What are grandmas called in your family?



  • Stella_Leigh
    Stella_Leigh Posts: 189 Member
    On one side of the family it's Yiayia (or Grams) and Papou (Or Grandpa), while the other side is Granny (or Manoush) and Babo (and GG, my great grandmother) :bigsmile:
  • abates14830
    abates14830 Posts: 3 Member
    I always called my grandma Nana. Since my siblings started having kids their little ones call my mom Ninny.
  • AUNique24
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    MuhDear...my folks are from the country!!
  • coastie_wife07
    we have nana for my mom since she is younger and grammy for his mom since she is older
  • Erisad
    Erisad Posts: 1,580
    Grammy, Mimi, Deedee, Oma, or just by their name. Mine are called Grammy. :)
  • bkw2488
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    Kids call her grammy, G, and for Great Grandma, the kids always call her Grandma Great!
  • bitxbit
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    Mine were both Grandma. I'm Emma...oldest grandchild's way of saying Grandma when he learned to talk. Now, everyone calls me Emma. My Sis-n-law is Indian...Squaw-Maw is her name.
  • dc729
    dc729 Posts: 64 Member
    My grandma name is Mimi. My mom was Lola to my children.
  • MarjayaG
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    I live in Indonesia so it is Nenek or Dadong (Balinese) but I prefer Nenek.
  • LiziAB
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    My kids call my mom, Mimi (her first name is Miriam) and my MIL , Nana
  • Congratulations. :)

    We have Nanas.
  • Chastityx
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    Yaya, but you don't get to pick. Whatever that baby calls you will be music to your ears.
  • krystico
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    Haha! I have a "Nan". My son calls my mom "Mimi" (we tried to call her "Grammy" - he didn't go for that...). I used to have a "Speed" (my mom's mom "slowed down" when she got older - we went with an "opposite nickname"). Congrats on being a Grandma!
  • AlayshaJ
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    My mom - nana (nahh nuh)
    My grandma- nani (nah nee)
    My great g- nana (non ah)
    My dads mom - granny
    My MIL - gigi

    My ahusbamd calls all of his grandmas Grandma *name*.

    Mine will be avo or honey.
  • maz_z
    maz_z Posts: 55
    ba' nội is vietnamese for grandma, this is what i call my grandma :)
  • Grand-maman (french) and Mamie (pronounced mah-mee)
  • krazyforyou
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    My Mom was called Meme
  • msshiraz
    msshiraz Posts: 327 Member
    I am Anya! Its Hungarian for grandmother and my 2 yr old grandson- its his favorite word! :)

    I was 39 when he was born- no was I was going to be called anything "traditional"

    And now I am Anya again- my granddaughter was born Sept 30th! :)
  • theskinnyonrue
    Nana & Grandma
  • justgowithit17
    justgowithit17 Posts: 1,392 Member
    just grandma

    lol but i have an "aunt fun", but she's like the exact opposite of fun.