What day is your weigh day and why?



  • MysticRealm
    MysticRealm Posts: 1,264 Member
    I weigh Friday mornings. I usually have my cheat meal on the weekend and eat well during the week so I want my weigh in as far away from my sodium filled heavy cheat meal as possible.
  • jdforshort
    jdforshort Posts: 269 Member
    Everyday! Looking at the daily fluctuations I do not go into that much of a "feeling down" mode, which used to last a week with weekly weigh-ins! I know it's to do with water retention because of exercise or going overboard in eating, so I adjust accordingly!
  • stonel94
    stonel94 Posts: 550 Member
    When I'm at home it's friday morning mostly because the day I started this was a friday and so I weighed myself but i've also realized it's good because I tend to have a bigger meal on friday night or snacks on saturday or drinks or something so I don't have all that in my system yet and from the weekend before it's all flushed out.
  • neverstray
    neverstray Posts: 3,845 Member
    Friday. It's the end of the week for me. I like to see the result of my hard work all week.
  • exquisitecadavre
    It's Sunday because I joined the Brides Fitness Challenge. Normally though I like to weigh on Fridays when I get up because I don't teach on that day so I can take my time, strip to bra and panties and face the scale. xD.
  • Pegasusonfire
    Pegasusonfire Posts: 41 Member
    Monday night at TOPS and Tuesday mornings for my Milk Mama's group on FB.
  • Faye_Anderson
    Faye_Anderson Posts: 1,495 Member
    Every day, I log every significant loss. As one of my fellow MFPers said "This isn't the biggest loser"
  • Jazzercies
    I weigh in everyday. I am more consiencious of what I eat/drink daily if I weigh in daily. It keeps my week in perspective.
  • pipera5
    pipera5 Posts: 1 Member
    I weigh every Monday. I do this because Sunday is my rest day, and I feel like my body has a day to get rid of any extra fluid. I am in a group at work where our weigh day is also Monday. I get too freaked out if I see the scale fluctuate too much, and I get frustrated. Weighing in on Monday helps me to stay focused the rest of the week!
  • Skratchie
    Skratchie Posts: 131 Member
    Saturdays - It keeps me motivated not to completely blow it on the weekend, and if I DO have a wild meal I'm going to do it on the weekend. That gives me enough time to work the sodium and crap out of my body before my next weigh in. :-D
  • that_tall_girl
    that_tall_girl Posts: 95 Member
    Sunday mornings. Our family is doing a Biggest Loser competition and that's the one time that we know everyone can get together and weigh in.
  • kaltey
    kaltey Posts: 20 Member
    When I first started it was every Monday, then as I progressed and lost less weight it was every 2 weeks and now that I only have 7 pounds left it'll be the first of every month.
  • hellraisedfire
    hellraisedfire Posts: 403 Member
    every day, cause even a 0.1 or 0.2 loss helps motivate me :)
  • tami101
    tami101 Posts: 617 Member
    It's Sunday morning for me. It's the end of MFP's week and the start of my weekend. We usually have a big family dinner on Sunday and if I happen to do eat too much I have a whole week to get rid of it. =) Just kidding, I rarely go over on calories anymore, but in the beginning I used to, especially on Sunday.
  • CherryOnionKiss
    CherryOnionKiss Posts: 376 Member
    saturday. Because if my weight depresses me i can pout at home instead of having a crappy day at work.
  • roxieindiana
    roxieindiana Posts: 26 Member
    I usually weigh everyday just to keep myself in check but my official weigh in day is Tuesday, because I started on Jan 1st and it was a Tuesday.
  • swillhoi
    Friday morning. It's also my cheat day and date night with my husband. So I weigh in before I get dressed and eat. I measure once a month, also on the closest Friday.
  • Mara_
    Mara_ Posts: 104 Member
    I only weigh when I am at my parents. I don't have a scale yet. But maybe that's for the good too, because I don't trust myself near a scale and I'm afraid to weigh in more than is good for me.
  • mum212
    mum212 Posts: 173 Member
    weigh day every day atm lol but i will try my best to hold off now til sat because i am impatient and want quick results i weighed myself today and i have lost another 1lb xxx
  • Krissy_b777
    Sunday is my weigh-in day. It just starts the week off for me and is the first day I weighed and got started.