73 Pounds gone, almost at target, progress pics :)



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    Holy crap your hot!
  • castadiva
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    That's superb - you look wonderful and have roughly the same start and goal points as I do. It's really great to see what 'goal' might look like!
  • huge2fan2
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    I am sorry to hear that you lost your fiancé. You look incredible! I am 5'10" and started this journey from 247 lbs. so you have been the most inspirational person I have encountered on MFP! Way to go and I wish you much happiness in the future in your new skin!!!
  • thesarahsundae
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    You are my hero!
  • Great work, just fab!!!!
  • nikkilanshaw
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    Get it girl! You rock!
  • ChristineS_51
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    Beautiful - thank you for sharing. You were gorgeous in your first pictures, but your current ones are just stunning. And being 5'11' you must be a knockout in real life - and done without killing yourself at the gym as well, very impressive - off to hunt out my Zumba stuff, and the Wii - fun! Must tell my daughter about the Bio oil for stretchmarks :smile:

    My sympathy on the loss of your fiancée :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • IsMollyReallyHungry
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    I've done a couple of these before but wanted to make a new one seeing as I've made more progress in the past couple of months and I'm only a few pounds from target :) I can't wait til it's time to do my target reached post! x

    January 2012 til now, 241lbs to 168, I've done some front, side, back and face shots xx
    Congrats!! You look amazing!! Keep up the good work and thanks so much for sharing too!:drinker: :flowerforyou: Very inspiring!
  • Poorgirls_Diet
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    Congrats you look amazing, do you mind if I ask how you achieved your goal?
  • twingirlsmommy
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    One word for you . . . HOT!! You look amazing!! Thank you for motivating me!!!!
  • Wow, wow, wow! Amazing.
  • hkestner
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    You look FLIPPIN awesome!! So inspiring for those of us still working towards our goal! Thanks for sharing :-)
  • Way to go!! That is awesome!! Very inspirational ,thank you for sharing. :)
  • Absolutely gorgeous, well done! :D
  • wow that's great!! it will be an inspiration to all of us :)
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    Wow! What a journey! Thanks for sharing.
  • 2bmeagain12
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    Absolutely amazing! Truly an inspiration!
  • mylifeisbeautiful
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    Babe Alert!!!! You have such a lovely, slender waist and back! Being a natural beauty doesn't hurt either ;)
    Congratulations on all your hard work. Can't wait until I can pull of the school girl look ;)
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    Wow, love it! Thanks for the inspiration! Good job, girl!