Top 10 Things I'm Going to do When I Reach my Goal Weight

I made a list of the things I will do when I shed my winter coat of 25 pounds and wanted to share it with you. What will you do when you reach your goal weight?

Here's my top 10:

1 - Rollerblade
2 - Jog/Run with my dogs in the park
3 - Buy all new clothes
4 - Super clean my house
5 - Have sex, often
6 - Make a couple new friends
7 - Take some Latin dance lessons
8 - Cut my hair short
9 - Get a good (safe) tan
10- Have my portrait taken professionally


  • aymetcalf
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    Love your list! I want to do these things too! :)
  • #5 would expedite your progress.

    Just a thought.
  • riveraphx
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    We're getting married in Los Angeles, then going to Vegas for 4 days!! I can't wait to relax poolside during the day in a bikini and then dress up at night when we go out.
  • VictorianJade
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    1) Shop
    2) Get hair extensions
    3) Revel in getting a tan
    4) Run. I haven't run in my entire adult life, except to catch busses.
    5) Have way. way more sex.
    6) Maybe write that book I've been talking about for years.
    7) Get the rest of my "house" in order.
    8) Give a lot of really lovely large clothes to charity.
    9) Get a new tattoo.
    10) Love myself more.
  • bigdawg025
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    My top 10.... hmmmm.... some may think it's bad... but one deserves a treat for reaching a goal...

    1. I'm going to have a nice steak dinner with some beers!
    2. Set a new goal. :)
    3. Get another minute off of my run time.
    4. Enjoy feeling my jeans being way too big! :)
    5. Buy a new toy/gadget
    6. Keep doing what I started in the first place... don't want to fall back into bad habits.
    7. Run another 5K... maybe even 10K.
    8. Take a trip to either Reno or Vegas for a weekend.
    9. Feel better overall!
    10. Know how great it is to be in better shape. :)
  • I like your lists. Here's mine...

    1) get a family portrait taken
    2) buy lululemon!
    3) buy a ring - so I can have a tangible reminder of my hard work
    4) feel confident
    5) take a running clinic
    6) buy new clothes
    7) maintain my loss
    8) be comfortable taking my girls to the pool
    9) feel so proud of my accomplishment - it has been a work in progress for a very long time
    10) get turbo kick certified
  • nadine2unfit2bqueen
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    My usual list would have consisted of food - but since this has failed to motivate in the past and instead resulted in binge eating after just a few days of being good - I have changed my list to material things... unfortunatly $$$$ so I think I will need to start a savings fund at the same time as my fitness plan!

    1) Invest in a pair of fit-me-perfectly designer skinny jeans (perhaps spending $200 on jeans will motivate me to maintain my new weight)
    2) Get my hair and make-up professionally done
    3) After the above get professional photos taken of my new slim beautiful self
    4) By a fabulous little black dress and party with the confidence of a celebrity
    5) Wear an itty bitty teeny weeny bikini to the beach

    I don't think I could save enough for 10 things so my last is...

    6) register for the victoria 1/2 marathon and get training!
  • TalonaCat
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    What a great idea. :)

    Here are my Top 10:

    1. Start building my completely new wardrobe, without looking for clothes that can best hide the bulge.

    2. Continue to train, so that I can stay health and fit.

    3. Prove to my husband that I have better endurance than he does. ;)

    4. Have some new family photos made.

    5. Get a new and wildly different hair cut.

    6. Treat myself to some new makeup.

    7. Finally not mind looking at myself in the mirror.

    8. Go visit some friends and family in Arizona.

    9. Go dancing with my sister, and be able to feel confident and proud that I don't have to hide anymore.

    10. Tell everyone who didn't think I could do it,"I TOLD YOU SO!"
  • Яaquel
    Яaquel Posts: 90
    Get Inked
    keep up the good work
    be more positive
    get blond
    show a little more skin
    smile more
    new cloths
    new attitude
    finish school
    get my old friends back.
  • Mnrhz
    Mnrhz Posts: 6 Member
    i want new clothes also!
  • This seems to be more of a 'gal' thread. But as a real old school guy I will give you my 'Top Ten' list includes....

    1- Fit into the 38" Jeans I've stacked away on the top shelf of my closet (the 36" jeans are just wishfull thinking).

    2- Mow the grass sans a t-shirt again

    3-Being at least noticed by gals 20 years my junior (how about at least a second glance?)

    4-Stare down the teenage punk at the que for movie tickets that takes cuts and tell him ' the end of the line is back there' (and point). He will make his way to the end of the line and otherwise won't do anything.

    5-Have younger gals note that my arms/shoulders/chest are considerably larger than the guy they are with. Plus my butt is thighter and thighs are bigger....just like the old days.

