I just ran my first mile without stopping!

I've been going to the gym for exactly a week now. A week ago it took me 14.35 minutes to run/walk a mile on the treadmill. I practiced running 4 days and couldn't get all the way through a mile without stopping to walk at least 2 times. I have myself running at a 6.0 speed so that's probably why I have to stop so much! I've had improvements since then (my fastest run/walk mile is 11.30 exactly) , but since I'm on week two I decided to push myself a bit and see if I could handle a mile straight - regardless of how long it took me.

So, i set the incline to 1.0 (for some reason I always do this, not sure why) and the speed to 5.0 and went at it. It wasn't really hard, I was more so anxious to know if I was going to be able to do it or not. But slowly time and distance passed and I reached the .9 mark. I was so thrilled and anxious to be done that I bumped the speed up to 7.0 and high tailed it to the mile marker lol. It took me 11.45 minutes exactly to finish.

While it's a small achievement, im beyond thrilled! I just wanted to share with someone while I'm still on this high lol


  • quirkytizzy
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    Holy crap - that's awesome! I'm still making it one minute jogging intervals - this is seriously inspirational!
  • MaraDiaz
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    That's awesome! It took me over a year to get that far and I still don't run that fast. Be proud of yourself!
  • Lois_1989
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    Congratulations! I remember my very first mile! It's an amazing feeling, after you feel like you can do a marathon.
    I always found its best to increase it by half a mile a week, and during that week try and do it a little bit quicker/higher speed/ higher gradient.
    Very proud of you! Keep going! :happy:
  • scottb81
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    That's pretty good for only one week into it. Keep it up with some smart training and you'll be burning up the 5k race circuit.
  • lacurandera1
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    Awesome! It's so exciting to see yourself progress!
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ust did this with my mile and a half last week! I'm doing two now!!! You are amzing and it's awesome to hear! It is no small achievement so be proud! nicely done!
  • lovetiffany
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    Thanks everybody! I know it's a small achievement but i'm sooo happy! :)

    I'm trying to get myself to be able to run a 5k as fast as possible. My goal is to run in the Komen Houston Race on Oct 2013 and place high in my age group (I'll be 24 so ill be in the 20-24 female age range). I'm starting early to see the best results possible lol. I know I won't place 1st or anything, I just want to know I did my best and make myself proud. As long as I cross that finish line knowing I did my hardest I'll be thrilled!

    And good luck to everyone with your own goals!
  • Lisah8969
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    It's not a small achievement! It's HUGE! Congrats to you!!!

    I have done 5 Half Marathons and have done the run/walk in all of them. I finished one earlier this month on a 5 minute walking and 1 minute running combo and PR'd with a time of 2:55 (26 minutes less than my previous PR). I decided that now that race is out of the way, I am going to try running for longer stretches instead of just faster. When I was doing intervals, I would run my one minute at 6.3 mph. Now that I am trying to run for longer stretches, I run at 5.2 mph. Yesterday, I ran for 2 miles non stop. It's an awesome feeling! Congrats to you! I know just how good you feel!
  • lovetiffany
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    26 minutes faster is crazy good improvement! Congrats!!!

    I can't even think about the idea of doing a half marathon lol, you are doing so great!
  • myJOF
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    It's a great achievement to me since I can't/haven't done it! Congrats!
  • lovetiffany
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    Keep working towards it and you will reach it! :)
  • tlatrice13
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    Yay!!!! Congrats!!!!
  • ajadumas
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    I'm happy dancin for ya, sister :)
  • wrkout2bfit
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    That's pretty awesome! Maybe you should sign up for a 5k this spring. Would be something to train for and keep you motivated. Way to go!
  • saraann4
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    That's awesome! I'm soo jealous! The longest I've been able to jog for is 4 minutes and that seemed to be a very rare occasion. Now, it's back to a minute and a half to two minutes, but I'm working on it.
  • Hadabetter
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  • That's fantastic! Congratulations!
  • moochachip
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    Way to go. That one mile will take you to many other accomplishments as well.
  • iluvhockey987
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    i'm so happy for you! i just ran my first mile without stopping today as well :) i have been using the elliptical at the gym and doing 3 miles on it and decided to give running/jogging a try today. i haven't been able to run a full mile in at least 5 years. it feels so great to finally be able to achieve this goal!
  • stingrayinfl
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    Yea! Run girl run!