Confession time.



  • tazboy
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    we all fall, we all beat up ourselves about doing it. Yesterday was a grazing day for me, and it was not fun, and put me in a bad mood. I almost went over board, but I started reading the intakes. Then I faught wth myself about going for a walk to burn it off, to justify eating all the crap food, but I didn't go out because it was raining and I hate having wet feet. So in the end I went 50 over for the day, and somehow it wasn't so bad. Today is another day, and we keep doing what we are doing to achieve our goal.

    No one else here is judging you, but commending you on picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and starting a new day.

    We are our own worst enemies :)
  • PQ4321
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    Log it and let it go! It really does make a difference when you force yourself to write it in the food log. Next time you can look back on it and maybe make a better choice. I look at weekly and monthly stats and the day/days that I over indulge pop out there and remind me to try harder.

    We always have a salad with our pizza now. I use to be able to eat a whole pizza and now with a salad I can't eat very much after I finish the salad. You might try filling up on something healthy before you give in to the pizza cravings.

    Get back on your plan and you can continue to lose. One wobble doesn't mean anything in a month. You will still lose if you get back to what works.
  • I like your honesty and your writing style and I love pizza. But I also don't know how to make it part of a healty diet. It's such a rareity that when I get one... I too eat the whole thing. We can do this though!
  • majope
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    Maybe if you had pizza more often you wouldn't be craving so bad you eat a whole pie? Get plain cheese, mushroom, or a veggie special and you can have half of a small pizza for between 400-600 calories. Exercise that day and you can throw in a couple of breadsticks and even some of the garlic butter dipping sauce and still stay within your day's calories.

    How do I know? I used to plan pizza nights a couple of times a month the last time I lost weight. Lost 35 pounds in about 6 months. Now that I want to lose another 15 or so, I'll do the same again. I find that if I let myself have my favorite foods in a controlled manner, I won't get hijacked by irresistible cravings.

    Best of luck!
  • You're in Chicago and got a thin crust? That's a victory right there. You might have caved, but you were smart about it.
  • erinsueburns
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    I'll agree with the posters who said at least you go a thin crust. And next time you just have to have to order one, order a small instead.

    Also, totally make your own, it is ALOT of fun to make dough. and you control it then.
  • dmurphy1975
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    Don't worry about one day. Like others have said making your own can help with the craving. My kids and I have made them on the 5 inch crusts that you can buy in the store. The great thing is that you can put on whatever you like and eat the WHOLE pizza without feeling guilty.
  • nicosuave2013
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    meh, it happens. I think the important thing is you recognize you had a weak moment and have got right back on track. Beating yourself up about it wont change the fact that you ate the pizza!
    For next time: remember how you felt AFTER eating it....write it down if that helps. I also find coming on here and reading the motivation or success boards can make me determined not to give in to cravings :)