    6- Have a spring in my step, getting out of my vehicle, getting away from my desk, etc. Probably should have made this number one.

    7- Watching the younger guys trying to bench press what I just did

    8-Watching the younger guys trying to do as many push-ups or leg lifts as I just did

    9-Having an encounter with an 'ex' and seeing the pretend as to how not seeing how good I look

    10- Looking down at that scale on Saturday morning (when I do my weigh-ins) and seeing that good number. What a great feeling

    I know all of the above sounds conceited but I refuse to apolgize for being confident. It's a guy thing.
  • shells22
    shells22 Posts: 56 Member
    1. Take waay more pictures with the nikon camera my bf got for me, the battery constantly dying is getting quite old.
    2. Shopping Spree!
    3. Going out with my girls. Often.
    4. Motivate my family.
    5. Whitening teeth. Don't ask. I just wanna complete the big picture.
    6. Visit different places.
    7. Not be self conscious anymore.
    8. Change my hairstyle. New me new look :)
    9. Go on rides and not care about weight limits.
    10. Keep my motivation high!!
  • porterbaby38
    porterbaby38 Posts: 1,401
    1. get a neck and back massage
    2. get a whole new hair do
    3. get a hot sexy red dress
    4. just to maintain my weight loss
    5. have alot of confidence about myself
    6.get a picture of me and my man and send it to family
    7. try on smaller clothes
    8. run
    9. new long earrings
    10. be very happy about my accomplishment
  • sheofthesea
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    What a good thread!

    1. Get a good family photograph.
    2. Stop hiding from cameras.

    Oh, gosh, that is all I can think of!

    3. Continue being a good example for my kids.
    4. Learn how to be more creative with eating food that is healthy and yummy. (See #3)
    5. Run a 5K
  • Crunchytxmama
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    I've already done a lot of the things I wanted to do when I lost the weight: run a half-marathon, wear a swimsuit and not be embarassed (it was a one-piece, though), got boudoir photos taken for my hubby, and started on the new wardrobe.

    The biggest thing for me right now is that I want to get my belly button pierced (silly, I know, but I've wanted it since high school), and to wear a sexy swimsuit for my sister's beach wedding in June.
  • ChellieIrish
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    Ohh lovely thread :bigsmile:

    OK here are mine :love:

    1. Buy a brand new wardrobe and get rid of the bigger clothes :bigsmile:
    2. Linked to no 1 :wink: Take the tags of the skinny clothes already there :blushing:
    3. Wear clothes that actually show off my belly ring instead of hide the belly area :embarassed:
    4. Come out from behind the camera and say "cheese" instead ... been a long time since I wanted to be in a pic :frown:
    5. Walk with my girls during the day instead of at nite when no one can see us :blushing:
    6. Stay on track with my healthy eating goals :love:
    7. Have a monthly pamper session as a reward for staying on track :bigsmile:
    8. Quit Smoking (not ready to tackle that yet, one goal at a time :wink: )
    9. Get a new look for the thinner me :heart:
    10. BE HAPPY :bigsmile:
  • robin52077
    robin52077 Posts: 4,383 Member

    8. Quit Smoking (not ready to tackle that yet, one goal at a time :wink: )

    You can do it. I thought I couldn't, but check out the ticker! :bigsmile:

    I don't know if I can think of ten things...

    1. Color my grey hairs so I look younger
    2. Get a haircut
    3. wear a bikini to the lake without shorts over it.
    4. buy a hot new pair of skinny jeans
    5. complete C25K and actually be able to run the whole 5K
    6. dig my bike out of the garage and start riding with my son as part of my routine
    7. Climb Streaked Mountain once a week all summer
    8. grow my own veggies!

    hmmmm I guess thats it, and some of them I can work on NOW, not only when I reach my goal!

    oh and I WILL keep up on the No Smoking rule, that's a given. I am DONE with that. :bigsmile:
  • TheMaidOfAstolat
    TheMaidOfAstolat Posts: 3,222 Member

    3) Revel in getting a tan

    Don't do look beautiful as you are...don't ruin it.

    Since I've reached the goal weight (I'm striving for my pre-baby body though)...
    1. Spa day (compleate with massage, mani, pedi, facial)
    2. Get my hair professionally dyed (never have had this done-always been box stuff)
    3. New tat
    4. Get some new clothes from
    5. New bikini (Haven't worn one since I was 17 (had my daughter when I was 18-the stretchmarks are horrible)

    That's all I can really think of.
  • eightpaws
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    Wow! Thanks everyone for sharing your top ten things! You all gave me lots of ideas to expand my list. As I read through your posts I noticed a common theme among us: we all seem to hate getting our pictures taken and look forward to actually enjoying getting our pictures taken when we achieve our goals.

    Anyone else want to share? Jump in, the water is warm! :)
  • April0815
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