Jillian M Body Revolution - starting Jan 2013


i have just ordered JM body revolution - hoping it will be delivered next week

i am going to start on 7th january - my aim is to get fit for my 30th birthday which is 11th March. so not quite the full 90 days, but i am hoping 9 weeks will still show results

anyone else starting this in january?


  • I ordered mine as well today! Last year I did her Ripped in 30 and liked it. Hard but rewarding. We should be starting at the same time!
  • Trevschic_76
    Trevschic_76 Posts: 1 Member
    Starting tomorrow and hoping for good results by March 20...
  • JABGoochie
    JABGoochie Posts: 78 Member
    Fab! Some people to do it with! :)
  • ericapabis
    ericapabis Posts: 27 Member
    I started Dec 23! Loving the system...I'm adding you guys :)
  • I just started today! Workout 1 was pretty simple. Good luck everyone :)
  • ismiseciara
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    im starting BR in Jan too ...i too wan to do it for my bday 29 march :) feel free to add me if youd like so we can support each other whilst doing it :)
  • HeatherStorey
    HeatherStorey Posts: 52 Member
    I just ordered it. It will be here in 2 days. So excited.
  • westcoastchic
    westcoastchic Posts: 22 Member
    I just got it too! starting jan 7th as well. Feel free to add me! We can do it :)
  • SciRice
    SciRice Posts: 68 Member
    I'm just finishing (completed Day 88) and thinking of restarting. Looks like there may be a fun group of ladies to get it done with again! I started with a group this last go around and would suggest that as well for you guys. It made it easy to post motivation and updates to everyone participating. Stay encouraged ladies!
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  • JABGoochie
    JABGoochie Posts: 78 Member
    Hello to u all - I'm kinda excited to get started now
  • I'm excited I just ordered mine today so I will also be starting probably next week with you guys. Looking foward to all the positive results.:smile:
  • Yep! I'm starting on 7th Jan too! I'm excited.
  • Hi SciRice :)
    Just wanted to ask what was your success with the program since you completed 88 days ?
    Never tried it and I order it and hope that it will work for me...
  • myJOF
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    I'll be starting on the 8th! Glad to see others at this. I'll do CE afterwards.
  • MrsRobertson1005
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    I'm going to try to start January 1st. My hubby got it for me for Christmas :). I'd love some support!
  • SciRice
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    Hi anetka21!

    I loved the workouts and actually looked forward to my workout time. I did not loose major weight as you can tell by my ticker but I have lost about 10 inches as of last month. Waiting until I finish tomorrow for my final measurements but do consider it a success for me. I'm back comfortably in clothes that I had to stop wearing thanks to the inches lost. I also should say that I did not follow her diet plan and ate moderately well while on the program. Since I'm planning to do another round, I am going to do better on the eating side and see what happens. I also think this time I am going to take a before and after picture this time. My suggestion would be to definitely take measurements as well as monitor weight loss...success comes in different form.

    Good luck on your journey everyone!
  • fiercekindness
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    I have the JMBR although I didn't follow it to the letter. I spent like all summer on phase 2, and I just did the cardio 3 the other day and it kicked my butt! But I've been thinking about completely starting from the beginning again, and doing it as suggested. I didn't take pictures in the beginning nor measurements but I definite saw results. But I also did other exercises in adjuction to hers.
  • CricketKate
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    I did day 2 today. I started it once before, but stopped half way through due to illness. Then I just never started again. I am determined to get through this time!
  • callikelly
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    I got JM Body Revolution at my Target store and am starting today.

    I have a question for people who are following her food plan. Isn't it dangerous to cook fish, and then reheat later. I'm asking because I saw on one page where it said fish for lunch and I work full time.

    So I'm wondering if I should just eat what's for dinner for lunch, and switch the fish to dinner.

    I am going to try and follow her regimen to a T because I never have followed food plans before and guess what still the same weight. So I'll try this time.