Mid-Range Goal Met! WITH PIC!

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I've met my mid-range goal of 180 pounds so that means it was time for some comparison pics! Here's a set of three: On the left is me at my highest weight, exact weight unknown; approximating at 280. I started weight loss efforts in 2005 at 269 pounds. Middle pic is July of 2012, (after I started my weight loss again from 235 pounds) in March, at about 200 pounds. On the right is today's pic, 179 pounds. Still have a bit to go, but I'm trying to celebrate the victories!



  • DefyGravity1977
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    Fabulous work!! You look fantastic and happy!!!
  • Yaya1976
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    Awesome. Congrats to you on all your hard work :)
  • Celeigh12
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    Wonderful, wonderful job!!
  • xsmilexforxmex
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    Congrats! You look great!
  • kittenbobitten
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    Fantastic job!!! You look great already!
  • Ronij59
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    amazing! you are looking fabulous. Congrats on your progress!
  • Nica_LosN_It
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    You look amazing! Great job and keep it up!
  • shrinkingislander
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    You're doing great, can't wait to see you at goal!
  • tidesong
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    Thanks everyone! We can all do this! :)
  • AZKristi
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    WOW! Tremendous progress!!! Keep up the good work!
  • cajungirltx
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    Looks like the weightless plan is working. These pics remind me that dedication pays off. Good luck on the rest of your journey. Can't wait to see the pic when you reach your goal:smile:
  • wender125
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    Fabulous!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!
  • RamoZimm
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    What a marvelous transformation. You look amazing!! Keep up the good work--it's definately paying off!
  • That's great ! You look happy .
  • freasabreze
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    Fabulous! What have you been doing? You look marvelous darling!
  • tidesong
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    Fabulous! What have you been doing? You look marvelous darling!

    Hee, thank you! :) I've been doing two things:

    1) Watching how much I eat and WHAT I eat. I log EVERYTHING. And I'm not hard on myself if I have a day where I go over my calories, because I know that's likely to put me in a binge. I also don't have any "forbidden" foods. If I want a brownie, I have one. But I log it. The only things I try to stay away from are things that upset my reflux and/or my IBS.

    2) Exercise. I was sedentary my whole life until I started with a walk around the block in March. Since then, I've joined a gym, trained for and run a 5k, and I'm doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred right now (2 days left of Level 3!). There are days I can't do much because of physical limitations due to my MS and fibro, but I try to get at least 10 minutes of cardio in every day. I usually push for 45.

    It really is a matter of eating less and moving more. But it's not easy by any means. That's where my community of friends/family and others on the journey comes in. I couldn't do it without the support of my friends and family, and the folks here!
  • pstaceyca
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    You look amazing and are quite inspiring!! Keep up the great journey you are on! :drinker:
  • EweCreekCottage
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    Kuddos congrats :)
  • orapronobis
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    Congratulations! You look wonderful!
  • tidesong
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    Again, thank you everyone. The kind words are nice, especially considering this week's weigh-in wasn't where I wanted it to be. SCALE QUIT GOING THE WRONG WAY! I think I might start doing a monthly weigh-in instead of weekly. Trying to keep focused on how far I've come, not one week being silly.