in grade school because I was always a big child. I know how you feel though. I always get so discouraged that I will never be able to wear a bikini or those cute tops that show off your stomach, I don't even lie to wear tops without sleeves because of the ones on my shoulders and arms. I have noticed them fading a little since I've lost weight and I try to keep my skin moisturizer but overall I've just come to accept them and I realized having stretch marks is much better than being obese.
  • Marmitegeoff
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    I hate to hijack this thread but I also have them stomach and arms and I am a bloke, :wink: that is embarrasing as I do not have the excuse of pregnancy. it was just fat.
  • MichelleLaree13
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    I have some on my inner thighs, around my hips, and boobs. I actually dont care about scars as long as they are flat. Whoever I am with will find me attractive or I wouldnt be with them.
  • MichelleLaree13
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    Honey, your body is not ruined. Your a goddamn tiger who earned her stripes. I hate mine, but I embrace them. My bf loves me and thinks my body is rocking so I'm not going to dwell on something that you can't really change. You can use the cocoa butters and it will firm them up a bit and minimize the appearance, but probably never go away. Your beautiful and a mommy, LOVE YOURSELF!!!

    Well said.
  • candirose69
    you shoudl be proud of your stretch marks!!! They are our battle scars that prove that women are amazing and that you made a life inside you!!!!!

    Sorry but I have a feel beef with how women perceive themselves! we should be proud of our changing bodies!! It's amazing, a real miracle to have a baby inside you and we should show our daughters that this is part of womanhood and something to be very very proud of. I know women who WISH they could have children stretch marks and all so we should celebrate them not shy away from them and hate them...

    and if your partner doesn't love you and your body for creating a beautiful child then he doesn't deserve you or his child....

    I love this video, makes you appreciate things

    sorry for the rant but this is something that really gets me....
  • axialmeow
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    Yup. On my upper arms/shoulders too. It sucks. I feel self concious in sleeveless tops. But rationally I know no one else probably cares or even notices. I still feel weird without my arms covered.
  • d_Mode
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    We all have them. Mine are on my butt... :)

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Most men don't care about stretch marks anyway...
  • VelociMama
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    I have a lot from when I gained weight, and now I have more from the pregnancy. They do suck. :( I have them all around my lower back, on my thighs, on my upper arms (back of the arms especially), and across my belly. They have faded quite a bit in time, but they are still there.

    There's really nothing you can really do aside from getting laser treatments to lighten them up so just do your best and accept it as just part of who you are.
  • I am literally covered in them from a disease called Cushings caused by a medication I had to take. By covered I mean severe ones on my stomach, legs (from the very top down to my mid calves), arms, hips, breasts (though, that's due to having a large chest) my underarms and my back. It is extremely depressing but there are treatments you can get for them, surgical, laser, dermabrasion and fading creams. Most people, especially women, have some stretchmarks.
  • chigau_me
    I have really bad stretch marks all other my tummy, breasts and thighs ... but i don't really care :) I knew it would be like that when i got pregnant and i know that my husband doesn't mind and loves me with all my stretch marks :)
    Relax and love yourself! Stretch marks are not that bad :)