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Beer Lovers Unite



  • kevokie
    kevokie Posts: 53 Member
    I love good beer! So much so that I do homebrew. I have 5 gallons of an IPA in the fermentor right now. I just have to add it into my calories when I drink any beer and try to not over do it.
  • Erica262
    Erica262 Posts: 226 Member
    I think I found my people.

    I love a good beer. I actually work part time at Total Wine in addition to my full time job. First, it was for the extra money. Now, I never want to leave. I love my discount. I'm planning a wedding, so that discount will come in handy when buying in bulk. Anyway, yes I love a good beer. Just had a keg party with Legend Lager (brewery in Richmond, VA) because I couldn't stand the thought of a keg of cheap beer in my apartment. I will let myself have maybe two or three really good beers in a week while on this weight loss thing. Once in maintenance, I think I can let more back in. My current favorite winter brew is Mad Elf. Followed by Bell's Winter White. My default is O'Conner's Norfolk Canyon Pale Ale, which is a local brewery (Norfolk, VA) just a couple miles from my apartment.
  • Grenon
    Grenon Posts: 228 Member
    I usually have beers with my friends every weekend and watch a movie, I usually buy from Propeller and Sea Level Brewing since they are local microbreweries and make some really good beer but I also buy St. Ambroise and Garrison as well. I usually like to buy a can of a random beer that our liquor store carries but I recently found a specialty shop that carries a large amount of different beers from around the world which will be visited once every few weeks to try some new things.

    I usually prefer darker beers like Porters and stouts but I enjoy all the different types.
  • ZombieKillaPrincess
    I love IPAs!! my go-to is Stone IPA but there are so many delicious beers out there! Hangar 24 Double IPA is amazing. Firestone Union Jack IPA is great too! yumm
  • Sassy922
    Sassy922 Posts: 399 Member
    I love beer. In fact, it has its own place in my diary.
    I love lagers, pilsners, hefeweizens, and American ales. I shy away from IPA's and crap light beer.
  • crystalflame
    crystalflame Posts: 1,049 Member
    I recently discovered the beauty of the Stone collaboration Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout. It's. So. Good.

    I love being in Dallas because all the microbreweries around here are completely wonderful. Deep Ellum Chocolate Cherry Stout, Rahr and Sons Ugly Pug, Peticolas Velvet Hammer, Lakewood Temptress Imperial Stout... Yeah I'm never giving up beer.
  • bootsandfros
    bootsandfros Posts: 81 Member
    i love beer. my fave go to beer is yuengling. i love a good amber lager. the local iron hill brewery makes a good lager. this summer i plan on visiting dogfish head brewery down at the beach. i hear good things about them.

    my fiance and i did a beer tasting at some spot located on a tiny road in phillly. mcgillin's i think it was. good stuff.
  • Erica0718
    Erica0718 Posts: 469 Member
    Current Favorite: Maudite

    will never turn town a Blue Moon or Stella Artois
  • Mashiara7
    Oh that is wonderful news about Guinness! I am a fan of ales and lagers, the darker the better.
  • 50sBeachWalking
    50sBeachWalking Posts: 63 Member
    I ♥ beer. Let me rephrase that...I ♥ GOOD beer. I ♥ to go to beer tastings. I ♥ to do brewery tours. Anyone else on this weight loss journey while trying to fit in their love of a frothy brew? What's your beer of choice?

    Well OptimisticlyOptimistic, I think you got your answer. It looks like everyone on here is fitting it in. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I would say it is the diet drink of choice. That's my kind of six pack abs. The site should be call myfitnessbeerdrinkingpal.
  • dlw13
    dlw13 Posts: 119 Member

    I love my beer and make it a practice to sample as many different craft beers as possible. My current list is 1,449 different beers since I started keeping track. I find my tastes change over time, but I still love IPA's particularly Sweetwater IPA and Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. Oak Aged Jai Alai from Cigar City Brewing is another favorite. Good people drink good beer!
  • lavieboheme1229
    lavieboheme1229 Posts: 448 Member

    But really... yes, I am a big fan of GOOD, craft beer. My fiance and I do beer tastings all the time, did a "beer tour" vacation in May, and the theme of our wedding is pretty much craft beer...

    I've been into Tommy Knocker Brown, lately, and some local sour browns in Metro Detroit: Traffic Jam Sour Brown, for instance, and Copper Canyon Brown Ale. My beer tastes are right proper seasonal. I think I'd say my all time favorite beers though, are local to me in Michigan: Bell's Kalamazoo Stout, Dragonmeade Juggernaut, and Jolly Pumpkin Io always tend to make me drool.

    Are you living my life?!?! Except replace Detroit breweries with New England Breweries. And the theme of our wedding is wine. LOL!
  • futurestarz
  • bodyrollin
    bodyrollin Posts: 215 Member
    Anyone else here tried the new linenkeugel vanilla winter porter? It's excellent for the price.
  • MNA76
    MNA76 Posts: 1,541
    I cannot and will not live without craft beer. My husband and I have a closet strictly filled with wine racks of beer and shelves full of beer. As for favorites, there are many. Some of my go-tos are:

    Aged Dogfish Head 120 <3
    Troeg's Flying Mouflan
    Southern Tier Oak Aged Unearthly
    3 Floyds Dreagnaught
    Hopping Frog's Doris the Destroyer
    Lagunitas Brown Sugga
    St. Bernardus ABT 12

    And so on and so forth...
  • dlegros
    dlegros Posts: 162 Member
    Oh that is wonderful news about Guinness! I am a fan of ales and lagers, the darker the better.

    Try the African or Caribbean Export Guinness - awesome stuff!
  • 23Julie23
    23Julie23 Posts: 7 Member
    My Dr. said to really lose weight I would need to stop drinking. I kindly replied "I'll just stay fat then."
  • Ohwhynot
    Ohwhynot Posts: 356 Member
    =O Jealous!
    OK beer lovers, enjoy this with me...


    This is a bottle of Fuller's Vintage 2002 (Golden Jubilee) - it had been laid down for 10 years now!

    Sipping it tonight (355cal/pint!) it is rich with treacle/molasses flavour and fruity notes of plum. It has a heavy mouth feel and at at least 8.5% it hits home!

    I have bottles from 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007 waiting :smile: