Who Loves Doctor Who?



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    lol... I'm scared of him too... Much more than you:D
  • lovelovelove all the David 10" episodes and really enjoyed The SarahJane Adventures too, RIP Elisabeth Sladen x
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  • brevislux
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    Don't blink, now....

  • True!


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    Dreaming :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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    I remember Dr Who in black and white on UHF public television. Little 15 minute episodes.
  • BurtHuttz
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    Baker until Tennant.
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    I actually feel so bad for him.....:sad:
  • EmilyJackCO
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    I remember Dr Who in black and white on UHF public television. Little 15 minute episodes.

    That's how I became indoctrinated. :D:D
  • I am so excited about this Part two to season seven...Looks very interesting! :happy: :love: :drinker:
  • BurtHuttz
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    Withnail from Withnail and I was the villain and he also did Posh Nosh with at least one episode featuring David Tennant!!! Great Christmas special!!!!!! (If a few too many characters.) I'm dead excited about the new companion and next season! WHOO HOO!!
  • formongo
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    Watched it when I was a small child, starting with the later Pertwees, but Tom Baker was mostly my Doctor.

    Not really into the new series. I have only watched some of it, though David Tennant was good. Don't like Matt Smith as the Doctor.
    And I don't think any companion will ever equal the late, great Liz Sladen, aka Sarah Jane Smith.

    Very much my experience/opinion as well. My first and favorite is Baker (but I did have a major crush on Davison) and I consider Sarah Jane the best companion of all. I've been a fan since the late 70s.

    I think Eccleston and Tennant did a terrific job of bringing the show back to a new audience -- a few of those episodes are the best tv shows ever, IMO -- but I cannot tolerate Smith. I excitedly watched his first few episodes and then swore off any others. Smith was ruining 30 years of great memories for me. I may try again when they get a 12th Doctor.
  • I missed the Christmas special:frown: I will have to watch it another time.
  • Carfoodel
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    Loved the Christmas Special, so many classic lines, ahh happy sigh, can't wait for the new season :)
  • loneworg
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    seen it, didnt like it...i know now I am going to have an angry mob of mfpals after my *kitten* now lol
  • Loved the Christmas episode!

    Jenna Louise is so gorgeous and Matt Smith is my favourite Doctor! x
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    IMO, David Tennant is the best Doctor Who EVER...Yes, even more so than Tom Baker....