Anyone started at size 24...



  • TheLongRunner
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    I did! I was a 24 and a 3X top when I started in June of 2011.
  • I started at size 24. I am still size 24 because I haven't been on this long. But at least I am not alone!
  • JinxRita
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    I started at 24 as well, and am somewhere between a 20 and an 18 right now, depending on the pair of pants. :)
  • ucrdancer
    ucrdancer Posts: 27 Member
    I was a 22/24 this past June when I started MFP. Right now I'm a 16, and I have a size 14 jeans that zip up but are a little tight.
  • shrinkingislander
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    Started in a snug size 24, currently a size 14 (lost 103lbs).
  • TArnold2012
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    The largest I ever purchased was a 30. Before MFP that got tight enough I was miserable but I when I began student teaching I began to lose. I hoovered at a 26/28 for a few years. Finally last year I began to lose a bit again and when the summer break came I decided to work with it. I have lost 61 lb since the last week of May !!!! I am currently wearing a 24 in pants but within 10 pounds will be in a 22 easily. So it can be done !!!

    One pound, One day, One meal, One Bite at a time will get me (and you) to goal.
  • WhataBroad
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    I was a tight 22 and sometimes had to go up to 24 to breathe... 46lbs later, I am now a 114/16 and looking forward to an 8 =)
  • babeinthemoon
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    I started as a 24 in June.. I'm just now in an 18.. Down 3 sizes in 5 months. I'm very happy with my progress so far.
  • JenCM
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    I started in a 32-34! Got down to 18-20 and then fell off the wagon and am starting back off at a 26-28. =(
  • ninjamom1972
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    i started a few mins ago-im a size 22 -looking to get into a size 12/14 :)
  • meshashesha2012
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    i started out at 224 pounds size 22. i'm a size 12/14 now. i have no idea what my weight is because i've had some huge fluctuations these past 3 weeks :laugh: but i've lost anywhere from 15-32 pounds. sounds weird i know
  • kristynsflab
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  • CkepiJinx
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    I was a 26, before I started MFP at around 300 lbs. I lost about ten lbs by walking every other day for about two months and went down to a 18/20. Since I started MFP I have lost 37 lbs and probably would be a 14/16 in the brand jeans I wear but haven't gotten to the store to try them. That is in pants for tops I was a 28/30, big shoulders and boobs lol, I think I am now in a 26, but I also prefer my shirt loose fitting.
  • 24/26 down to an 18/20 and my goal is a 12
  • Andreaa0729
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    So many great success stories!!! So inspired!! Hats off to all you ladies!!! Just amazing!! I love MFP!! :smile:
  • natalienicole502
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    I started at a 22 and am now a 14 :) Anyone in this thread feel free to add me!
  • yoovie
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  • Yes and then some. I was a 26/28 (a few things were 30/32) I'm mostly wearing 18/20s right now.
  • yoovie
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    oh - forgot the second part - Im a size 7/8 for jeans now - from Juniors sizes at Delias- cause that's where I get my jeans cause they have a 37" inseam - but yeah.

    Been using them for jeans for the last 5 years and went from 24 to 8.
  • aethompson5507
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    I started in a 24, im currently in a 17! :)