Regular gym goers - what do you think of newbies?



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    Do the newbies have to wear a pledge pin?
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    Thanks for the advice - forgot to say I've done spinning and body pump before YEARS AGO before children but I didn't start at New Year - I started when a new gym opened so everyone was new.

    The logical part of me knows that most people go to a gym to work on themselves and wont notice anyone else but I just know I'm going to feel self conscious with my post children bulge - oh and I'm asthmatic and I ALWAYS feel embarrassed using an inhailer part way through spinning. (I sound like the token fat kid in films)

    Ok so I this is just what I needed - no one cares about the newbie. Thank you all.
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    I judge people who go to the gym and work out for less than 20 minutes, fat or thin. I mean really, what's the point of making the trip?

    Seriously? Do you know their story? Maybe they have a medical condition. Maybe they are that out of shape and are trying to build their endurance. And why would you judge? Are they hurting you or offending you? it is their money and their time...

    I suspect the poster was injecting a bit of lighthearted banter into the thing - and as it is the opposite of the newbie thing...but heh could be wrong.

    THANK YOU. I mean really people, it's not like I go after them with an ax telling them to get out.
  • Nothing really.

    If these people have the luxury of judging or even making fun of everyone at the gym then it only means that they're not putting their 100% into their workouts.

    However I get really irritated at those people whether they are regular or new who comes to the gym, goes to the lat pulley or to the bench only to sit there doing nothing but to chat with their friends or even worse doing public display of affection with their partners (double pet peeve for me) or talking on their phones while I've been waiting for like 10 minutes for them to get up and leave. SHEESH people if you wanna have some chit chat or in a mood for a quickie, for heaven's sake please pick an appropriate place like a restaurant, park or a motel (for those couples who can't control their disgusting acts in public like stray dogs) and not at the gym. Be considerate to others.
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    Remember that everybody was a newbie at one time....just enjoy!
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    i'm new to the site as i just joined the beginning of the year. but i've lifted for a while now. i work out of my house as i've bought some equipment now. but, when i was going to a gym, i always welcomed new people. why not? they made a decision to change something in their life...wether it be 1 day or for life. i started out as a newbie at my gym and people were very friendly and helpful. i pay my respects back to those that were just like me. if you pay for a deserve every right to be there as anyone. the main thing is that everyone respect that people there are working out and not to disrupt the other people while doing so. i never minded someone walking up to me and asking a question if i was working out b/c i did the same thing when i started. but i asked if they had the time or i would come back. just like this site...i was new and asked for motivation and support. people so far have been wonderful on here. if anyone wants to add me...feel free to do so.
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    I wouldn't know if they were new as I vary my days and usually go at the quiet times. I however love it when I see some out of shape people as well as the gym gods and goddesses. Even then most of them are less overweight than me I feel more encouraged if there is a range of fitness levels that progression is possible.

    The hardest part is getting there - just do it.
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    Do people actually pay attention? Personally, I don't when I have gone to the gym.. I am only there for me. I don't even pay attention to the buff folks.. how does anyone know whether anyone is a newbie? Even the most muscular can technically be a newbie if you think about it...
  • My local gym has changed it's timetable and I've found some classes that fit around work / children. On the one hand I'm quite excited to start spinning/body pump but on the other hand I'm worried that regular gym goers will be rolling there eyes at the newbie starting in New Year - expecting me to fail and stop going by February. Am I over thinking this?

    What do you think when you see an overweight person walking into your gym for the first time?

    You are overthinking. I hope that whenever I see someone new at the gym (I'm a regular 5x week) I do notice. But I hope the best for them, that they will be able to stick with it! I am the type to smile or nod if eye contact is made, but everyone is different...

    This is for you, YOUR SCHEDULE SHOULD CONCERN NOBODY ELSE. If those class times work for you please attend! ....and then stick with it and show those regulars that you are no "new year two-week-er".