Success after twins??? Anyone??



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    I'm not sure if I actually qualify for this thread but I too had twins. I delivered at 23 weeks 2 days though so I didn't get the full strectch of my belly. I got pregnant with my son 3 months PP and weighed in at a whopping 205 before I delivered him one year later. I had tons of water retension so I was a blimp and my skin stretched more than a normal pregnancy. My baby is almost 15 months old and I've been working out since January. My skin has bounced back a lot though I still have some hang that I'm determined to get rid of but the most is gone!
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    My twin girls Isabella and Mackenzie are 6 1/2 months right now!! I gained 60 pounds while I was pregnant with them, they were born at 35.5 weeks naturally, without a C-section!! Isabella was 6.8 and Mackenzie was 6.4--and I was huge!! I was unable to nurse and didn't understand or learn about pumping and consistency with pumping until it was too late and I just couldn't make enough milk for both of them : ( I gained an additional 20 pounds after I had them from stress, constant travelling and utter chaos. They both had thrush for the first three months and were up every hour at night and screamed a lot during the day, it was very hard!!

    I'm on Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred, day 6 and loving it!! I notice a huge difference in my endurance already and I've been doing jogging/walking intervals.

    Any twin Mommies feel free to add me!! I'm looking for support and friends who understand what it's like to have twins----one short vent to end this . . . one thing I am tired of hearing is "my kids were only (blank) months apart so it was just like having twins." People are clueless!!
  • I have twin boys that are 4 months old and another little boy who just turned 2. I had gained 35lbs both pregnancies and lost all weight within 3 or 4 months. I was lucky the first time around and had only 2 small stretch marks. I did have a bit of loose skin but was pletely normal was 1 yr. With my full term twin pregnacy most of my stomach is now covered in stretch marks and a lot of loose stretched skin I have been using bio oil for a few month now and I have found a big improvment. in the skin overall but timorrow I am going for my second conslutation at a dermatalogy clinic. They have seena great improvment in the stechetch marks with a lase laser that fills them out and remove their color. 4 treatments fir $600.00 (not bad ) . they also have another lader treatment called Skin Tyte. You should do some research on it! It will help you forsure! Aloughh these treatments are around . Some tonly need 1 treatment, others 10. But hey, if it helps it would be totally worth it.
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