What a difference a year makes. 190LB's DOWN!



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    Wow what an amazing journey and success, way to go!
  • julieh391
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    You did such an incredible job. Amazing. And you two are hot!!
  • All4Tris
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    I'm speechless!!!! AWESOME!!! Congrats on your progress!
  • Congratulation!! You've imspired me even more to continue onward with :smile: my mission. Continue to keep up the great progress!
  • SuzieQ724
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    Dear Jason,
    What in inspiration you are to not only the people on this message board, but to your friends and family -- especially to your children! Congratulations on your transformation and congratulations on celebrating 10 years of marriage!
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    Awesome post! Be proud my man, be proud.
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    Amazing....A most sincere congratulations man !!!
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    great job ! you look so much younger too : ) congrats & keep up the hard work !
  • Gave me chills, my man!!!!! Way to take control!!!!
  • WoW you look really great!
  • Dude, more than an inspiration to me than you'll ever know.
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    Your story is awesome. Your family is lucky to have you.
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    I dinent even weigh that when I started on here. WOW
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    Wow that is amazing!!!
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    Amazing transformation. Good for you! and your wife is lovely too.
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    GREAT job! You look awesome!

    Beautiful wife! Wedding vow renewal...awwww...sweet!!!
  • Your story made me cry at the end tears of joy for you and your family. Just incredible, inspiring, and motivating! I just had to add 6 pounds back on to my ticker after loosing 42 pounds. I cant or maybe deep down i just gave up AGAIN. This really helped me. Thank you! Congrats on renewing your vows! :flowerforyou:
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  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. GO YOU! Please tell me how you lost 190 in 1 year? Thanks.
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    I can't see the before pic :( and you have your pictures on your profile blocked :( But CONGRATULATIONS on your Success! And here I thought my 53 in 6 months was amazing... you are a superstar. What did you do? (Sorry if this was answered... 17 gs of comments...)