Jillian on Biggest Loser... too much?



  • Jillian is so positive in her workout videos! So, honestly, I think her toughness is an act for the show - nevertheless, an act that gets results. Those people fear AND love her. And for a trainer, I think that is important. It is easy to see how much she really cares about her team - just look at her during the weigh-in. It's genuine. If I could pick, although they are all amazing, I would definitely want Jillian as my trainer. She doesn't feed into their excuses and she pushes them until they are their absolute best.
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    I personally have to wonder how much of that is just for show. We are only seeing a portion of what is really happening during their time there. When the cameras are rolling, everybody has a certain way they "act" so maybe that is hers.
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    I am a Bob girl all the way... Jillian would make me cry... i dont respond well to her type of motivation...
  • She explains why she is so passionate and hard on them. She's scared for them. She knows that if they dont lose weight and get healthy they will die. That's why she yells. And I think she's learning that not everyone responds to that well but she also has learned that she has to communicate with them as to why she yells.

    It seems hard but it's what they need.
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    I LOVE Jillian----she's just trying to tap that inner voice in all of us that tells us we CAN do it! Let's face it we have all told ourselves that but then continued doing the same stuff that kept us in our fat bodies. She's trying no so subtly to "nudge them back to life". ..and there is no denying that she has the proven record to back up her results. Go Jillian!!:smile:
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    It all depends on your style. Some people NEED a harsh dose of reality. I had a professor in college who said something very cold (but VERY true) and it hurt like hell, but it changed my life and I owe him a lot. Sometimes we need that ice water in our face.

    My brother is in the military and although he doesn't like being screamed at, he's thrived in that environment. He turned his life around. Others don't respond well and need something more gentle. It all just depends on your personality and your needs.

    Her Ripped in 30 DVD makes me laugh though. "INJURIES MAKE ME ANGRAAAAYYYY!!!"
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    honestly i think that's just when the cameras are on. i was reading somethign a while back from people who were on the show when she was their coach and a lot of that is put on when cameras are rolling. most of them thought she was a good coach.
  • I don't mind. Jillian can never be as hard on me as I am on myself every time I look in the mirror or have to find clothes to wear in public. I need help and I'll take it like a man and be grateful.
  • some people need that type of coaching.
    I am one of those people.
    I would do better with someone yelling at me and forcing me to push myself further.
  • It is a TV show though so part of it is for ratings... in saying that I am from the UK and the biggest loser UK is kinda tame in comparison to the biggest loser USA, you guys are brutal lol. I love Jillian though, shes awesome... Charlotte Ord doesn't cut it.
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    It's a proven fact that positive reinforcement works better than negative
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    Let's remember that not only is what's filmed only a portion of what happens, this stuff is also edited by people...She might spend 2-3% of the week being 'nasty' and the best being the world's fluffiest bunny for all we know...but when 3 teams, a challenge, a weigh in and personal interviews are added in, we get like...what? maybe 5 mins of Jillian coaching someone? They're going to edit it to get the best ratings lol.
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    i like her just fine.. and i am sure with her tear them down their is a lot of building them back up, we probably don't see that as much though...

    i watched her on Dr Oz the other day and she said she is meaner this season... that lack of sleep and lack of time, with two new kids, made her a little more grouchy, and less willing to put up with crap..lol. i am sure many of us can remember those new parent days.
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    People are WAY too sensitive!!! If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Don't you all see that behind the yelling she really cares! You can see it in her face. People NEED to toughen up. I have trained under a person a lot like Jillian and if the trainer is too soft the people will quit. And Bob! My goodness! He gets this evil smile on his face that just creeps me out. Jillian is the way to go!
  • I think sometimes we have to get mad to get serious and to get serious results. Sometimes our expectations don't match up with reality and some of us overly sensitive human beings (including myself) spend too much time sugar coating things.

    I like that she tells it like it is. She has a healthy balance of forceful motivation and support. Also, it's t.v....im sure there is more 'pat on the back' moments than are shown.
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    My best coaches in school were yellers, and that's what I respond to. I told my trainer day 1 to push me like that. There is no hate behind it nor do I take it personally when I get yelled at. I feel way worse if they take the quiet/disappointed route like Dolvett does because then it feels personal, like I let them down.

    I do agree that Jillian was basically on steroids at the start of this BL season, but in her defense the footage that they showed of her team was pretty annoying. The girls were very whiny, and I have no clue why someone would walk off in the first week. You've seen the show, you know what it is...suck it up. Jillian handled it the same why that I would have.
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    I used to be too ashamed of how badly I let my weight get out of control so I would never watch the biggest loser...

    but now that I have lost the weight I wanted to see if I would have a different perspective of the biggest loser, but it makes me feel terrible watching it. I see all those women starting at weights I started at, but I never went through any insults or screaming at me to get me to move. I was motivating myself in a kind and gentle way, I understand it's tv, and its supposed to be dramatic, but I almost cant bear to watch it! Especially with all the yelling, and then the weigh-ins where people are upset and unsatisfied with a 12 pound loss in a week.

    Everyone is motivated differently I guess?

    I'm with you. I can motivate myself and be hard on myself if needed. Don't need someone yelling at me for motivation.
  • I used to be into hard core workouts, but now I'm a beginner again and I want to start small. I'm not sure puking, falling off the treadmill and passing out would encourage me at this point. (I'm TEAM BOB!)
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    I detest that show.
    It gives those struggling with weight the false impression that crazy methods are the true way to go about reaching optimal health.
    If there was any integrity on TBL, they'd be teaching these folks the correct way to lose weight and reach their fitness goals.
    This is not it.

    I have never watched it before, as a PP mentioned it was because I was too ashamed of myself, but I was appalled at the show to be honest. I could not stomach the way Jillian treated people and was really shocked at the losses these people had. I hope that seeing TC go home and continue to lose means that they really did teach them somethings about how to lose long term.

    I understand that they have a lot to lose but seriously showing that they are losing up to 20 pounds in a week?! it is misleading to the general public who don't get to see anything but random exercises, a challenge and lots of trainers yelling. honestly in my mind I feel it only continues to contribute to weight problems we have in America. Not being able to *succeed* like it appears the BL cast can will just add to yo-yo dieting and this idea that many have that losing fast is better than slow and steady.

    I also truly truly hope that they help the cast off contestants. if it truly was trying to help overweight people lose weight and become healthier why not just let everyone be there and compete to see who loses the most without eliminating and therefore removing their ability to learn how to lose the weight and keep it off. I know that not being eliminated is possibly motivating but as we all know what your body does is outside of your control. some weeks you can be picture perfect with diet and exercise and not lose a damn thing and then do the same thing again and lose pounds/inches with no explanation. it really seems cruel to me.
  • At one point Jillian said to one of the women "but we haven't even gotten to the floor work yet." I laughed, because whenever I'm doing a Jillian Michaels' workout, I always reach the floorwork exhausted and think "oh good, floor work." But a minute into the floor work I remember that Jillian's floor work is just as hard, if not harder than jumping jacks.