Any other friendly Canadians out there??



  • PowerCorine
    PowerCorine Posts: 3 Member
    Oh, and feel free to add me! :)
  • Hello from Orléans, ON (in Ottawa)!:wink:
  • Yes, feel free to add me too!
  • From Alberta. Feel free to add me, I'm friendly!
  • hundew
    hundew Posts: 1
    Hi from BC, just joined now as well.
  • buffyangel2000
    buffyangel2000 Posts: 54 Member
    From Salt Spring Island, BC.

    Feel free to add me.
  • Sunshine70Smith
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    Small town midwestern Ontario here.... I try to be friendly but it doesn't always work. Let's be honest, some people are just annoying and it's hard to be nice to them.... :huh:

    Add me if you like!

  • maddiec1989
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    I'm from outside toronto :)
  • Daynaok
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  • i'm in Alberta
  • stardancer7
    stardancer7 Posts: 276 Member
    Friendly Canadian who joined today--northwestern Ontario, which is pretty close to the longitudinal center of Canada....add me :)
  • gramacanada
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    Gibsons B.C. If you open your profile you'll get more friends. People like to know bits about each other.
  • 7funnygirl7
    7funnygirl7 Posts: 1,176
    <~~~~~~ is a friendly CANADIAN! Southwestern Ontario... :smile:
  • kylejh
    kylejh Posts: 221 Member
    Burlington, Ontario here.
  • jaemom3
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    :flowerforyou: Hi Markham Ontario is my home, I've just started MFP and have a very long road ahead, I have 3 great teenagers, and have been diagnosed with some heart problems, so time to shape up , to live long
  • LilyPad
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    I'm in Ontaro - Haldimand County! Joined awhile ago but haven't really done anything with the site yet. Hoping to keep my newly adopted dog active while getting in shape. He is not good with strangers, so we have signed up for Obedience & Behaviour Modification classes. Then hopefully he will be ready to walk where there are other people around without going crazy!
  • tazboy
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    Born in Edmonton, raised on the West Coast .. Living in Surrey right now

    Feel free to add me .. encouragements always welcomed
  • I am from Alberta
  • sarahbelle5150
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    I live in Brantford, ON! :)
  • mandychowx
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    Everyone can add me for inspo <3